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CeeCee – South African Travel Blogger!

In the spirit of Loving Local Travel Destinations, I sat down with Cee of Ceeces Travel, a South African Travel Blogger and Travel Advocate.

She worked in the Hospitality Management Industry (Hotel and events), before creating her blog in 2014.

Her blog focuses on travel, tourism, events, and adventure!

Today Cee works as a travel writer and creative, she offers various content creation and photography services to clients in the tourism and hospitality industry.

The inspiring CeeCee shares her South Africa Post-lockdown destinations to add to your list and tips for keeping safe if you plan on traveling in the next few months.


One reason to visit South Africa?

As a traveler, South Africa has so much to offer. Be it the various landscapes, mountains, rivers, oceans, forests, coastal adventures, or foodie culture.

South Africa is a melting pot of traditions, religions, lifestyles, adventures, and experiences. If you need surf and sun, we’ve got it. If you need snow-capped mountains and hiking trails, we’ve got them as well.

Where is your favorite South African destination?

There could never only be one, this country has so much to offer. I will say, I am happiest near the ocean. Give me coastal adventures and views of the ocean any day. The Kwa-Zulu Natal and Western Cape, coastal areas are both beautiful in their own way. Offering different vegetation, wildlife, and currents!

How are you preparing to keep yourself safe during travel post-COVID-19?

I look forward to being back on the road, as soon as possible. The first trip we’re hoping to do will take us from the Western Cape, along the coastline, all the way up to Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal. We’ll have to wait a bit, as interprovincial travel is still restricted for us, but as soon as its open, we’ll be on the road.

In terms of keeping safe, I will be taking all of the same protocols and safety measures that we have already been taking since February 2020. Wearing a mask, social distancing, sanitizing, being aware of high-risk zones. Only staying on properties that are following strict safety and sanitization methods, with their guests, and so on.

We will still need to practice and follow these implementations for awhile after travel opens up again, as there will still be cases of COVID-19.

If you were writing a book about your travels in South Africa, what would the title be?

Travel Local With Cee

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Travel Insurance for South Africa

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