The 10 Best Places to Live in Bangladesh (2024)

The magic of Bangladesh pops out of everywhere. It hides in the leaves of the mangroves, the sands of the longest beach in the world, the mystery of the land, and its rich history. Let’s not forget the colorful mosaic of culture and religion that is entrenched in the very foundation of this highly underrated country.

Bursting with cultural and religious history and stunning remnants of the predecessors of this land, you would think living in this country would be like living in the past. Bangladesh blends its fascinating past with a rapidly developing modern flair to give you the best of both worlds.

This developing nation is a hidden treasure trove of insight and meaning, making Bangladesh a rising star on any expat or digital nomad’s list. Being a lesser known country, you might want some help in finding the best place to put down roots in Bangladesh. From area recommendations to your international traveler checklist, this guide has got you covered.

Best Places to Live in Bangladesh for…

  1. Expats: Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Bogra
  2. English Speakers: Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet
  3. Digital Nomads: Dhaka, Mymensingh, Barisal
  4. Solo Travelers: Sylhet, Dhaka, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazaar, Rajshahi, Mymensingh
  5. Couples: Chittagong, Cox’s Bazaar, Sylhet
  6. Groups: Rajshahi, Khulna, Bogra, Sylhet, Cumilla

Top 10 Places to Live in Bangladesh

1. Dhaka

Best City for Expats

Cost of Living: $$$

In the heart of Bangladesh lies its exciting capital city. Known as the city of mosques and muslin, Dhaka is bursting with life, history, and culture. While it’s not high on the list of the world’s most liveable cities, it’s definitely a uniquely fascinating experience. It has many perks and opportunities for the millions who make a home there.

While Dhaka is infamous for the high levels of pollution and the crowded nature of the city, it offers some of the best options and opportunities for expats and explorers who want a taste of Bangladeshi life.

Aim for areas like Gulshan, Dhanmodi, Baridhara, or Banani, where you’ll find high-end living with modern amenities and convenience in a serene, tree-lined setting.

Tip: Make friends with the locals. They’re friendly and welcoming. You’ll be flush with insider tips in no time.

Who Would Like to Live There: Expats, English speakers, digital nomads, solo travelers, young adults


  • Good job opportunities
  • Easy access to amenities
  • Good safety measures


  • Crowded city
  • Regular traffic congestion
  • Poor air quality

2. Chittagong (Chattogram)

Best City for English Speakers

Cost of Living: $$

Chittagong is one of Bangladesh’s oldest cities. Its streets sing with multicultural history, and its natural beauty breathes life into the thriving metropolis. As a port city, Chittagong enjoys a bustling trade as well as ample opportunity for anyone looking to make their mark commercially.

As the country’s second-largest city, Chittagong provides many options for work, accommodation, and entertainment. The shopping experiences here are unforgettable, giving you a peek into local arts and crafts as well as being able to get to know local culture and customs.

The city is blessed with rolling hills and scenic beaches as well as beautiful areas like Khulshi, Panchlaish, and Nandan Kanan, where you’ll find stunning places to live as well as amazing facilities. If you’re a lover of spicy food, you’ll never want to leave this lush city.

Tip: Pick the area you live in carefully to avoid being affected by natural hazards. Check out this packing essentials list to make sure you’re prepared.

Who Would Like to Live There: Expats, solo travelers, couples, English speakers


  • High standard of living
  • Diverse work opportunities
  • Laidback lifestyle


  • Prone to flooding
  • Temperamental climate
  • Limited entertainment and nightlife

3. Khulna

Best City for Nature Lovers

Cost of Living: $$

Khulna is one of Bangladesh’s largest cities. That being said, it isn’t crowded or stuffy. You’ll find restaurants, shopping centers, and parks at your fingertips. Tucked along the banks of the Bhairab and Rupsha rivers, you’ll be treated to the most divine seafood dishes. Pick up a new fishing hobby or take a picturesque ride on one of the city’s steamers.

This Southwestern city is the gateway to the gorgeous Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest and the home of the majestic Bengal tiger. A trip to Sundarbans will give you the best Asian safari experience you’ve ever had.

Tip: The weather is humid, and rain is unpredictable, so keep an umbrella with you.

Who Would Like to Live There: Groups, expats, nature lovers


  • Well-connected to other cities
  • Affordable cost of living
  • Many natural and historical attractions to see


  • Less developed infrastructure
  • Smaller city, offering fewer amenities and opportunities
  • Prone to natural disasters

4. Rajshahi

 Best City for Education

Cost of Living: $

Rajshahi is the city of fruit and happiness. Renowned for its mangoes and litchies, Rajshahi was once named the happiest city in the world. It has also earned its nickname, The Silk City, due to its production of Rajshahi silk, some of the best in the world.

The river Padma runs through the city, offering lovely river beaches to enjoy. The city is also the cleanest in Bangladesh, thanks to its top-notch waste management system. Students and families with kids will find many options for education in Rajshahi, which has an extensive list of institutes for education.

Tip: The weather can be extreme, with the dry season getting very hot. Account for this in your packing and ensure you have enough drinking water.

Who Would Like to Live There: Solo travelers, groups, students, families


  • Good transportation
  • Very clean, good waste management services
  • Good education variety and availability


  • Limited access to amenities and services
  • Pressured infrastructure due to rapid urbanization
  • Limited economy

5. Bogura (Bogra)

Best City for History Buffs

Cost of Living: $$

Bogura is Bangladesh’s oldest city. Once the capital of the ancient East Indian kingdom, Pundravardhana, Bogra is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites, Paharpur and Mahasthangarh. The city also has many other Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim sites, such as Kherua Mosque, making it a popular tourist destination.

Bogura is a business and industrial hub in Northern Bangladesh, offering multiple industries. It is also a center for agriculture, with many of the country’s agricultural exports stemming from this city.

You can try some Curd of Bogra here, a traditional type of yogurt found only in the area. Its preparation method and history go back centuries!

Tip: Explore local markets and engage with farmers for better locally sourced products and the freshest available produce.

Who Would Like to Live There: Expats, groups, history buffs


  • An agricultural and business hub
  • Rich historical and cultural history
  • Moderate cost of living


  • Restricted employment options
  • Fewer modern amenities and entertainment options
  • Challenges with transport and utility infrastructure

6. Sylhet

Best City for Couples

Cost of Living: $$$

Sylhet is the land of tea and tropical forests. Located in Northeastern Bangladesh, Sylhet is a lush paradise fringed with hills and waterfalls and dotted with religious shrines and other historical sites. The many tea gardens, forests and waterfalls provide a romantic backdrop for any couple to wander through Bangladesh.

The economy thrives on its agricultural base, giving workers from all walks of life a chance to find a new vocation or simply get some extra experience.

Foreigners are treated exceptionally well in this city as the tourism sector plays a big part in Sylhet’s economy. Even though the city isn’t crowded, you might benefit from an anti-theft travel bag since, like any tourist hotspot, fingers can get sticky.

Tip: Get involved in local events to fully immerse yourself in the Sylheti lifestyle

Who Would Like to Live There: Couples, groups, solo travelers, English speakers


  • Moderate climate
  • Stunning natural scenery
  • Popular tourist destination


  • Conservative religious community
  • Employment concentrated in certain sectors
  • Moderate to high cost of living

7. Cumilla (Comilla)

Best City for Families

Cost of Living: $$

Cumilla is a charming little city in Eastern Bangladesh. Famous for its Rasmalai, a creamy local dessert in a city full of friendly Bengalis, you’ll find yourself making some friends while indulging in the city’s famous sweets.

Filled with natural beauty and fascinating historical and geographical sites, Barisal is a wonder for inquiring eyes. The tranquil nature of the city means you can also relax with a view of the Gumta River or the Dharmasagar Pond. Sightseers will enjoy the Mainimati Ruins or Shalban Bihar. All in all, Cumilla is a refreshing mix of ancient wonder and modern comfort.

Tip: Prepare for a few lifestyle adjustments in this small city

Who Would Like to Live There: Families, groups


  • Peaceful environment
  • Friendly locals
  • Affordable living


  • Sector-specific job opportunities
  • Intermittent problems with electricity
  • Limited lifestyle options

8. Barisal

Best City for Digital Nomads

Cost of Living: $

Lovely Barisal is nestled along the Kirtankhola River in Southeastern Bangladesh. The ‘Venice of Bengal’ is known for its bustling markets, winding rivers, and lush natural splendor.

You’ll be immersed in culture whether you explore architectural sites like the Guttri Mosque or indulge in scrumptious local cuisine. The city also hosts numerous festivals and is known for its folk music and traditional dances.

As the largest city in its district, Barisal is an economic hub for the region and offers trades in agriculture and fishing, but also has many prestigious learning institutions, making it popular with students and digital nomads. Barisal is a collage of cultural diversity and offers something for everyone.

Tip: Learn some Bengali, as English is not commonly spoken in Barisal

Who Would Like to Live There: solo travelers, students


  • Efficient transport
  • Uncongested
  • Low living expenses


  • Limited sightseeing and entertainment
  • Underdeveloped infrastructure
  • Risk of flooding during monsoon season

9. Mymensingh

Best City for Solo Travelers

Cost of Living: $$$

Mymensingh is an underrated jewel in the heart of Bangladesh. Home to one of the country’s top universities, there is a great emphasis on education here. The economy is rooted in agriculture, boasting many farms and different crops that originate from its soils. The city is also a regional center for commerce and trade.

You’ll find ample museums, parks, fun activities, and historical attractions in this beautiful city, making it a haven for wandering souls. Mymensingh is punctuated by its many rivers and verdant natural beauty, making it a stunning backdrop for any adventure.

Tip: Take advantage of the city’s educational offering to learn new things

Who Would Like to Live There: Solo travelers, digital nomads


  • Educational hub
  • Cultural diversity
  • Beautiful natural scenery


  • Underdeveloped social scene
  • Increasing rates of corruption
  • Limited infrastructure

10. Cox’s Bazar

Best City for Adventure Enthusiasts

Cost of Living: $$$

The famous Cox’s Bazar can be found on the lips of both its foreign and local visitors. Home to the longest unbroken natural beach in the world, Cox’s Bazaar attracts many tourists every year. Inani, Laboni, and Shugonda Beach are among the most scenic beaches in Bangladesh.

The town offers opportunities for surfing, water sports, a water park, and a relaxing suntan on one of its many shoreline gems.

Aside from the beaches, Cox’s Bazar has natural wonders that will boggle your mind. Marine Drive is reputed to be unforgettable, as well as Himchori, Kana Raja’s cave, and the Rangkut Banasram monastery hidden in the nearby forest.

A variety of fresh seafood is always available at the many restaurants, cafes, and hotels along the coast. If you’re an avid thrill seeker, Cox’s Bazar has so much to offer you. That said, even if you’re looking for a quiet, picturesque hideaway, you won’t be disappointed in this sultry seaside town.

Tip: Explore the little islands near the town for extra insight into its history and culture

Who Would Like to Live There: Couples, solo travelers, adventure enthusiasts


  • Good entertainment and social activities
  • Longest natural sandy beach in the world
  • Good range of products and services


  • Home to the largest refugee camp in the world
  • Rapid, sometimes mismanaged gentrification
  • Busy, crowded town during tourist season

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