About Life From A Bag

Life from a Bag was an expat focussed travel blog, written by a South African on the move called Lerato. In 2021 it was purchased by Matt and it is slowly being turned in a resource for digital nomads to travel the globe and find freedom. I’ve lived on 3 continents for over a year each while traveling to 30+ countries. My blog is a wanderlusters guide with tips for living abroad, budget travel tips, and itineraries for mostly visa friendly destinations all over the world.

Over the years I have helped hundreds of people find financial and travel freedom through my businesses at Online Gusto, Travel Tractions Marketing Agency, The Marketing Mill Agency and other small investments through OG Ventures.

Follow Life from a Bag for round-the-world adventures as I inspire you to fill your own travels with color, culture, and creativity. I hope this blog in some way helps you find your next destination, inspires you to pursue your next adventure, and find the freedom and life you have been looking for.

Life From A Bag Contributors

Lerato Bambo

Lerato is a travel enthusiast, wine-lover and a passionate content creator. Her journey began right here on her personal blog, Life From a Bag, where she published content to encourage global exploration and solo travel. 

Although she only spends two to six months in South Africa, her home country, Lerato’s keen interest in Afri-travel and finance is what brought the blog to life. Through experience, she demystified travel in the African continent, shared insider information for African expats, and provided useful tips for like-minded female solo travellers. 

In 2021, Lerato sold her blog to Matt, a South African digital nomad and travel expert, who has since kept the spirit of LFAB alive. Since then, Lerato has written content for The Broke Backpacker and even has her own podcast, Unpack: Property Investment Podcast.

Janet Newenham

Born in Ireland, Janet is a journalist turned travel addict whose heart belongs to the world. Janet had a humble goal of travelling to 50 countries before she turned 30, and at 37 has ventured through an incredible 112 countries. 

In fact, she’s an icon in the travel industry, winning several awards, including Travel Journalist of the Year in 2017. Now, with the knowledge she’s taken from all corners of the world, she runs Janet’s Journeys and leads tours around the globe. 

Janet has her own travel blog called Journalist On The Run and a successful YouTube channel where she posts videos of her travels. While she contributes to many blogs and publications, these days, Janet is most active on Instagram.

Travel Tractions Marketing Team

The team at Travel Tractions are a fun bunch of digital marketing experts with unabating enthusiasm for global exploration. Based in sunny South Africa (but often globe-trotting), the Travel Tractions team specializes in creating high-quality travel content and have worked with hundreds of travel and lifestyle websites.  

Under the guidance of Matt, Travel Tractions’ CEO, the team of writers and editors provide inspiring information for digital nomads and guides on Coliving and Coworking in destinations all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a few of the most popular and frequent (FAQs) I am asked on my site:

  • Where is Matt based? I am mostly based in Cape Town, South Africa, where spend an average of 3 – 8 months every year with my team!
  • Why the name “My Life from a Bag” I have been working as a digital nomad for over 10 years and I don’t own anything more than the things in my bag.
  • How do you make money on your blog? Through collaborations and affiliate programs. But this blog is not really to make money.
  • Do you accept guest posts? Nope, don’t feel free to reach out to me!
  • Do you work for free? No, I have set rates for marketing consulting and you can find them on my sites above.
  • Where I’d like to go soon? Northern Europe, Iceland, and Australia are on my bucket list!


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