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7 Reasons to Visit Montenegro

When you value your time you need to focus on how you can create the best memories from the time you have. For this, you need to look for the best holiday destinations that can allow you to make the best memories and enjoy your holidays like no other. While London, Paris, New York and the Bahamas are among the most popular choices for most tourists around the world you need to think beyond the conventional destinations that have so much in store for you. While being the smallest of the Balkan countries, Montenegro must be on your list if you are looking to explore Europe with your loved ones.

Here are 7 reasons why you must visit Montenegro:

Enjoy Your Cruise Time

If you love cruising with your partner, Montenegro should be on your list. You can find many cruise companies that offer cruises to Montenegro. Hence, you can look for the best cruising experience when you are cruising to Montenegro this summer. When you are searching for cruise options to Montenegro you can enjoy your time on the cruise and once you have docked at the Kotor pier you can stroll through the cobbled streets that have cozy cafes where you can sit back and relax. This would offer you a perfect time with your partner in Europe.


Strategic Location

If you want to make your money count, you can choose Montenegro because you have a great location advantage. Unlike other European countries, Montenegro is comparatively smaller and affordable and therefore you can move from north to south quickly and without much effort. From here you can fly to Rome in almost 90 minutes, and you can have access to Vienna which is another 90 minutes by flight. Similarly, you can connect to cities like Zurich, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Paris, and Belgrade in an hour by air. This allows you to move around Europe with much ease.

Explore Adriatic Sea Beaches

While Croatia certainly has some of the best beaches in Europe you can explore, Montenegro has a lot to offer as well. Hence, if you want to stroll through the pristine beaches of Montenegro you can do that and enjoy the turquoise blue waters. The best part about strolling the beaches here is that some of these beaches are still unpopular and therefore you can find fewer crowds here. This offers you a perfect destination for those who want to enjoy and spend the day at the beach relaxing and unwinding at a snail’s pace.


Ready for Adventure

If you are not one of those who want to sit at the beach and spend a day idle you can head into the mountains and explore the imposable mountains of Montenegro. This country is one of the best destinations for mountaineering enthusiasts and therefore you can explore some great mountain ranges here. The name of the country Montenegro itself means Black Mountain. If you are done with Durmitor National Park you can explore Prokletije, Rumija and Komovi mountains which can offer you the best hiking adventure.

Mouthwatering Cuisine

A travel trip without food sounds hard to believe. Hence, when you are in Montenegro you need to focus on the best places where you can enjoy the local and European cuisine. While the country is among the smallest in the Balkans you can taste diverse cuisines that are influenced by Turkish, Hungarian, Austrian and Italian food. If you are a seafood lover, Montenegro is going to be a paradise for you as you can munch through unlimited varieties of seafood cuisine.

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Rent a Yacht

When you are in Montenegro you must make time to yacht. This is one of the best activities that can help you make the most of your time. If you don’t own a yacht you can simply rent one and explore Montenegro and explore it from the sea. You can get some scenic views of the towns and that would help you add to your memories.

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Enjoy Your Nightlife

While Montenegro might have small towns they still offer you a lot after the sun goes down. If you love partying after the sunset this is the best place you can be with your partner. You can visit the beaches of Budva that can offer you the best open-air clubs and bars where you can dance to the best music and enjoy the best cocktails and food till the sun comes up.

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