Airbnb Aruba – Coolest Villas On The Island

Aruba has become a popular destination in the Caribbean in recent years, due the great weather, beautiful beaches and endless fun things to do on the island. However, due to the high price of accommodation and hotels, many still cannot afford to travel here. If you’re looking for the perfect place to stay (that won’t break the bank) while visiting paradise then you should check out some of these beautiful and affordable villas and rooms all listed on Airbnb Aruba.

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Finding the right place and the area to stay can be hard, especially if you’ve never been to Aruba before, so I thought I could help you pick the best Airbnb in Aruba by guiding you through the different locations and the  looking at some of the nicest Airbnb’s I have found!

Airbnb Aruba – Picking the right area

If you’re heading to Aruba on holidays, backpacking or to set up a temporary base while you’re enjoying the many water sports around the island, it would be great to pick the right area to stay prior to your booking.

First, you should keep in mind that Aruba is such a small island! You can easily drive around the island and it never takes too long. If you want to stay somewhere where you can party and eat at amazing restaurants without being too far from the beach, you should opt for the capital; Oranjestad or Palm Beach (Noord area).

If you’re looking for something a bit more quiet where you can enjoy the best sunsets and walks on the beach then Eagle Beach is a great spot for your holidays!

If you’re heading to Aruba to practice water sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing and stand-up paddle boarding then you might want to be around a beach like Eagle Beach, Palm Beach or in the San Nicolas area.

Airbnb Aruba – Features to look out for

Booking your dream Airbnb can be a bit stressful! If you’re going on holidays you want to make sure everything you booked is perfect and won’t cause problems during your stay. There are a few things to look out for to make sure you won’t be disappointed by your choice:

  • If you want total privacy you should make sure to rent an entire villa or home instead of just a single room! Otherwise, you could be ending up sharing your rom with other backpackers or the local family that owns the property.
  • Make sure you take a good look at the photos! You could find some issues that could put you off from booking a room or home! Make sure you specify the right amount of guests while booking, especially if you’re booking for different rooms and bed options.
  • Look at the facilities provided by your host to make sure they have everything you need, especially if you’re planning on using Wi-Fi, a kitchen and enjoy the A/C while you’re in Aruba!
  • You should always make sure to read all the reviews before booking! This will give you a fair idea of any major problems to look out for and that it does sound as good as it looks! To be on the safe side you should always take a property with actual reviews to avoid surprises later!

Finally, if you’re planning on staying long-term you might want to consider booking only a few nights ahead of time and discuss directly with the owner about the long-term options! You could get a better discount or offer this way, especially if you’re renting weekly or monthly. This is because Airbnb tales a massive cut! Also, be ensure you are visiting Aruba at the right time of year, as prices will increase during school holidays and festival periods.

Airbnb Aruba – Best rooms and villas

Aruba beachfront home in The Colony – San Nicolas

This entire villa welcomes up to 8 guests and you would literally have a beach right in your backyard. Super close to Baby Beach, this is one of the most famous beaches in Aruba for its multiple shades of blue! With its big terrace and many facilities it’s probably the best quality and price offer in Aruba!

Price: $30 per night

airbnb aruba beach view

Modern studio, 5 min from the beach – Oranjestad

This studio is perfect for solo travellers or couples! It is fully furnished and totally colourful. You can enjoy a king-size bed as well as modern facilities! Located in the middle of Oranjestad, you’ll be right in the action!

Price: $79 per night

best airbnb in bali

Studio walking distance to the beach – Close to Palm Beach

Only 5 minutes away from Palm Beach, this studio is surrounded by restaurants, casinos, hotels and malls! This choice will bring you right in the middle of the action while allowing you to enjoy a peaceful environment.

Price: $99 per night

Boleros Alto Vista, Unit C – Noord

Boleros Alto Vista offer a few different units! My favourite is Unit C, which looks absolutely fantastic and modern! Close to the east coast, it will allow you to see another side of Aruba, which is a bit more quiet and surrounded by nature.

Price: $89 per night

airbnbs in aruba

Yellow Escape Aruba Vacation Home – Santa Cruz

This holiday home is modern and provides an amazing circular pool and great facilities! It’s clean, warm and comfortable. This place can welcome up to 6 guests and is not too far from the airport and Oranjestad.

Price: $69 per night

luxury airbnb aruba

Most luxurious Airbnb’s in Aruba – For the BIG spenders!

Merlot Villas Aruba Private Villa near PALM BEACH – Noord

This entire villa is located only 10 minutes away from Palm Beach! You can enjoy a bit of comfortable luxury while you’re in Aruba! The huge pool will be perfect for a quick dip under the sun and you will likely get a great view from your room.

Price: $300 per night

Bali Style Private House, 2 Pools, Cinema, Gym & Yoga – Noord

Uniquely designed, this holiday home is a mix of outdoor and indoor experiences featuring two swimming pools, lush gardens, a natural cave and a sand beach garden. It’s majestic and you’re going to remember your time in Aruba with accommodation like this one!

Price: $799 per night

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