The Best Apps for Digital Nomads | 20 Top Nomadic Tools (2024)

If there’s one thing every traveling nomad knows, it’s that you should do everything you can to make life as easy as possible. And we’re here to help. Check out our roundup of the best apps for digital nomads that’ll make your nomadic journey a breeze.

Working remotely means balancing many potentially frustrating things, from booking flights to finding accommodation and staying productive while getting it all done –  it’s challenging. It doesn’t have to be, though.

We’ve found the 20 top digital travel tools for nomads, guaranteed to make your remote work adventures frustration-free.

The 20 Best Digital Nomad Apps for 2024

So, let’s dive into our list of the 20 apps to make your nomad travels organized, convenient, and straightforward.

Travel Planning and Booking

Choosing where to go, figuring out the best time to visit a destination, and finding that sweet deal on flights and insurance are all exciting, and these apps make doing all of this hassle-free.


Image from Nomad List Facebook Page

Nomad List

Offering insights into the best destination to live and work remotely in, Nomad List covers more than 2,500 cities and ranks them according to its own list of criteria.

Considering costs of living, internet availability and speed, weather conditions, and safety concerns, this is one of the best digital nomad tools available. The app accounts for aspects such as quality of life, coworking spaces, and visa requirements.

There’s also the massive Nomad List community that you can join via Slack or in real life at arranged meetups and trips.


Image from Google Press Room

Google Flights

As a digital nomad, you could easily decide to travel across countries on a whim. But that could get expensive. Using Google Flights to find the best options that fit your schedule and budget, you can navigate thousands of routes all in one place.

This means having real-time info on the cheapest possible fares and filtering options that allow you to browse by date and destination.

Aside from these basic features, you can also set up price alerts, which will notify you of any price changes to selected flights. There’s also the app’s Explore feature – an interactive map for when you need destination inspiration.


Image from SafetyWing Facebook Page


So you’ve chosen your destination and booked flights, but you’re heading out the door without travel insurance.

Although it might be one of those ‘better to have it and not need it’ situations, peace of mind and safety are essential to great traveling. SafetyWing gives you incredible flexibility with monthly payments and the option to cancel without additional fees.


Image from Tripit Facebook Page

Tripit App

There’s no fun juggling all your previous, current, and forthcoming destinations and itineraries, so why do it?

Well, thanks to Tripit, as a traveling nomad, you can organize all your digital nomad trip details into a singular itinerary. It contains all your booking confirmations and ties them into your travel dates, alerting you to upcoming events.

It also allows you to store every digital document you need and can be used without an internet connection.

Social, Communication, and Language

Traveling as a remote worker, you’ll encounter hundreds of people worldwide who use these apps to socialize and communicate.


Image from Whatsapp Brand Center


If you go through any guide similar to this one, chances are you’ve seen WhatsApp before. If you’re already a well-versed nomad, you probably already use it.

One of the best communication apps for staying in touch, not just with your family. You can easily keep up to date with clients, friends, and new adventurers you meet along the way. Using the app, you can send messages, make calls, and share moments via photo or video, or even start group chats.

One of the best drawing points is that the app uses your phone’s internet connection to dodge international roaming charges.


Image from Duolingo Facebook Page


Ask any digital nomad you come across: what’s one critical thing to do before heading to a new destination?, and you’ll hear many answers. One answer, though, is more common than others:

Always try to get a fundamental grasp of the local language.

You can learn simple phrases using Duolingo to make life abroad much more manageable. With 30 languages available and all info broken into bite-sized lessons, it’s perfect on the go and very in-depth at higher levels.

Budgeting and Money

Let’s not beat around the bush; managing your finances and banking as a digital nomad can be challenging. But there is help out there. Here are our picks for the best budgeting tools for nomads.


Image from Facebook Page

XE Currency

You can’t begin to plan a budget without understanding the currency you’re using, and XE Currency is a fantastic app to stay on top of currency conversion.

This fast and efficient little app instantly converts currencies with a 1-minute refresh time on rates worldwide. XE Currency also works without an internet connection, in which case it’ll use the most recently saved rate for conversion. Bonus? It’s entirely free to use.


Image from Revolut Facebook Page


When figuring out which bank to use as a digital nomad, throw into your considerations – Revolut. This digital banking app is directly tailored to remote workers and has several expert features.

You can sign up for a free account to transfer money abroad at no additional cost. Aside from this, you can also use the app to exchange money in more than 30 currencies and have up to 16 currencies in your account.

Finally, you can use Revolut to help set up a budget, track your expenses, automatically save money, and benefit from cashback rewards.


Image from Wise News Room

Wise (formerly Transferwise)

A standout nomad app aimed at making your money transfers fast, cheap, and transparent, Wise (Transferwise) is ideal for international money-moving.

With an offering of roughly 50 currencies, plus real-time exchange rates and low upfront fees, the app’s features are designed for working across the globe. Another perk is that it allows you to sign up for a borderless account that gives you a debit card — opening up spending in more than 40 currencies without paying conversion fees.

You can also receive international payments in several currencies without fees, including USD, EUR, GBP, and AUD.

Coworking and Community

As a digital nomad, you will inevitably encounter a sense of loneliness, making finding a community of digital nomads important. These are some of the top apps to help you find yours.


Image from Nomadago Instagram Page


With Nomadago, it’s effortless to overcome the challenge of keeping up with fellow digital nomads you befriend. Being a nomadic traveler doesn’t have to be lonely.

If you want to stay connected to your growing global network of friends and other nomads, Nomadago is a surefire smash. It allows you to share your entire travel calendar with your friends while showing you their planned travels.

You’ll also love its alerts, which notify you whenever your travel plans cross with any of your friends. The app also makes finding verified coliving and coworking spaces effortless.

Get it on  Google Play / Apple App Store


Image from Press Room


Location matters most for digital nomads who want to find the best coworking spaces in their next destination. is a fantastic platform to do this, listing over 15,000 spaces in about 170 countries.

You’ll find detailed info on these spaces, including photos, reviews, prices, facilities, and events. Their filters also make it quick to find a suitable space for you, letting you choose from location, type, amenities, and availability.


Image from WorkFrom


As great as dedicated coworking spaces are, sometimes a change of pace and scenery is needed, and finding these spots is easy with WorkFrom.

WorkFrom is a niche app for digital nomads that allows you to discover the best cafes in your city to work from. The app gives you a great breakdown of whether plugs, WiFi, and comfortable seating are available.

While it doesn’t feature every cafe or coffee shop in the world, most countries are covered, including the USA and those in Europe. It does help when you have no idea where to go.

Productivity and Time Management

Another big-time struggle for many digital nomads is productivity; finding routine and stability can be impossible. These apps should make a difference, though.


Image from Nord VPN Facebook Page

Nord VPN

Like any other career, you’ll sometimes fall prey to a PC virus or security issue. Considering that you’ll connect to public WiFi networks, this isn’t surprising.

It doesn’t have to be the norm, though, and having an app like Nord VPN is a great idea. The app protects your data (sensitive or not) and encrypts your internet traffic while hiding your IP address.

The app has a few other safety features, such as a kill switch and DNS leak protection, perfect for safety cautious nomads.


Image from Time Buddy

Time Buddy

Planning your days and staying productive isn’t always easy when hopping across time zones, making Time Buddy a standout.

The app makes it quick and effortless to convert between time zones as you travel, which makes sticking to your schedule, no matter where you are, achievable. Use Time Buddy to create custom itineraries, including multiple time zones, and you won’t miss anything.

Navigation and Transportation

After getting to your new, exciting destination, the first thing you should tackle is figuring out how to get around. Check out these apps to help you with getting around.


Image from Google Press Corner

Google Maps

One of the world’s most widely used and reliable navigation apps is Google Maps. It’ll help you quickly find your way around any city by giving accurate directions for multiple modes of transport.

Google Maps also gives you real-time traffic information, lists public transit options, and highlights bike routes and walking paths. Beyond that, you can use Google Maps to find nearby places of interest, from restaurants to museums and parks – and reviews for many of those.

One great aspect of Google Maps is that you can download offline maps to use without an internet connection.


Image from CityMapper Press Kit


Another excellent option for getting around a new city with ease and convenience is Citymapper, which makes navigation effortless. It’s also nifty to help you figure out the best modes of transport.

What makes Citymapper such a great app is the alerts you can set up to ensure you never miss a stop and its “Get Me Home” feature. Regardless of where you are, selecting this feature will show you the quickest way back to your place – because everyone gets lost sometimes.


Images Uber, Lyft, Grab, and Bolt

Uber / Lyft / Bolt / Grab

Ridesharing apps like Uber, Lyft, Grab, and Bolt are an absolute lifesaver when you’re a digital nomad. If you need a ride, these apps help are a game changer.

Using any of these apps, you can order a car and, in some countries, a motorbike, which arrives and takes you to your destination in minutes. And you don’t need to worry about haggling for a price either, as you agree to a fixed rate before your ride even arrives.

Keep in mind that some ridesharing apps only work in specific destinations. Uber generally works in most countries, while Grab is basically the Uber of Asia. Lyft and Bolt are great alternatives but are also location-dependent.


Last but not least is something every digital nomad goes through — the search for a comfortable and affordable place to stay. Use these apps to find the best accommodation for your next trip.


Image from Airbnb News Room

Nomad Stays

For any nomad looking to live any lifestyle, Nomad Stays is a fantastic go-to for remote workers looking for a place to stay. Focused on long stays and covering a staggering 78 countries, it’s easy to find a perfect spot to spend a week or two at.

What’s cool about them is their filtering system, which allows you to browse through categories like village life, boat life, coliving, and more. Each of these, of course, has its own unique selection of accommodation options.


Image from Facebook Page

As much fun as renting an entire apartment can be, at the core of being a digital nomad lies a community. And what better way to expand yours than by doing so while living with other travelers? is where you’ll find a list of these types of accommodations. By giving you an extensive array of different coliving spaces in your city, the app lets you choose one that suits your needs while opening up endless networking possibilities with other nomads.

You can even tailor your search with filters that allow you to adjust how much privacy you want, if you wish to have organized events, and, most importantly, your ideal location.


Image from Couchsurfing X Page


If you need a place to stay that doesn’t break the bank or even really touch it, then Couchsurfing is the perfect digital nomad app. For those just beginning their digital nomad life, this app is a good place to start.

Couchsurfing connects you to a local host willing to let you crash at their place for free, either on a couch or in a spare bedroom. While you don’t have to pay, in exchange, you help out around the house with chores.

It’s a great way to interact with the local community and be shown the best local spots, and if you’re on a tight budget, it’s an ideal setup.

Final Thoughts on The Best Digital Nomad Apps, Resources, & Tools for 2024

There you have it, folks: the only guide to the best apps for digital nomads in 2024 you’ll ever need. Covering each part of living life as a nomad, use these apps to make your life much easier.

Of course, there are many alternatives to those mentioned here, but this list is more than enough to get you going. Conquer the digital nomad world, one app at a time.

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