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How does eBucks work: Traveling with eBucks

Wondering what is ebucks and how does eBucks work or where can I use my eBucks? You’ve come to the right place!

eBucks is a reward program by the South African FirstRand Group. Every time you spend at specific partners with your card, you earn points. Originally launched in October 2000, eBucks was the FirstRand Group’s first virtual currency.

The virtual currency can be used for shopping on the eBucks Shop where you will find different categories of goods like electronics and household items. eBucks also has a Travel subsidiary that enables users to purchase flights or book hotels and experiences using your ebucks rewards.

It’s a great way to earn back on your everyday purchases such as airtime, groceries, fuel, and even alcohol!

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Important things to known about how eBucks works

Here are some important things to know about eBucks.

How to sign up for FNB eBucks Rewards

To earn ebucks points, you need one of the following accounts:

  • FNB Gold Cheque Account or Credit Card
  • FNB Premier Account, FNB Premier Credit Card or an FNB Fusion Premier Account
  • FNB One Account
  • FNB Private Clients Cheque, FNB Private Clients Credit Card or an FNB Fusion Private Clients Account
  • FNB Private Wealth Cheque Account, FNB Private Wealth Credit Card or an FNB Fusion Private Wealth Account
  • RMB Private Bank Cheque Account, RMB Private Bank Credit Card or RMB Private Bank Fusion Account

After opening an account, you need to visit www.ebucks.com, where you will sign up for an eBucks card. Your bank will then send a card in the mail and you have to activate it and start using it.

eBucks Rand value

The ebucks rand value 1 to 1. This means eb10 is equivalent to R1.

If you want to spend your rewards, you need to have a minimum balance of eB500 in order to qualify to Pay in eBucks. In addition, only purchases over R50 will be eligible.

Which petrol station can I earn eBucks

The only petrol station where you can earn ebucks is Engen, FNB cardholders and eBucks members can now earn up to R4 back in eBucks on every liter of fuel they buy at Engen petrol stations.

Where can I spend my eBucks

You can spend your eBucks on one of the FNB partners. The partner list changes from time to time hence it’s important to check for updates.

At the moment you can earn and spend eBucks at Clicks, Engen, Checkers, Shoprite, Makro, Incredible Connection, and many more. View the full list of eBucks Partners here.

When spending your eBucks, simply swipe your eBucks card and enter your 4-digit eBucks card PIN. Your eBucks card works like a debit card, which means the amount will automatically be deducted from your account.

eBucks for Business

eBucks for Business works the same way as eBucks for individuals. It enables businesses who bank with FNB to earn rewards on everyday business transactions.

Can eBucks be converted to cash?

No, eBucks cannot be converted to cash because eBucks are virtual currency, not cashback rewards.

How to increase eBucks level

eBucks for Travel

eBucks can be used to book flights, accommodation, and experiences around the world.

You can pay for all your domestic and international travel via eBucks. FNB & RMB Private Bank customers can expect discounts of up to 40% off on domestic and international flights.

Each cardholder will get 16 one-way economy or 8 return economy flight allocations per year on domestic flights and 2 return economy/premium economy flight allocations OR 1 return business flight allocation per year.

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