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Cool Coliving Coworking in Serbia | 10 Best Hostels, Hotels & Apartments

In recent years, the coliving and coworking trend has exploded across the world. With many digital nomads flooding countries with coastal regions and tourist attractions, some opt for more secluded nations.

Freelancers looking to escape noisy capitals and crowded beaches should consider living in Serbia. This landlocked country is best known for its “Rakija” or brandy, lush hills, palaces, and fortresses.

Serbia’s landscape is simply breathtaking—from fertile plains in the north to limestone summits and aquatic basins in the east, this Balkan country is jam-packed with adventure.

Take a look at these best coworking and coliving spaces in Serbia.

10 Best Coworking & Coliving Spaces in Serbia

Mokrin House — Best Luxury Coliving & Coworking

Mokrin House courtyard

  • Price: ~ $1,494 per month
  • Location: Svetog Save 25, Mokrin
  • Features: Meeting room, Wi-Fi, chill-out areas, bike rentals, BBQ, outdoor space, housekeeping, billiards, fitness center, kitchen
  • Room Types: Single standard rooms, two-bed comfort rooms, dorm rooms
  • Organized Activities: Parties, game nights, yoga, community events
  • Other Locations: None
  • Ratings: (5 out of 5 – 107 reviews), Google (4.8 out of 5 – 284 reviews), Facebook (4.9 out of 5 – 191 reviews)

Mokrin House is Serbia’s best countryside coliving and coworking space. The stylish rural complex boasts a corrugated container facade with lush greenery. This futuristic complex features a range of amenities, including a gym, a Skype room, and plenty of outdoor space.

The space is located in Serbia’s northern countryside, providing a serene environment conducive to work, exercise, and meditation. On that note—you can zen out with a morning yoga session, play soccer in the courtyard and get to know your housemates at social gatherings.

What we liked: Mokrin House is ideally located in Serbia’s picturesque and tranquil Vojvodina Province. This is the best place for a serene stay, surrounded by nature and like-minded people.

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Balkan Soul Hostel — Best Central Location

Balkan Soul Hostel front facade

  • Price: ~ $27 per night
  • Location: 11a Kosančićev Venac, Stari Grad, Belgrade
  • Features: Shuttle bus, laundry facilities, safe deposit box, security lockers, Wi-Fi, self-catering facilities, parking, cafe, coworking spaces, printer, fax machine
  • Room Types: Standard bedrooms, family rooms, mixed dorms with shared bathroom
  • Organized Activities: Free walking tours, pub crawls
  • Other Locations: None
  • Ratings: (4.5 out of 5 – 917 reviews), Google (4.7 out of 5 – 257 reviews), Facebook (5 out of 5 – 75 reviews)

Balkan Soul Hostel has a charming persona fit for travelers of any kind. The quaint hotel is ideally located in Belgrade’s Stari Grad or “Old Town,” where one can find attractions on every corner. The hostel offers a range of cozy mixed dorms and family rooms, complete with complimentary fresh linen, towels, and lots of Rakija.

You’ll be right in the thick of Belgrade’s club scene, so go pub crawling or hang out in the Soul Room. This intimate space allows guests to relax, socialize, and watch concerts, movies, and live sports on the big screen.

What we liked: Balkan Soul Hostel is located in Belgrade’s Old Town. The area is full of historical attractions like the Kalemegdan Fortress and Saint Sava Temple.

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Hostel Sova — Best Hotel with Beach Access

Hostel Sova bunk bed dormitory room

  • Price: ~ $12 – $31 per night
  • Location: Ilije Ognjanovića 26, Novi Sad
  • Features: Bicycle parking, security lockers, Wi-Fi, common areas, outdoor terrace, free parking, cable TV
  • Room Types: Mixed dorms, standard rooms with private bathroom
  • Organized Activities: Visits to Fruška Gora National Park and Orthodox Monasteries (upon request)
  • Other Locations: None
  • Ratings: (4.1 out of 5 – 223 reviews), Google (4.2 out of 5 – 98 reviews)

If you’re looking to experience Serbia to the fullest, Hostel Sova has plenty of cultural attractions, bars, museums, and monasteries right at its doorstep. Located in the heart of Novi Sad, this gray-brick building is ideally close to the main city square—but don’t let the underwhelming facade fool you.

Hostel Sova has modern-industrial decor all over the building. From the eclectic stripped walls to the beige-colored furnishings and pendant light fixtures, this coliving space has more to offer than what meets the eye.

Go on a Novi Sad day tour, see the stunning Dunavski Park, the iconic Petrovaradin Fortress, and visit Štrand—a gorgeous beach along the Danube River.

What we liked: The hostel is centrally located in Serbia’s second-largest city, Novi Sad. This gives you easy access to the vibrant nightlife, historical attractions, and amenities like banks, bus stations, and supermarkets.

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Bloom Inn Hotel — Best Hostel for Backpackers

Bloom Inn front facade with giant hedges

  • Price: ~ $12 – $61 per night
  • Location: Dušanova 73, Niš
  • Features: Key card access, security lockers, reading light, book exchange, bike hire, free Wi-Fi, parking, board games
  • Room Types: Private ensuite bedrooms, family rooms, mixed dorms
  • Organized Activities: Nightclub crawl
  • Other Locations: None
  • Ratings: (4.7 out of 5 – 408 reviews), Google (4.7 out of 5 – 303 reviews), Facebook (5 out of 5 – 21 reviews)

Bloom Inn Hotel is for travelers looking to explore Serbia off the beaten track. The hostel is located in Niš, where lush rolling green hills meet ancient fortresses, strange archeological sites, several museums, and galleries.

You’ll meet fellow adventure seekers with ease, thanks to the hotel’s clean and cozy dorms and its intimate tree-lined garden. Here you’ll also find plenty of seating and a bar to quench your thirst.

Bloom Inn hosts weekly live music events from Thursday to Sunday. While attractions in Niš are too many to list, here are some that should be on your eastern Europe itinerary: Memorial Park Bubanj, The Skull Tower, and The Fortress of Niš.

What we liked: Bloom Inn Hotel is an excellent gateway to the hidden gems and historical sites of Niš—the birthplace of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great.

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Mystic River Hostel — Best Countryside Coliving

Mystic River shared lounge

  • Price: ~ $9 per night
  • Location: Milenka Trisica Bimbe 7, Bajina Bašta
  • Features: Outdoor terrace, common rooms, dishwasher, security lockers, bicycle parking, hot showers, Wi-Fi, shared kitchen and lounge, garden
  • Room Types: Male, female, and mixed dorms
  • Organized Activities: Bicycle hire and tours
  • Other Locations: None
  • Ratings: (4.9 out of 5 – 132 reviews), Google (4.8 out of 5 – 88 reviews)

There are plenty of hostels in Serbia, but none come as aesthetically pleasing as Mystic River Hostel. This quaint chalet-style two-story building boasts a complex interior design with rustic furniture, bare-brick walls, and industrial pendant lights. Mystic River then brings color and brightness into the room with vibrant paintings and indoor greenery.

It’s suitable for backpackers, solo travelers, and anyone looking to escape the city hustle and bustle. At Mystic River, guests can ride bikes around Serbia’s lush western regions, cycle around the town, and visit the breathtaking Drina River House.

What we liked: The hostel provides a tranquil environment for guests. You can stay in and enjoy the beautiful garden lined with fruit-bearing trees or explore west Serbia’s hidden gems.

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Up Accommodation & Hostel

UP Hostel Skadarska street views

  • Price: ~ $23 – $80 per night
  • Location: Skadarska 15, Belgrade
  • Features: Key card access, BBQ, common rooms, self-catering facilities, Wi-Fi, housekeeping, garden, washing machine, tea and coffee facilities
  • Room Types: Mixed dorms, double rooms, family rooms with private bathroom
  • Organized Activities: None
  • Other Locations: None
  • Ratings: (4.5 out of 5 – 25 reviews), (4.7 out of 5 – 14 reviews), Google (5 out of 5 – 8 reviews)

Up Accommodation is comfortably located in Skadarska, one of the most popular old streets in Belgrade. From your room, you’ll get gorgeous garden views, or glimpses of this bohemian-style street buzzing with tourists sitting at cafes, or walking about.

The hostel provides nothing but comfort and convenience with its colorful fully-furnished dorms, lush garden, and several working stations. Opt for a double room with a separate bathroom for more privacy, or get a bunk bed in a mixed dorm and make friends with your housemates.

What we liked: The hostel is located along a very popular street in Belgrade, giving you access to plenty of cafes, bars, and famous attractions like Republic Square.

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Užički konak

Užički konak front facing facade

  • Price: ~ $25 per night
  • Location: Nemanjina 3, Užice
  • Features: Desk and chair, Wi-Fi, closet, tumble dryer, seating areas, shared kitchen and lounge, parking, breakfast
  • Room Types: Twin rooms, quadruple rooms, family rooms
  • Organized Activities: Game nights, puzzle building
  • Other Locations: None
  • Ratings: (4.9 out of 5 – 76 reviews), Google (4.9 out of 5 – 32 reviews)

Užički konak is a charming pastel building, comfortably settled along the winding roads and green hills of Serbia’s western region. The hostel takes minimalism to a new level, boasting sparkling clean rooms, fresh linen, and pale wood furniture.

Find adventures nearby with the Potpeće Cave, St. Sava’s Square, and Šargan Eight—all within walking distance or a short drive away. The hotel is also surrounded by several restaurants, bars, and museums like Jokanović House—an ethnographic museum.

What we liked: Užički konak serves both comfort and adventure. The hotel is close to public transit, cafes, bars, and fantastic natural scenery, all worth exploring.

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Good People Design Hostel

Good People Design Hostel mixed domitory

  • Price: ~ $61 per night
  • Location: 12 Knićaninova, Stari Grad, Belgrade
  • Features: Self-catering facilities, key card access, bicycle parking, laundry services, security lockers, reading lights, BBQ, housekeeping, Wi-Fi, vending machines
  • Room Types: Private capsule mixed dorms, family rooms with private or shared bathrooms
  • Organized Activities: Game nights, PlayStation games, music events, bike tours
  • Other Locations: None
  • Ratings: (4.5 out of 5 – 1,144 reviews), Google (4.7 out of 5 – 174 reviews), Facebook (5 out of 5 – 21 reviews)

Located in the most eclectic district of Stari Grad, Good People Design Hostel is an ideal place for digital nomads to fully experience the soul of Belgrade. The hostel’s all-white rooms with minimal splashes of color are a contrast to the vibrant living areas and garden.

See the best of Belgrade, from the cobbled streets to old buildings, designer markets, charming bakeries, and crafts shops. Alternatively, take a city tour and stop by the Novak Djokovic Tennis Center.

What we liked: Good People Design Hostel is centrally located. It gives you walking distance access to Belgrade’s top attractions like Knez Mihailova street, the Danube River waterfront, and Belgrade Zoo.

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White Owl Hostel

White Owl House front facing facade

  • Price: ~ $12 – $36 per night
  • Location: Skadarska 15/2, Stari Grad, Belgrade
  • Features: Meeting rooms, Wi-Fi, security lockers, self-catering facilities, common rooms, BBQ, outdoor terrace
  • Room Types: Mixed dorms, twin rooms with shared bathrooms
  • Organized Activities: None
  • Other Locations: None
  • Ratings: (4.3 out of 5 – 362 reviews), Google (4.2 out of 5 – 100 reviews), Facebook (5 out of 5 – 65 reviews)

White Owl Hostel is located along the bohemian Skadarlija quarter. The area is lively, with tourists walking about or seated at streetside cafes. The hostel was built for travelers by travelers, meaning all the amenities and facilities are perfectly curated to give you a fantastic coliving experience.

The hostel’s interior is modern with striking monochromatic elements, from the carpets to the placemats and commonly shared bathrooms. Staying here allows digital nomads an excellent opportunity to meet fellow travelers and enjoy the bustling streets of Belgrade.

What we liked: The cosmopolitan setting of this hostel is its main selling point. The availability of bars, restaurants, and like-minded people make living and working effortless.

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Garni Hotel Centar

Garni Hostel Centar aerial view

  • Price: ~ $80 per night
  • Location: Uspenska 1, Novi Sad
  • Features: Room service, conference room, buffet breakfast, apéritif bar, Wi-Fi
  • Room Types: Double rooms, twin rooms
  • Organized Activities: Airport transfer, transport to sites of interest
  • Other Locations: None
  • Ratings: (4.6 out of 5 – 911), Facebook (4.8 out of 5 – 51 reviews), Google (4.4 out of 5 – 699 reviews)

If you’re looking for an upscale coliving experience in Serbia, consider staying at Garni Hotel Centar. The modern-built structure comprises luxury suites, meeting rooms, and lots of common seating areas.

Start your day with a fresh brew of coffee while reading a local or international newspaper, then head to one of the boardrooms for a meeting or quiet working time. Wrap up the day with a stroll through the city before going to the apéritif bar for sundowners and light snacks.

What we liked: Garni Hotel Centar provides central access to Novi Sad’s public transit, shopping centers, and vibrant restaurants and bars.

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Stay at the Best Coworking Space in Serbia

While coworking in Serbia has come a long way, it’s only the beginning for many coliving spaces. The country’s adventure-filled landscape and bustling cities make it a prime destination for digital nomads.

Whether you choose to stay in the secluded mountains in the north or the more lively districts in the south and west, one thing is certain. You’ll have a great time meeting new people and exploring the hidden gems of this European nation.

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