21 Coworking Spaces in Singapore for Digital Nomads (2024)

Singapore is Southeast Asia’s economic giant. A cultural hotbed and entrepreneurial paradise, it attracts millions of visitors a year. Many of them are digital nomads and business travelers looking to network in an international setting.

Singapore is a strict country, and it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the laws for tourists before visiting. If you’re visiting for the first time, check out this video.

The country offers an abundance of modern residential areas. It’s no wonder that Singapore is teeming with coworking spaces. There are over a hundred of them. We’ve reviewed the best and the worst.



The Hive Is Our Favorite Coworking Space in Singapore


Image source: The Hive on Facebook

The Hive Carpenter sits on Carpenter and overlooks Marina Bay. It’s also just a short walk from the city’s center. With metro and bus stops nearby, it is easy to access and move around from there. If you decide to eat out, there are also great lunch spots in the neighborhood.

It is a gorgeous, luminous place with various kinds of seating and desk arrangements. From open spaces to office units of different sizes, The Hive has it all! There are also cozy lounge areas, a fully stocked kitchen, and, best of all — a rooftop terrace.

You can join creative networking events there while you enjoy the inspiring view. The place is casual yet professional, which is the ideal environment to work from.

  • S$30 per day
  • S$275 per month
High-Speed Internet Yes
Open Hours
  • Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 6 pm
  • Saturday – Sundays: Closed
  • Public Holidays: Closed
Comfortable Chairs Yes
Standing Desk Yes
Dedicated Desks Yes
Conference Rooms Yes
Private Offices Yes
Phone booths Yes
Coliving No


JustCo at 120 Robinson Road Is Our Least Favorite Place to Cowork in Singapore


Image source: JustCo Global

JustCo Global has 17 coworking spaces in the central part of Singapore. This one, in particular, is located at the core of the Central Business District. The location is convenient as there is an array of great food places around, not to mention the famous Lau Pa Sat market.

Many of the JustCo coworking spaces are among the most popular ones downtown. JustCo At Robinson Road is an exception. Their guests consistently experience inconveniences that prompt them never to return. The most common ones are the following:

  • Unreliable Wi-Fi — Customers experience frequent connectivity issues.
  • Air-conditioning — It’s too cold. One customer reported his team having to sit in their winter jackets.
  • Management issues — People report mysterious extra charges upon move-out, uncooperative management, and delays in refunding deposits.
Pricing S$398 per month
High-Speed Internet Yes
Open Hours
  • Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 6 pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: Closed
  • Public Holidays: Closed
Comfortable Chairs Yes
Standing Desk No
Dedicated Desks No
Conference Rooms Yes
Private Offices No
Phone booths No
Coliving No


19 Coworking Spaces in Singapore We Also Love

Now that you know our preferred (and not so preferred) coworking spaces in Singapore, maybe you’ll find your favorite among these 19 bonuses. The key to finding the perfect coworking space for you is to test out a few, which is what we did. Luckily, Singapore is very safe and well-connected, so we had no problem traveling from space to space.

The Great Room Ngee Ann City on Orchard Road


Source image: The Great Room

The Great Room One George Street got its name after the famous commercial and shopping center within spitting distance of it. When you get sick of work, you can head there to explore shops, food places, cinemas, and more. There’s also a metro station nearby.

The place could have been called The Great Gatsby. It’s luxurious-looking and shiny, and One George Street is close to Orchard Road — one of the best places to stay in Singapore. You’ll enjoy high-class leather furniture, dark wooden frames, and spotless mirrors all over the place.

Everything about The Great Room screams classy and sleek. The staff are professional and hospitable. The service is top-notch. You’ll feel pampered like Daisy Buchanan while working here. The Great Room has other locations in the city. They are equally mesmerizing.

What We Don’t Like About The Great Room:

It’s only open on weekdays.

The Workshop in Ang Mo Kio


Image source: The Workshop on Facebook

Located in Ang Mo Kio, this is probably your best option if you’re looking for a place outside of the CBD zone. It’s also one of the cheapest coworking spaces in Singapore. That won’t affect the quality of your time spent here. The Workshop is best suited for freelancers and creatives.

It is a pleasant working environment for those looking for something more casual than The Great Room and the like. The place is open 24/7 and fully equipped to meet all your needs. You can also rent a work pod for yourself or your team if you need more privacy.

What We Don’t Like About The Workshop:

The location can be a dealbreaker if you wish to spend more time in the central area of the city.

Distrii in Downtown Core


Image source: Distrii on Facebook

Distrii is a downtown coworking space in a huge state-of-the-art building called Republic Plaza. This is a great location in the CBD zone, which is well-connected to the rest of the city. It spans as many as seven floors. They offer all kinds of rooms and offices. Some of them include foot massage mats and exercise bikes.

Distrii is a smart coworking space where you can do everything through their app. You can use it as a key to your personal office and locker, book meeting rooms, and much more. If you have a big team, head straight up here. They are bound to have an appropriate space for you.

What We Don’t Like About Distrii:

Their chairs are kind of minimalistic and uncomfortable. We get that a smart place like this one would prefer the minimalist interior design, but it should not be at the expense of comfort.

The Working Capitol at Keong Saik


Image source: The Working Capitol on Facebook

This beautiful space lies near the prominent Keong Saik Road, lined with various restaurants, bars, and shops. You couldn’t possibly miss it as it’s situated in a charming historic building. This makes The Work Capitol quite unique in a sea of business-like, square spaces.

The design of the space is well thought out. It’s modern but warm and elegant, and the colors complement each other perfectly. There is a magazine library, a cute cafe, and a rooftop bar for their members. All in all, a beautiful space, especially if your style is artsier and less corporate.

What We Don’t Like About the Working Capitol:

The Work Capitol’s only flaw is not enough variety in the choice of beverages.

Level 3

Coworking spaces in Singapore Level 3

Image source: Level 3 on Facebook

Level 3 brings business-minded people together, whether they’re at the beginning of their startup or a well-established entrepreneur. The regular talks, workshops, and hackathons held in the event space are proof of this.

The offices are set in an open-plan space with hot desks overlooking the city’s landscape. In this area, you’ll have access to the cafe with a skilled barista serving your mid-afternoon brew. If you need private spaces, this might not be the place for you as everything is shared to promote connection.

What We Don’t Like About Level 3:

We had a bit of trouble when trying to get a membership and had to email to request prices.


Coworking spaces in Singapore Trehaus

Image source: Trehaus on Instagram

Trehaus is a bit different in the sense that it was created for the working (and traveling) parent. It cultivates a vibrant community of families that allows parents to work in the coworking spaces while their children attend preschool right next door.

Sit at the dedicated hot desks and get access to a child-free zone with a fully stocked pantry and private phone booths. You can also choose a dedicated desk for ease of mind. With these, you get five credits you can use on the meeting room bookings and storage space.

What We Don’t Like About Trehaus:

The daycare service is only for children under 18 months.

The Executive Centre

Coworking spaces in Singapore Executive Centre

Image source: The Executive Centre on Instagram

If there were an award for the most gorgeous co-working space in Singapore, surely The Executive Centre would win. Plus, with fantastic perks like a chauffeur, airport transfers, and nursing rooms, it’s perfect for every traveler.

The working space sees natural light stream through as it sits adjacent to the refreshment bar and coffee station. Have an important meeting and want privacy? The event spaces are also available for anyone looking to set up meetings, social gatherings, or networking events.

What We Don’t Like About The Executive Centre:

While the communal spaces of some centers were stunning, we felt they skimped a bit on the decor of the private offices.


Coworking spaces in Singapore Workcentral

Image source: Workcentral on Facebook

Workcentral is a shared office space in Singapore’s CBD, making it a convenient location for anyone unfamiliar with the area. They offer a range of services from day visitors looking for a hot desk to monthly nomads yearning for an office space.

If you become a member, you can expect great privacy in the form of a booth, office space, or private office suite. For the more flexible worker, Workcentral offers the ‘Passport’, which allows you to pop in and work whenever is convenient to you.

What We Don’t Like About Workcentral:

A 30-day termination notice is required.

JustCo at Changi Airport Terminal 3

Coworking spaces in Singapore JustCo

Image source: JustCo on Instagram

This might be the coolest coworking space in Singapore due to the fact that it’s in Changi Airport. JustCo is perfect for workaholics, or anyone stuck there on a long layover.

Besides the airport, there are multiple locations. You can also find shared office spaces across the country, including in busy areas like the Asia Square Tower, the Central Plaza, and the Marina Square. Regardless of the branch, each coworking space promises excellent service, elegant decor, and promising amenities.

Choose between a flexible hot desk, private office, or dedicated office spaces for your entire team. We liked that the snacks and drinks were free-flowing and that it had a napping and games area where we could decompress after a tough meeting or during a lunch break.

Tip: Check out our list of other fantastic things to do at Singapore Airport.

What We Don’t Like About Justco:

Pricing is location-dependent.


Coworking spaces in Singapore Crane

Image source: Crane on Facebook

Crane is one of the best coworking spaces in Singapore in terms of value for money and style. This trendy space strays away from traditional offices and aims to bring color, style, and a sociable environment to the workplace.

By day, the office sees hard-working individuals typing away at their hot desks or liaising in the meeting rooms. By night, the space transforms and hosts events and social gatherings. On weekends, typically Saturdays, you’ll always find some kind of activity going on, like brunch, market, or art exhibition.

What We Don’t Like About Crane:

There are daily and monthly memberships but no weekly deals, so you’d either pay a large day price or have to pay for a full month.

Meownistry of Meow

Coworking spaces in Singapore Meownistry Meow

Image source: Meownistry of Meow on Facebook

Are you ready for cuteness overload? Meownistry of Meow is a cozy coworking space where your colleagues and peers are mostly cats.

The first of its kind, this lounge and shared offices know the importance of work-life balance and thus welcome all animal lovers to its premises. Its lounge rooms also have unlimited drinks, gaming consoles, movies, karaoke, and of course, comfortable petting zones for both you and the cats.

The space has a few meeting rooms and desks in private rooms but lacks office spaces that many workers need. We felt that it is a good place to visit for one or two days, but not for the everyday office workers.

What We Don’t Like About Meownistry of Meow:

While a fun concept, it can get a bit distracting and wouldn’t be ideal for anyone with allergies.

Core Collective

Coworking spaces in Singapore Core Collectives

Image source: Core Collective on Instagram

Coworking comes in all shapes and sizes. Typically, when people think about the spaces, they think of digital nomads typing away, but that’s not always the case.

At first glance, Core Collective is a lifestyle center focused on physical health. And while this is true, this coworking space is for working professionals in the wellness space. That means this will be your virtual yoga studio, rehabilitation center, or beauty consultation room.

After classes, guests can use the on-site shower facilities, water dispensers, and lockers for their convenience.

What We Don’t Like About Core Collective:

It’s not ideal for long-term renting.

The Cocoon Space

Coworking spaces in Singapore Cocoon Space

Image source: The Cocoon Space on Instagram

Brought forth by Design Orchard, Cocoon Space is a wonderful space for designers and creatives — especially in the lane of clothing. Although, it’s not restricted to only these projects.

The Cocoon Space occupies two floors, including a garden area to give you enough space to foster ideas and explore your creativity. There is a range of spaces, from hot desks to entire studios, depending on your needs.

What We Don’t Like About Cocoon Space:

Your remaining hours cannot be brought forward to the following month.

Genius Central Singapore

Coworking spaces in Singapore Genius Central

Image source: Genius Central Singapore on Instagram

Genius Central Singapore might be the perfect coworking space for you if you are a foodie and love social events. This is because it is an eatery that also allows a working space in its offices.

Guests can either book a hot desk in the cafe or choose to have a private office or meeting room for a few hours. One perk is that the cafe’s delectable food and beverages are included in your payment, so that’s one less burden off your shoulder.

What We Don’t Like About Genius Central Singapore:

Only allows day passes with hot desks.

SmartSpace Singapore

Coworking spaces in Singapore Smartspace

Image source: SmartSpace Singapore on Facebook

SmartSpace Singapore is a fantastic place to book if you want a shared office in Singapore without much hassle. They understand that the life of a traveler gets busy, so offer short-term rentals, event spaces, and meeting rooms.

Included in your package are speedy Wi-Fi, snacks, coffee, and office supplies for your convenience.

What We Don’t Like About the SmartSpace Singapore:

While comfy, it’s not as stylish.


Coworking spaces in Singapore Spacesworks

Image source: Spacesworks on Instagram

Spacesworks has fantastic office spaces and meeting rooms across all six locations in Singapore. While pricing may differ, each follows a theme of professionalism and tranquility through its decor and the friendly staff.

You don’t have to be a member to use the facilities. Simply rent an office space or a dedicated desk for the day to get started. However, if you plan on moving around the country a lot, a membership will be best.

What We Don’t Like About Spaceworks:

Photocopies, printing, and coffee aren’t included in the package.


Coworking spaces in Singapore Paperworks

Image source: Paperwork on Facebook

Paperwork is a well-known chain with multiple locations across the continent. The Singapore coworking space gets extra points for being so stylish. But, style comes at a hefty price of S$45 ($33) per day. Meeting rooms also carry a hefty price tag of S$45 ($33) per hour.

Any other working space like a private office or a fixed desk you’ll have to pay for monthly. On these plans, you get a range of perks, from pantry access to community event invites.

What We Don’t Like About Paperwork:

It is quite pricey compared to other coworking spaces on the list.


Coworking spaces in Singapore CoCre8

Image source: CoCre8 on Instagram

CoCre8 is a dynamic working hub that offers plenty of natural light, open space, and cozy offices. The coworking space sits on Orchard Road, a walking distance from City Hall and thus in a very central location.

To book a private office, you’ll have to book a month ahead. But with this, you’ll get perks like printing, access to meeting rooms, snacks from the pantry, and so much more. Of course, for short-term business, you’ll need flexible work arrangements like the flexi hot desk packages, which cost as little as S$15 ($11) per day.

What We Don’t Like About Cocre8:

Meeting rooms aren’t available for all-day visitors.


Coworking spaces in Singapore Ucommune

Image by Ucommune on Facebook

Ucommune is Asia’s biggest coworking space, with offices in over 62 cities. In Singapore, you can find it at three convenient locations — two in Downtown Core and one in Queenstown.

The working space is very stylish, with fun elements all around, like a games room and rooftop garden. It’s a perfect place for entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to network, as it has a range of conference and meeting rooms.

Getting down to business is also easy with their selection of hot desks, private offices, and virtual offices. The complimentary coffee and snacks are a great way to hold you over until lunch when you can stroll to the many eateries nearby.

What We Don’t Like About Ucommune:

Office supplies and printing comes at an additional cost.

Singapore Coworking Space: FAQs

Still have some loose ends? Hopefully, we can fill in the gaps with these frequently asked questions.

How Much is a Coworking Space in Singapore?

The price of a working space depends on how much privacy you want and for how long you’ll be using it. However, you can rent a hot desk for a month for as little as S$172 ($129).

Can You Live in an Office Space in Singapore?

If you’re renting a shared office space then you cannot sleep in there. However, there are many places for coliving and coworking in Singapore, which allows you to stay over in the same building.

Is it Worth Paying for a Coworking Space?

If you’re looking for a dedicated office space to help get the creative juices flowing, then a coworking space is definitely worth it. Not only that, but many see it as a networking opportunity to meet like-minded individuals.

Final Thoughts on Getting Coworking Spaces in Singapore

When it comes to coworking, Singapore is the leading country because it has such a dynamic community. The country is one of the best places to live in Asia for expats and business professionals because of its fast-growing economy and job market. So, you won’t have to look far for a traditional office setting in convenient locations in the form of coworking spaces.

However, if you’re looking for more than just a comfortable coworking space but also a beach center, why not consider these coworking spaces in Phuket? That way, you’ll be able to move seamlessly from work to pleasure.

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