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10 Best Coliving and Coworking in Chiang Mai + Hostels, Hotels & Airbnbs

Thailand is currently amongst the most popular countries for digital nomads. So, it’s no surprise that the picturesque city of Chiang Mai sees thousands of working travelers each year. But where can you find the top accommodations for coliving and coworking in Chiang Mai?

You’ll have almost no problem finding a cozy coworking space in Chiang Mai, as there are already so many. But, if you want to stay in the city for longer than a few fleeting days, costs can add up to rent a coworking space on top of accommodation.

If you’re looking for the best places to combine your coworking space with your living area (and meet a few like-minded friends), look no further. Here are the coliving and coworking spaces in Chiang Mai.

Best Coworking & Coliving Spaces in Chiang Mai

1. Buri Siri Hotel — Best Luxury Coliving & Coworking

Buri Siri Hotel

  • Price: ~ ฿2 818 ($80) per night
  • Location: Nimmanhaemin neighborhood
  • Features: Private rooms, pool, café, airport transfers, room service
  • Room Types: Double rooms, twin rooms, and a honeymoon suite
  • Organized Activities: Tour services, Thai massages
  • Other Locations: N/A
  • Ratings: (8.4 out of 10 – 286 reviews), Google (4.2 out of 5 – 442 reviews), Facebook (3.9 out of 5 – 331 reviews)

You don’t have to compromise comfort for a decent coworking space. Buri Siri Hotel has both — and a few other perks, too!

Set in the modern neighborhood of Nimmanhaemin in Chiang Hai, it’s no wonder this contemporary hotel follows suit. Each spacious yet private room has a TV, bathroom, dining area, and a desk to finish some last-minute tasks before bed.

Not only does Buristro Bar & Café promise a delectable fare of Eastern and Western dishes, drinks, and desserts, but it’s also a coworking space. Your new “office” has high-speed Wi-Fi, desk space, and a conference room. But there’s no fun in all work and no play, so you’ll also have access to a bright blue pool to cool down after a long day.

What we liked: You could still use the pool with your day pass.

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2. The Social Club Coliving and Coworking Space — Best Community-Based Stay

The Social Club Coliving and Coworking Space

  • Price: ~ ฿28 494 ($808) per month
  • Location:Tambon Si Phum
  • Features: Private workstations, laundry facilities, daily housekeeping, shuttle service, shared kitchen
  • Room Types: Private twin rooms, private double rooms
  • Organized Activities: Hiking, yoga classes, tours, workshops, game room, movies, group dinners
  • Other Locations: N/A
  • Ratings: Coliving (5 out of 5 – 37 reviews), Google (4.9 out of 5 – 49 reviews)

If you’re trying to break out of the mold of a monotonous work schedule, this social space is for you. It recognizes the importance of unlimited hot coffee, fast internet speeds, and comfortable work desks in today’s working world. But it also holds space for plenty of fun for the ultimate work-life balance.

You’ll have a packed schedule of “family” dinners, yoga classes, hikes, group trips, and more each week. Of course, you can also kick back on-site in the game room, around a barbeque fire, or for movie nights with your new friends.

Rooms are spacious, with big windows that allow fresh air and sunlight to swoop through. You’ll also find a private bathroom with a wet room, desk, and TV to keep you ultra comfortable.

What we liked: We like the emphasis on creating community and the numerous social events.

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3. Thai Thai Hostel — Best for Nightlife

Thai Thai Hostel

  • Price: ~ ฿246 ($7) per night
  • Location: Chang Khlan Sub-district
  • Features: Laundry facilities, bike rental, transportation bookings, shared lounge and kitchen
  • Room Types: Mixed dormitories and female dormitories
  • Organized Activities: Cooking classes, tours
  • Other Locations: N/A
  • Ratings: (8.6 out of 10 – 32 reviews), Google (4.6 out of 5 – 122 reviews), Hostelworld (9.4 out of 10 – 1104 reviews)

Set in the lively Chang Khlan Sub-district neighborhood near the open-air Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, this hostel draws energy from its surroundings. Like the encompassing streets, this space constantly has people socializing, laughing, and moving in and out of its quarters.

That said, you’ll probably spend most of your time in the shared living room watching TV, chatting on the balcony, or enjoying live entertainment. At night, you can walk less than 10 minutes away to the night markets or a place to grab a drink.

Dorm rooms have coffee facilities, shared bathrooms, lockers, and courtesy curtains. Unfortunately, there aren’t any private rooms – which you might not mind due to their affordability.

What we liked: It is close to many night markets.

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4. Hostel Lullaby — Best Hostel in Chiang Mai

Hostel Lullaby

  • Price: ~ ฿987 ($28) per night
  • Location: City center
  • Features: Free breakfast, Wi-Fi, shared lounge, complimentary toiletries
  • Room Types: Mix dormitories, female dormitories, private double room
  • Organized Activities: Cooking class, yoga class, Thai boxing classes, free bicycle rentals
  • Other Locations: N/A
  • Ratings: (9.1 out of 10 – 283 reviews), Google (4.1 out of 5 – 155 reviews), Hostelworld (9.4 out of 10 – 1424 reviews)

Hostel Lullaby isn’t called the best hostel in the city for nothing. It actually won the ‘Best Hostel in Thailand 2020’ award, that says so.

If you’re not much of a party animal but love people, you’ll adore this modern hostel. Instead, it emphasizes physical well-being with weekly yoga and Thai boxing classes. You can also join in on the free cooking classes hosted to upskill.

Dormitory rooms have a modern design, with each bed featuring a nightlight, an international power socket, under-bed storage, and a privacy curtain. If you want more privacy, opt for the queen room with a private bathroom, desk, and TV.

What we liked: The aesthetic and laid-back environment.

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5. Socialer Coliving & Coworking — Best Newcomer

Socialer Coliving & Coworking

  • Price: ~ ฿917 ($26) per night
  • Location: Ban Sataphon
  • Features: Office space, shared kitchen, communal lounge
  • Room Types: Mix dormitories, female dormitories, private double room
  • Organized Activities: Art classes, workshops, movie nights
  • Other Locations: N/A
  • Ratings: (9.7 out of 10 – 4 reviews), Hostelworld (9.4 out of 10 – 2 reviews)

Still new on the block, Socialer Coliving & Coworking is a great space to connect with fellow digital nomads. Packages range from daily, weekly, or monthly renting of the office space, but if you stay here, you can use them for free.

Rooms are kept simple with white and wood furnishings to stick to the modern feel. Here, you’ll also find a desk and unlimited coffee to work after hours if you need it. But that might not be required as the coworking space has enough desks, high-speed Wi-Fi, and coffee facilities to carry an entire office.

What we liked: The modern coworking space that offers high-speed Wi-Fi and regular workshops.

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6. Sleep Walker Poshtel — Best Upscale Hostel

Sleep Walker Poshtel

  • Price: ~ ฿846 ($24) per night
  • Location: City Center
  • Features: Wi-Fi, free parking, daily housekeeping, shared lounge, airconditioning
  • Room Types: Double rooms, twin rooms
  • Organized Activities: N/A
  • Other Locations: N/A
  • Ratings: (9 out of 10 – 2015 reviews), Google (4.6 out of 5 – 42 reviews)

Not quite a hotel, not quite a hostel. Sleep Walker Poshtel is a wonderful blend of the room privacy of a hotel and the coliving spaces of a hostel.

Each spacious room has beautiful art, comfy beds, and a private bathroom with a wet room. For in-room entertainment, you can relax in front of the TV with cable channels. If you’re traveling as a family, you’ll be pleased to know that rooms have four beds.

What we liked: The privacy of a hotel, but many social spaces.

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7. Sleep Mai Thapae Chiang Mai Old City Lifestyle Hotel – SHA Plus — Best Affordable Hotel Stay

Sleep Mai Thapae Chiang Mai Old City Lifestyle Hotel - SHA Plus

  • Price: ~฿1551 ($44) per night
  • Location: Old City
  • Features: Free parking, pool, shared lounge, cafeteria
  • Room Types: Private double rooms, private twin rooms, private triple rooms, connected rooms
  • Organized Activities:
  • Other Locations: Parasol Inn, Chiang Mai International Airport, Nimman Mai
  • Ratings: (8.7 out of 10 – 480 reviews), Google (4.6 out of 5 – 227 reviews)

Sleep Mai Thapae is a fun hotel catered to working adventurers with a little more wiggle room in the wallet. There is also an incredible coworking space overlooking the refreshing pool. This is close to the mini convenience store to help power you through your most difficult work tasks.

Each room has a private bathroom, a safe, a mini fridge, and a coffee station. Because it’s so central, this 3-star hotel set in the Old City is near many historical landmarks, museums, and temples. Explore the Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center to learn more about Thai culture, or head to the nearby markets for a hands-on experience.

What we liked: Affordable hotel stay.

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8. Family Home Chiang Mai — Best Shared Space

 Family Home Chiang Mai

  • Price: ~ ฿881 ($25) per night
  • Location: Old City
  • Features: 16 rooms, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, transportation arrangements, shared lounge, barbeque facilities
  • Room Types: Mix dormitories, female dormitories, private double room
  • Organized Activities: Tours, cooking classes, Thai boxing, boat ride to Laos
  • Other Locations: N/A
  • Ratings: (5 out of 5 – 29 reviews), Google (4.1 out of 5 – 110 reviews), Hostelworld (9.7 out of 10 – 1095 reviews)

As the name suggests, this cozy hostel feels like visiting a family home. Most spaces are communal, from the dorm rooms to the lounge.

Booking your dorm you’ll find that each is kept simple with just the essentials. These include courtesy curtains, a small locker, a power socket, and a bed light. The room has shared toilets and showers, with a sink in the middle open for quick handwashing.

The central hostel sits less than a five-minute walk from WuaLai Walking Street, where you can pick up local street foods and souvenirs. But if you’re looking for a more adventurous outing, just ask the host about the unique tours offered here, from a boat ride to Laos to a jungle trek.

What we liked: The sense of community built here.

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9. Big & O’s House 2 — Best Party Hostel

 Big & O's House 2

  • Price: ~ ฿881 ($25) per night
  • Location: Old City
  • Features: Laundry facilities, daily housekeeping, Wi-Fi, barbeque facilities
  • Room Types: Dormitories, female dormitories, private double room
  • Organized Activities: BBQ party
  • Other Locations: N/A
  • Ratings: Google (4.8 out of 5 – 89 reviews), Hostelworld (9.5 out of 10 – 1341 reviews)

This is a social hostel for anyone who loves a party. There are many opportunities to connect with your housemates with weekly barbeque parties, and bars are only a short walk away.

Dorm rooms are air-conditioned and come with a personal locker and bedside light, helping you make your space your own. You can expect the same if you stay in a private room, except for more space and privacy. Bathrooms are the typical wetrooms with a toilet, bidet, and hairdryer.

What we liked: Its lively environment.

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10. Stamps Backpackers — Best Social Stay

Stamps Backpackers

  • Price: On demand
  • Location: Si Phum
  • Features: Bar, shared kitchen, lounge, balconies
  • Room Types: Bunked beds, dormitory rooms, sleeping pods
  • Organized Activities: Pub crawls, hiking, cooking classes, biking, elephant sanctuaries
  • Other Locations: N/A
  • Ratings: (9.3 out of 10 – 422 reviews), Google (4.9 out of 5 – 396 reviews), Hostelworld (9.7 out of 10 – 3864 reviews)

Stamps Backpackers understands that, above all else, many travelers seek community and opportunities to make new memories. That is why it goes all out to make this space as welcoming and inclusive as possible.

That said, if you generally enjoy your privacy or plan on working the whole time you’re here, you probably won’t enjoy it that much. Each area in the hostel is a shared space, from the dormitory-style rooms to the communal kitchen. If you’d like some form of privacy, the sleeping pods offer a privacy curtain to block out some light for a restful sleep at night.

Note: there is a minimum of two night’s stay.

What we liked: You can join the social events if you’re not staying there.

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Stay at the Best Coworking Space in Chiang Mai

Thankfully, Chiang Mai is one of the cheaper cities in an already affordable Thailand, so you can really enjoy your pick of accommodations. You can go from a swanky hotel to a shared hostel without a high-cost difference, which is especially great for the perpetual traveler.

With these top coliving spaces, you’ll no longer need to compromise your comfort for work. One of the best things about these spaces, of course, is how safe Chiang Mai is, so you can comfortably have amazing friends, experiences, and outings!

Which coworking and coliving space is your favorite?

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