2 days in Dubai

Dubai is spectacularly famous as a holiday destination all over the world. However, Dubai is also a popular connecting destination hence making it a preferred shortstop over destination. Most visitors take a short break in Dubai, stay for a couple of days and then continue to other destinations. However, one major concern that crops up is what to see and where to go in Dubai in such a short time. Dubai being an emirate teeming with an amazing assortment of attractions makes it more difficult to decide what to do in Dubai for short stays. Well, there are certain attractions that are must visit things to do in Dubai and have to be featured on your travel list while visiting Dubai. If you have just 48 hours in Dubai, here’s what you need to check out on your trip.

Day 1

Dubai City Tour

Start your day in Dubai with the wondrous sights of Dubai. The emirate is renowned for its futuristic and innovative architectures and the first half of the day you can visit some of the most iconic landmarks and Dubai tourist attractions such as –

Dubai Frame 

The latest addition to the list of extraordinary attractions of Dubai – Dubai Frame is exactly what it sounds like. It is a large frame dominating the cityscape at Zabeel Park. Boasted as the biggest picture frame on the planet, Dubai Frame showcases the modern and old world charms of the emirate. The towers are connected by a bridge which forms the top part of the frame which is actually an observatory deck offering guests an unparalleled panorama of Dubai’s cityscapes – Old Dubai to its north and New Dubai on the southern side. 
Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
Apart from shopping and dining, the biggest mall in the world – the Dubai Mall also offers a fascinating range of leisure and recreational areas. Among them is the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo – the largest suspended aquatic tank in the world teeming with over 30000 aquatic animals. It consists of a 48 meter – tunnel aquarium where you can find fishes and sharks circling above your head as you take a stroll through it. Discover the exotic realm of aquatic life where you can view tiger sharks, Humboldt Penguins, Otters, Giant Spider Crabs and much more. Gear up for scuba diving sessions if you feel like it on your tour – an experience that will be etched in your mind forever. 
Dubai Miracle Garden

A surreal oasis of colourful hues and floral aromas, Dubai Miracle Garden is the proof of Dubai’s grit to turn impossible into reality. One of the must-see places to visit in Dubai; it is a wonder to watch thousands of vivid blooms in a desert city. The Dubai Miracle Garden takes you through beautiful landscapes themed floral displays, well-manicured gardens and lush topiaries of various shapes and structures. In Dubai, this is the only spot where you can get overwhelmed by the riots of charming floral displays; it’s amazing to view greenery and floral display as far as your eyes can see. 
Old Dubai Neighborhood
The Al Fahidi Historical District paints a totally contrasting picture of the glitzy Dubai city. Here, you get to step back in time and witness the simple and humble lifestyle of Dubai before it rose to become a magnificent metropolitan. The earthy-toned buildings and structures and quaint narrow alley lined with subdued houses preserves the traditional heritage of the bygone eras offering an experience quite different from the urban chaos of Dubai city.  Wander around exploring this charming neighbourhood and relax at the old Arabian houses converted into courtyard cafes with Arabian coffee and dates. 
Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains

Save the best for the last. You just cannot miss a visit to the tallest tower in the world – Burj Khalifa. If possible, take a trip to Burj Khalifa in the evening so that you can find yourself gaping at the illuminated tower and the dazzling dancing waters of Dubai Fountains which is located right next to the tower. For a better experience, get to the observation deck on top of Burj Khalifa to get a spectacular bird’s eye view of glittering Dubai city and the swaying, sound, light and music show performed by the Dubai Fountains.  

Day 2 

Dubai Desert Safari OR Dubai Theme Parks

48 Hours in DubaiOn your last day in Dubai, you can either take an excursion to the outskirts of Dubai city to witness an exhilarating desert experience or you can spend fun time at the mega parks of Dubai. If you have a late flight, you can choose to opt for morning or afternoon experiences for a desert safari in Dubai. If you opt for the morning tour, you can enjoy a serene drive to the city outskirts and into the desert and watch the gentle morning sunrays gleaming on the golden sand dunes. Once in the desert, get ready for a roller coaster ride as your 4×4 swerves and zooms over the uneven sand dunes. Rest of the day you can enjoy a range of desert adventures such as sand boarding, quad biking, buggy rides, and camel rides. If you have the time to extend this experience, opt for afternoon tours and stay back to watch the tranquil desert sunset before getting back to the airport for your onward flight. 

48 Hours in Dubai

If you don’t feel like visiting the sultry Arabian desert, head to some of the popular Dubai amusement parks. There are many options but the most recent additions are the ones that have captured the attention of travellers worldwide. Spend a lovely day filled with fun and thrill at Dubai Parks and Resorts or IMG Worlds of Adventure. Dubai Parks and Resorts consists of five theme parks which included the first-ever LEGOLAND Theme park in the Middle East.  The theme park also gives a nod to the Indian film industry with Bollywood parks. IMG Worlds of Adventure is deemed to be the largest indoor theme park in the world with a collection of thrilling rides, exceptional live shows and movie screenings dedicated to Marvel comics, Cartoon Network, and Dinosaur era. 

Adventure sports in Dubai

48 Hours in Dubai

You can even devote the day to exciting adventure experiences. You can plan some time off from sightseeings and gear up for adrenaline pumping activities. One of the most popular adventures sports Dubai is known for is skydiving at Palm Islands. This is considered to be one of the most scenic dive zones in the world. If you are not ready to jump out of a plane, no worries! You can enjoy the same effects in an indoor skydiving session at IFly Dubai. The only thing you will miss here is the ambiance. There are plenty of other sports to keep your heart pumping such as flyboarding, bungee jumping, skiing to name a few. All you need to know is where to go in Dubai to experience such adrenaline-charged adventure sports. 

48 hours is not a lot of time to soak in all that the emirate has to offer. These attractions are just a gist of what lies within this global city. So if you do get a chance to spend more time in Dubai, by all means, grab the chance. Guaranteed you will forever cherish your travel moment is your life.


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