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Best Places to Live in India | 10 Vibrant Cities

India is a fast-growing and vibrant country that showcases diversity. It can be an overwhelming country with overpopulation and air pollution, but it has raw beauty everywhere you look. From gorgeous architecture to culinary delights, India will leave you inspired and wanting more.

This country offers beautiful weather and breathtaking views for travelers and those looking to settle down. Finding ‘the place’ to live may seem daunting, but that’s where we come in to provide you with the key facts.

With this list of exciting cities and critical insights, you’ll be searching for properties and booking flights in a matter of minutes.

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Best Places to Live in India for…

  1. Expats: Mumbai
  2. English Speakers: Bangalore
  3. Digital Nomads: Pune
  4. Solo Travelers: Delhi
  5. Couples: Udaipur
  6. Groups: Kolkata

Top 10 Places to Live in India

1. Mumbai

  Best City to Live in for Expats

gate way of India in Mumbai

Cost of Living: $$$

Mumbai offers pulsating entertainment and unique culinary culture. The city is perfect for individuals looking to experience India’s nightlife. Mumbai provides key services that make living in the city a joy.

Tip: Learn about the three main railway routes across the city for easy transportation.

Who Would Like to Live There: Professionals, expats, and families.


  • Affordable and high-quality private healthcare.
  • Large English-speaking community.
  • Job compensation for expats is one of the highest in the world.


  • One of the highest cost of living rates in India.
  • Transportation is congested.
  • There is a highly competitive job market.

2. Bangalore

Best City to Live in for English Speakers

film city in Bangalore

Cost of Living: $$

Bangalore has the highest population of English speakers in India. The city offers the best IT services in the country and tranquil scenery in Cubbon Park. With a reasonable cost of living, Bangalore provides all there is to enjoy in India.

Tip: Get used to holding onto loose change as it’s best to pay exact amounts to store owners in Bangalore.

Who Would Like to Live There: Techheads, English speakers.


  • Pleasant weather all year round.
  • The city is perfect for tourists and site seekers.
  • Accommodation is suitable for a reasonable price.


  • The city has a big air, water, and land pollution problem.
  • Traffic is slow-moving in the city.
  • It can be challenging to make friends in the city.

3. Pune

Best City to Live in For Digital Nomads

statue of Gandhi at the Aga Khan palace Pune

Cost of Living: $$

Pune provides historical landmarks and a growing IT market for digital nomads. The city has good air quality and offers an array of food for everyone’s taste. Pune is a friendly and inviting city, making it easy to adjust to living in this new city.

Tip: Eastern Pune is cheaper to live in than Western Pune.

Who Would Like to Live There: Students, Digital Nomads, Tech-heads.


  • The city is very technologically advanced.
  • Pune has favorable weather.
  • A large number of residents speak English.


  • Not a very family-friendly region.
  • It is an overcrowded city.
  • Travel in the city is difficult due to traffic congestion.

4. Delhi

Best Place to Live for Solo Travelers

red fort in Delhi

Cost of Living: $$

Delhi is the melting pot of new-age living and cultural history. It is the perfect city for anyone looking to experience a taste of India through its food, architecture, and lifestyle. It is a fair city to live in with similar costs to that of Bangalore.

Tip: Delhi is the most polluted city worldwide, be sure to stay safe.

Who Would Like to Live There: Travelers, food lovers, architecture admirers.


  • Large English-speaking community
  • Delhi has the second-most efficient metro service in the world.
  • The cost of living is low.


  • High levels of pollution.
  • It’s challenging to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Delhi still has a strongly patriarchal society.

5. Udaipur

Best Place to Live for Couples

lake pichola in Udaipur

Cost of Living: $

Labeled the most romantic city in India, Udaipur offers beautiful lakes and architecture. The city is one of the cleanest in India with a plentitude of history. Any couple looking for a beautiful and vibrant city, stop now; Udaipur is the place to be.

Tip: Visit the Taj Lake Palace from the water for an awe-inspiring experience.

Who Would Like to Live There: Couples, groups, history lovers.


  • Udaipur is a “smart city.”
  • It is a small city, so everything is nearby.
  • Udaipur is the cheapest city to live in on this list.


  • The city has a tourism-based economy.
  • Udaipur is known for flooding.
  • Communities use some lakes for cleaning.

6. Kolkata

Best Place to Live in Groups

Victoria memorial hall Kolkata

Cost of Living: $

Kolkata is perfect for groups, thanks to the affordable cost of living. The city offers an array of foods and beautiful architecture for all to enjoy. Labeled the “City of Joy,” Kolkata is the “Cultural capital of India.”

Tip:  When in Kolkata, be sure to visit Victoria Memorial Hall and its glorious parks.

Who Would Like to Live There: Groups, traditionalists.


  • One of the safest cities in India.
  • Great weather all year round.
  • Healthcare is affordable and high quality.


  • The internet quality is not excellent.
  • English within the city is not common.
  • The traffic is terrible with poor road maintenance.

7. Indore

Best Place to Live for Foodies

Gandhi hall in Indore

Cost of Living: $$

Indore encapsulates the blend of modernization and history. This is a smart city, making it an ideal place for digital nomads. Agricultural farming occurs within the city, creating a cleaner city and locally sourced food. With a growing economy, Indore is one India’s most reasonable places to live. Check out this site for a comparison of its cost of living.

Tip: Known as ‘The Food City,’ Indore is the place to be for foodies.

Who Would Like to Live There: Foodies, digital nomads.


  • It has ideal weather all year round.
  • One of the lesser-populated cities in India.
  • Fast-growing economy.


  • Not a large English-speaking population.
  • Air quality is poor.
  • Not safe for women because it’s a patriarchal city.

8. Ahmedabad

Best City to Live for Economic Growth

Mehadev temple in Ahmedabad

Cost of Living: $$

Ahmedabad is a fantastic place for any job seeker or entrepreneur. The city provides quick, reliable internet and transportation facilities. Ahmedabad is an industrial and commercial city that still offers beautiful scenery.

Tip: Ahmedabad has the country’s second-oldest stock exchange.

Who Would Like to Live There: Professionals, expats.


  • Good healthcare at reasonable prices.
  • Ahmedabad is a tourist attraction, bringing in tourism income.
  • It is a great place to start up a business.


  • Not a family-friendly city.
  • Extremely hot summers.
  • English is not widely spoken.

9. Surat

Best Place to Live for Families

river tapi in Surat

Cost of Living: $$

Surat is the ideal city for families and the solo traveler due to its safety. With idyllic beaches and good cuisine, Surat offers something for everyone. There are excellent schools throughout the city, making it perfect for a family looking to settle down.

Tip: Pay a visit to the famous religious sites across the city.

Who Would Like to Live There: Families, professionals, travelers.


  • English is common in the city.
  • It is a safe city for solo female travelers.
  • It has several job opportunities.


  • The city has poor government hospitals.
  • It is overpopulated.
  • The weather can be unbearable in summer.

10. Chennai

Best Place To Live for Music Lovers

bengal beach in Chennai

Cost of Living: $$

Chennai is an excellent destination for music lovers and night owls. With a buzzing nightlife and enthusiasm for music, this city is perfect for young people. The city is among the safest to live in and has an ever-growing economy.

Tip: Chennai is less congested than other major cities, making it an easy place to travel in.

Who Would Like to Live There: Young people, groups, musicians.


  • It has several beautiful beaches.
  • Chennai is very safe to live in.
  • It has fast internet and growing IT firms.


  • Chennai has a hot and humid climate.
  • The tap water is unsafe to drink.
  • English is hard to come by.

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