The (Irish) Sea of Nakedness

I will never forget the day I got naked with a few thousand other brave souls in Dublin harbor. It was for a Spencer Tunick Art Installation and was right up there with some of the wackier things I have done in my life.

Standing knee deep in the freezing, Irish sea or laying down on the hard, cold rocky pier back to back with naked strangers, as a ship sails in from England (no doubt full of puzzled passengers!) was a morning I’m not going to forget anytime soon! ( I can’t begin to imagine what was going through those passengers minds as they saw a few thousand naked Irish people welcoming them into Dublin Port at 5 o’clock in the morning!

“Welcome to Ireland, the friendliest nation on Earth!” 😉

"Welcome to Ireland!" A sea of nakedness!
It’s a wee bit cold…a sea of nakedness!

0 thoughts on “The (Irish) Sea of Nakedness”

  1. You Irish are a hearty people! I said that when we visited and saw people running in the chilly horizontal rain you get along the west coast. Not for the average US runner!

  2. intrepidtraveller

    haha yea it’s certainly not for everyone but I enjoyed it…felt very liberating!

  3. intrepidtraveller

    I LOVE being random and crazy and wacky….makes life that bit more interesting!

  4. intrepidtraveller

    HAHA I have yet to participate in no-pants subway but it’s deffo on my list of crazy things to do!

  5. Wow. I probably wouldn’t have done this, but I know someone who would have. Sorry we missed out. Great experience!!!!!!!

  6. Super cool!! To whackiness – which is another name for “going above and beyond to enjoy your time on this planet” 😉

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