Airbnb Maldives – A New Way To Travel To Paradise

If you had told me a few years ago (or even a few months ago!) that I would get to travel to one of the most beautiful countries on this planet, I probably would have laughed at you. However the reality is I did somehow miraculously get to travel to the Maldives on budget and it was all made possible through Airbnb! While there are a few budget hotels options and Couchsurfing is also an option if you’re really on a tight budget, Airbnb Maldives is the way to go. If you have already sussed out where you’re going to stay, and you’re simply looking for help to plan your trip, this Maldives vacation planner should help.

I’ve decided to write this post to share with you the best Airbnbs in the Maldives, to give you that final push in booking your flights to paradise. Note: these aren’t all super cheap options, I’ve thrown in a few of the expensive gems to show you what’s available if you can stretch that budget a little higher – it will probably be worth it!

Wondering what to do while there?? Read my post on all the unique things to do in the Maldives.


Airbnb Maldives super budget options

If you would do anything to get to the Maldives and don’t mind spending your first days near the airport, these are some ideal airbnbs for you. I would recommend you don’t stay any longer than a day or two though as the islands nearest the airport are not anywhere as pretty as the rest of the country.

A lot of people renting out rooms on the budget end usually work in the tourism industry and will try sell you some day tours, adventure activities and bring you on a day trip to a rester island. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing so don’t get offended – they normally know Maldives better than anyone and will get you the best prices and take the stress out of organising. I trusted my host and ended up on some amazing tours for a great price.

It should also be noted that some of the local islands do not have ‘bikini beaches’ which means you must cover up when at the beach. It’s good to do a little research on which islands are best for tourists before booking your Airbnb rental. Also, some islands are a lot prettier than others. Up-to-date information can be hard to find so I suggest booking 2 nights in Male or Hulhumale then asking the locals which islands are currently the best to visit and go from there.

If you’ve never used Airbnb before, I suggest reading this first (and getting my free coupon code!)

  1. Shared room near the airport – Just €11 per night

Shared room near airport & beach

Hulhumale, Male, Maldives

Hi guys. We are two very friendly and chilled young people from Maldives. We would like to share our apartment with those travelling in maldives on a shoestring. You are most welcome to join us for…

2. Room in Hulhumale near the (manmade) beach – €35


Affordable Maldives Holiday

Hulhumale, Male, Maldives


Probably the best choice for Honeymooner, couple. Modern furnished AC Rooms with LCD TV, minibar, Telephone, FREE Wifi, Hot & Cold water etc. We arrange wide range or excursions, diving & waterspor…


3. Private room on the island of Kaashidhoo – €24

Room Apartment in Maldive island.

K.Kaashidhoo, Kaashidhoo, Maldives


4. Kinān Retreat on Fulidhoo Island


Kinān Retreat

Fulidhoo, North Central Province, Maldives

Relax, Enjoy the shades of blue…

Our cozy property located right in front of the beach is with spacious 9 rooms with a great sea view. Charming staffs at our hotel will ensure you’re happy thro…

5. Private room on Maafushi Island (Small Hotel plus Bikini Beach)


Budget Room in Maafushi

Maafushi , North Central Province, Maldives

Cheap way to explore Maldives

Airbnb Maldives – Midrange options €50 – €150

While €150 might seem a lot, if there are two of you sharing it’s only €75 each with isn’t bad for a luxury holiday in the Maldives. Unlike other countries, a lot of the local hotels in the Maldives will actually list their properties in Airbnb so it’s not just private home owners. Don’t be surprised if you book a room and find your self staying in a guesthouse or even a large hotel! Also – you may even find the same room cheaper on other websites so once you see a nice place have a look on too to see if it’s any cheaper there.

1. Deluxe room on Kamadhoo Island


DELUXE ROOM at Villa Kamadhoo



Welcome to enjoy magic beauty and warm hospitality of Maldives at Kamadhoo island! Pristine white sand beaches with brilliant aquamarine water, stunning underwater world, exciting sea adventures, d…

2.Room on Feridhoo Island, Alifu Alifu Atoll – €111 per night

Feridhoo Inn

Feridhoo, Alifu Alifu Atoll, Maldives

Feridhoo Inn guest house is consisting of 5 luxurious rooms, our guesthouse is fully furnished with attached bathrooms and our rooms have facilities like air conditioning, free wifi,

3. Room in Jailbreak Surf Inn on Himmafushi Island – €89


Jailbreak Surf Inn

Himmafushi, North Mal’e, Maldives


Stay with us in our air conditioned rooms with free breakfast and boat transfers to over 7 surf breaks in North Mal’e .Interact with the locals and experience the Maldivian cultures and see the und…

4. Room on the beach with activities on Mahibadhoo Island

The Amazing Noovilu Guesthouse&Food

Mahibadhoo, Maldives, Maldives

Authentic Azur Water Experience…

We are proud to announce scuba diving as our new activity!

Luxury Airbnb’s in the Maldives – Go for gold!

Just for fun, let’s have a look at the most expensive Airbnbs in the Maldives. Although, it must be said, there aren’t really too many outrageous ones as the luxury hotels and resorts really have the monopoly on over-priced rooms! 😉

1. Sleep and cruise on a private super yacht – €3,000 PER NIGHT

Cruising in Maldives up to 18 pax

Hulhumale, Maldives

Honors Legacy is one of the most luxurious liveaboard Yacht in Maldives. Honors Legacy will take advantage of weather and naturals patterns in order to provide optimal cruising year round. Enjoy th…

2. Rent an entire villa for up to 11 people – €265


Entire Just Surf Villa – Himmafushi

Himmafushi, North Central Province, Maldives


Rent the entire Villa for 6 to 11 persons on a local island and get to know the Maldives as they truely are. Our spacious Pool Villa has 4 spacious rooms with ensuite bathroom and balcony. The 2 hu…

3. Beach bungalow on private resort island – €415 per night


Guraidhoo and it’s bikini Island

, North Central Province, Maldives

As one of the first resort in the Maldives, Guraidhoo island has stayed pure and natural. All bungalows are situated near the beach in a natural environment.
After landing our new speedboat will br…

4. Floating water village experience – €138


Maldives Floating Water Villa

Hulhumale, Kaafu, Maldives

Comfortable & Relaxing 2 Rooms with AC, Minibar, TV, Free WiFi, Safety box, Restaurant, Sundeck, Sun Lounges, private dining, BBQ Area, Candle Light Dinner, Snorkeling, Fishing etc with private but…

Airbnb Maldives

2 thoughts on “Airbnb Maldives – A New Way To Travel To Paradise”

  1. I couch surfed for 2 nights while there and my host was hosting 8 other people at the same time!! It’s a great way for locals to meet and interact with people from other countries – they love CS there! So surprising. 🙂

  2. Wow, you weren’t lying about Couchsurfing being an option. It says there’s 120 hosts! That is really surprising to me.

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