Unforgettable Things to do near Kruger National Park

Located in the Kruger Lowveld, spread across both the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, is the Kruger National Park. As one of the largest game reserves on the continent, the park boasts the entire Big Five as well as a nearly limitless number of other attractions. The park is any nature lover’s paradise.

Due to the immense Kruger park size and its many attractions, it is easy to forget that the areas surrounding the Kruger are also home to numerous wildlife and natural hotspots.

Tackling any trip to The Kruger Park or its surrounding areas without a guide can lead to lost adventures. As the amount of things to do both in and around the park can seem dizzying, having the best guide for your adventures is essential.

Top Activities in the Kruger National Park Vicinity

Surrounded by some of the most unique, eclectic, and culturally rich towns in South Africa, the Kruger National Park is the icing on South Africa’s tourist cake. Anyone who has ever undertaken a trip to the park will tell you of the many fascinating and noteworthy things to do in Kruger National Park.

Venture Through the Panorama Route


Featuring some of the most scenic and engaging valleys and mountains in northern South Africa, the Panorama Route is seen by many as part of their passage to the Kruger National Park.

Taking a drive down the roads that form the route, you will be treated to several view spots. Stop to stretch your legs and take in the awe-inspiring views of the Blyde River Canyon, Blydepoort Dam, and several mesmerizing waterfalls.

Experience the Lowveld National Botanical Gardens

In one of the country’s most prominent Botanical Gardens, you will find nearly 200 hectares of natural beauty, including an incredible 600 naturally occurring plant species.

The botanical gardens are kept immaculate, aiming to converge on the two roaring rivers that cut through the landscape. Containing a massive 2,000 introduced species of plants, the gardens are spectacular to see.

Delve into the Sudwala Caves


The Sudwala Caves, located just outside of Mbombela, are part of a more extensive cave system that is steeped in South African history. More so, the cave system is also popular around the world since it’s home to one of the earliest ancestors of mankind – Homo Habalis.

For any trip to the region to be unforgettable, delving into the cave tours, or expanding your trip with the once-a-month exclusive deep cave tour, is an important activity to do near the Kruger Park.

Go Waterfall Hunting

Are you looking for the perfect day trip and some epic photos? The region surrounding the Kruger National Park boasts perfectly sculpted waterfalls.


If the sound of a rushing waterfall echoing through picturesque caverns is enticing to you, then waterfall hunting around the park is ideal.

Here are our picks for the five best waterfalls to visit:

  • Sabie Falls – On the R532 towards Graskop.
  • Mac Mac Falls – Located on the R532.
  • Lisbon Falls – Situated outside of Graskop, on the R532.
  • Berlin Falls – Just north of Graskop, on the R532.
  • Lone Creek Falls – On the road towards Lydenburg.


Get a View through God’s Window

Standing on the ledge overlooking the splendor of the Lowveld, you’ll agree that the observation deck known as ‘God’s Window’ truly lives up to the title. From here you can see everything the region offers, from sheer cascading cliffs and eye-catching valleys to near-perfect waterfalls.

There are numerous different trails and view spots along the God’s Window hike, with surrounding nature and wildlife can entertain and enthrall all who visit.


Tip: The Misty Rain Forest trail is incredibly fantastic and has less foot traffic than the other trails.

Take a Walk Across Bourke’s Potholes

The result of years of erosion due to the Treurs and Blyde River meeting, Bourke’s Luck Potholes is an essential must-visit for any trip to the region. A collection of perfect cylindrical rock formations makes up this natural wonder.

With reinforced bridges crossing over the enormous gaps, the “potholes” are perfect for any scenery fanatic.


Taking the time to grab your camera and venture to this perfect piece of Mother Nature’s handiwork will ensure lasting memories.

Discover Pilgrim’s Rest

Declared a National Heritage site, the historical town of Pilgrim’s Rest will be easy to find as you journey through the Panorama Route. An ode to the influential gold rush of the 1800s that shaped much of South African heritage, this living monument hosts several museums that are open daily for you to visit.

With other outdoor activities, such as fly-fishing, golf, and adventure trails, Pilgrim’s Rest is the perfect family getaway near Kruger Park.

Visit Sabie for a Man-made Forest Adventure

The quaint town of Sabie is located roughly 60 kilometers from the Kruger National Park location and has been a fan favorite for years. The town is home to several renowned fine dining restaurants and resorts, but it is also the site of one of the world’s most extensive and largest man-made forests.

When traveling to any of the most famous attractions in the Kruger Park region, Sabie will be your focal town and gateway to the beauty and wonder of the Lowveld.

The welcoming and serene town of Sabie is also the meeting point of many of the roads that lead to most, if not all, of the attractions listed here. This makes Sabie the perfect place to visit near Kruger Park.

Best Attractions Near the Kruger National Park—Final Thoughts

The sheer magnitude of attractions and activities in and around the world-famous Kruger National Park is impossible to compile into any list.

Offering something for everyone, the region surrounding the park will keep on entertaining and inspiring travelers for decades to come. Our selection of things to do near the Kruger Park is only ever a guideline, but trust us when we say that any trip to the park will not be complete without the addition of these spectacular and unique activities.

As one of the best national parks to be found anywhere, with multiple great things to do in the region, start planning your itinerary today!

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