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Best Places To Live In Egypt | 10 Famous Cities for Tourists + Expats

Egypt is one of the most prosperous civilizations, with its history dating back to the 4th millennium BCE. Over time, remnants of their advanced history have become tourist attractions. Places such as the Pyramids and Sphinx have been the hallmark of their pioneering history and points of marvel for architects.

Egypt has now transformed into a modern country that embraces its cultural heritage. Tourists have fallen in love with the contrast between the modernity of Cairo skyscrapers and the vast Egyptian desert; some have chosen to call it home. An emerging economy and a low cost of living are one of the many factors that make Egypt one of the best places to live.

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Best Places to Live in Egypt for…

  • Expats: Cairo 
  • English Speakers: Alexandria 
  • Digital Nomads: Hurghada
  • Solo Travelers: Mansoura 
  • Couples: El Gouna 
  • Groups: Sharm-El-Sheik 

Top 10 Places to Live in Egypt

1. Cairo 

  Best Place for Expats

Zamalek Cairo

Cost of Living: $$$

Founded in 969 CE, Cairo is Africa’s third most populous city and one of the oldest in civilization. Consequently, it is a bustling city with an expansive public transport system that allows you to travel anywhere easily. It also has a world-class healthcare system that is accessible to the public. Despite a conservative culture, Cairo offers a diverse nightlife with traditional clubs and restaurants in Zamalek. 

Tip: Download the Careem App to navigate your way around the city 

Who Would Like to Live There: Expats, English Speakers 


  • Close to Cairo International Airport 
  • Many economic opportunities
  • Easy to get accommodation


  • Lots of traffic
  • Highly polluted area 
  • Difficult to obtain a license   

2. Giza 

  Best Place for Explorers


Cost of Living: $$$

The city of Giza is most famous for being the home of the Pyramids and Sphinx. The Pyramid complex welcomes millions of tourists annually, with the city focusing its economy on building around this world heritage site. If you’re not viewing the pyramids, choose a cruise on the Nile river to enjoy the scenic views. Giza is also home to the internationally accredited Cairo University and numerous educational institutions.  

Tip: Visit the Pyramids of Giza during winter for a more pleasurable experience 

Who Would Like to Live There: Explorers, Solo Travelers 


  • Great sightseeing opportunities 
  • Visiting the first zoo in Africa 
  • High-quality education


  • Many scam artists to avoid
  • Prices are hiked for foreigners 
  • Locals may not be welcoming 

3. Alexandria  

  Best Place for English Speakers

Palace Alexandria 

Cost of Living: $$$

Alexandria is an ancient city named after Greek ruler Alexander The Great. The Greek influence can be seen in the Hellenic-style architecture of local monuments, like the Alexandria Opera House and Montaza Palace. It’s a diverse community that is home to foreign cultures. After a long week, the beautiful coastline of Montaza beach is a welcome relief to modern city living.

Tip: Visit the Bibliotheca Alexandrina to learn about the in-depth history of Egypt  

Who Would Like to Live There: English speakers, Groups, Expats 


  • Exposure to different cultures  
  • Small expat community 
  • Architectural anomaly 


  • The decline of the Greek community over the years 
  • Cold and unpredictable weather 
  • Faulty drainage may lead to sporadic flooding

4. Ismailia  

  Best Place for Families

Suez Canal Ismailia 

Cost of Living: $

Ismailia is a relatively new city located on the bank of the Suez Canal. The lush greenery and open parks provide a perfect opportunity for family activities. Recent residential developments have seen new hotels and holiday resorts built along the Canal. (Alprazolam) However, its clean appearance and beautiful organization make it a perfect location for families to settle. 

Tip: Get accommodation along the coastline 

Who Would Like to Live There: Families, Digital Nomads 


  • A quiet city that is not crowded
  • Spotless appearance
  • Well-organized with everything essential close by 


  • It can be too quiet at times 
  • Little to no history 
  • Difficult to get a job 


5. Hurghada

  Best Place for Digital Nomads

Beach Resort Hurghada 

Cost of Living: $$

Hurghada is a port city that has become one of the prime tourist attractions in Egypt for a good reason. Historically a fishing village, Hurghada is home to beach resorts that offer a lively nightlife, as well as water activities such as scuba diving, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. Neighborhoods like El Kawsar are occupied by wealthy residents looking for safety and convenience. 

Tip: Take a scuba diving lesson 

Who Would Like to Live There: Digital nomads, Expats 


  • Safe and clean neighborhoods
  • Great city for Russians to settle
  • Excellent summer and warm winter 


  • Prices may increase during tourist seasons 
  • Resorts don’t have many offerings 
  • New arrivals will need to ask for assistance 

6. Sharm El Sheik  

  Best Place for Groups

St Catherine Sharm El Sheik

Cost of Living: $

Commonly referred to as “Sharm”, Sharm El Sheik is a small coastal city with rich marine life and internationally recognized diving resorts. Local bars and restaurants provide respite from the crowded beaches. Nature lovers have the opportunity to hike the pilgrimage site of Mount Sinai and explore the colored canyon of the peninsula. 

Tip: Go with an experienced guide when hiking Mount Sinai

Who Would Like to Live There: Groups, Adventurers 


  • Learning how to dive 
  • Hiking trails for adventurers
  • Many local shops


  • Bargaining is a culture 
  • Petty crime occurs often  
  • Lack of industries outside of tourism 

7. Luxor 

  Best Place for History Lovers 

Temple Luxor

Cost of Living: $

Luxor is a historical city found on the banks of the Nile river. Formerly the capital of ancient Egypt, it is now known for its open-air museum displaying monuments and civilizations that lived in the time of ancient Egypt. While there is no modern form of entertainment, residents frequently ferry passengers for a cruise on the Nile. Local marketplaces provide fresh seafood and vegetables. Luxor is a throwback to peaceful agricultural living. 

Tip: Learn how to carry cash with you 

Who Would Like to Live There: History lovers, Old souls


  • Healthy and organic fruits and vegetables sold on the cheap 
  • An educational experience in Egyptian history 
  • Throwback to pre-modern living 


  • Lack of modern entertainment 
  • Poor network and connection
  • Local schools have a poor reputation 

8. Mansoura 

  Best Place for Solo Travelers

Old Rail Bridge Mansoura

Cost of Living: $$

Mansoura—meaning victorious in Arabic—is one of the few inland cities in Egypt. The metropolitan area has a busy road network with affordable taxis that take you to any local destination. There’s no shortage of local supermarkets, making your grocery shopping easier. If you’re feeling homesick, there are a few fast food restaurants (KFC, Pizza Hut) to remind you of home. 

Tip: Buy a ticket to watch local soccer team El Mansoura SC 

Who Would Like to Live There: Solo Travelers, Expats 


  • Taxis are readily available 
  • Home to the second-best university in Egypt
  • A few places that are familiar to expats 


  • Very conservative culture 
  • Excessive alcohol consumption is frowned upon  
  • Poor driving by the locals 

9. Damietta  

  Best Place for Job Seekers

Ras El Bar City Darmietta

Cost of Living: $

Damietta is another port city, known more for its industrious culture. Master craftsman have been able to turn their furniture businesses into international businesses that export to different parts of the world. You’ll visit the port and witness the budding logistics industry. As a break from the hardworking culture, you can see the local islands and resorts to unwind. 

Tip: Purchase a local furniture piece 

Who Would Like to Live There: Tradesmen, Solo Travelers


  • High-quality furniture available to buy 
  • The logistics industry is ideal for commerce businesses 
  • Many job opportunities 


  • The local economy is labor intensive 
  • Child labor may be existent 
  • English is not widely spoken 

10. El Gouna  

  Best Place for Couples

Red Sea El Gouna 

Cost of Living: $$$

Known as a tourist favorite, El Gouna is a beach resort city offering excellent opportunities for permanent living. With many restaurants, there’s diverse cuisine to satisfy any palate. Most hotels provide high-speed internet to always stay connected and informed. Local tennis clubs and golf courses are the perfect way to socialize and build rapport with the local community. When the sun goes down, bars are frequented by those who love their dancing. 

Tip: Explore the international cuisine on offer 

Who Would Like to Live There: Couples, English expats 


  • Variety of sporting activities
  • Growing tourist destination
  • Good internet service providers 


  • Accommodation is pricey 
  • Low-quality healthcare 
  • It may be too relaxed for a working environment

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