Airbnb Taipei: These Apartments Are Better Than Any Hotel

Are you heading to Taipei next? There’s so much to love about this quirky Asia city! The city has so much to offer in terms of tourism. First, it’s an architectural paradise. Second, it’s a foodie heaven. And finally, there are so many shopping options that you will surely shop until you drop. Whether you’re in the city for a few days or an entire week, this article about Airbnb Taipei will ensure you stay in the coolest place possible! As for which neighborhood is best, this article will help.

Why consider staying in an Airbnb instead of a hostel, you ask? Staying with locals or simply renting a whole apartment/flat is always a great option when visiting a new city, and will give you a very different perspective.

Here’s a list of unique and cool Airbnbs in Taipei you should check out for yourself to make the most of your stay in the capital of Taiwan! Whether you’re after a private room or an entire flat, you should be able to find something great regardless of your budget…and you can get $30 off your first stay with this link.


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Airbnb Taipei: Best Places To Stay

Nordic Studio, Da’an District

The Nordic Studio is a private room including an ensuite bathroom. Pretty simple, comfortable and minimalist, this room is one of the best options if you’re on a budget. Located right in central Taipei, you’ll be close to shopping malls and it will be easy to use public transportation in this area. Features include a TV, Wi-Fi and a washing machine. You’ll get all the essentials you could think of!

Price: $37 per night

nice airbnb in taipei

Metropolitan A&M Fashion, Zhongshan District

The Metropolitan A&M Fashion Room is modern, clean and comfortable. This private room includes an ensuite bathroom as well as a balcony. Only a few minutes away from the famous Ningxia night market, it’s in an excellent location for the foodies out there! Features include a TV, Wi-Fi andall toiletries. This is another great budget option!

Price: $38 per night

Han’s House, Taipei Main Station

Han’s House has the perfect location. With its modern, minimalist and comfortable setting, you will have the entire place to yourself! There are many restaurants and shops around, which makes this place the perfect spot for those who want to be in the middle of the action. Features include Wi-Fi and a laptop working space, it  looks like a hotel room. Great views coupled with toys for kids make it great if you’re travelling with your family – best Taipei Airbnb for kids!

Price: $56 per night

Taipei Cosy House, Xinyi District

Taipei Cosy House is located in the heart of the city and is surrounded by restaurants, nightclubs, cafés, shopping malls, cinemas and more. The place is cute, unique and cosy as the name suggests! You can walk pretty much everywhere which makes it easier for sightseeing or partying. This choice is perfect for those who want an entire flat featuring Wi-Fi, a TV and providing toiletries. if you’re looking for a lovely, warm Airbnb in Taipei, this is the place for you!

Price: $62 per night

Countryside Flat, Xinyi District

This flat is modern, stylish and quiet! It has a unique vibe with countryside vibes. Located in central Taipei, the location is a smart choice for foodies and city lovers. The room gives you a great view over the park. This apartment features Wi-Fi, a TV, a refrigerator and a water boiler. This is beautifully decorated and luxurious Airbnb in Taipei!

Price: $73 per night

Sunny Loft, Zhongshan District

The Sunny Loft is a spacious and modern loft located in front of a park. You can find restaurants, shops and gyms in the surrounding area. This choice is ideal for couples or families and it provides a unique design as well as a mezzanine. Features include a kitchen, large windows that bring in sunny vibes, a gym as well as Wi-Fi. It’s one of the best choices in Taipei.

Price: $166 per night

101 East Taipei

101 East Taipei is a modern, comfortable and spacious flat located in the best part of the Eastern District. You can access the public transportation in a few minutes and the place is surrounded by shops. Features include Wi-Fi, a TV, a kitchen and washing machine It’s a great spot especially if you’re planning on staying there for a few nights! Plus, check out those epic views of Taipei 101, the most famous landmark in the city!!

Price: $208 per night

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Little Apt B, Da’an District

The Little Apt B is surely one of the cutest airbnbs found in Taipei.  Its unique design is cosy and is an adorable setting which would be perfect for a comfortable holiday right in the middle of Taipei. New and spacious, it’s location is great as it’s surrounded by everything you could think of! Features include a kitchen, a washing machine and  Wi-Fi. It’s possibly the best choice!

Price: $242 per night

Looking for places to visit OUTSIDE of Taipei city? Who not spend a day or two exploring the stunning Shifen Waterfall and Old Town?

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