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Best Places to Live in Hungary | 10 Cities Full of History

Hungary is a quaint little country buried deep in the heart of Europe with plenty of history and rich culture. The landlocked country has plenty to offer, with rolling mountains and siren lakes. Being one of the cheapest countries to live in Europe, it’s no wonder Hungary is becoming a popular destination.

Hungary can be hard to live in, with a complex language to learn and bitterly cold winters, but the beauty on offer is worth every moment. Stay with us as we show you the best places to live in Hungary with crucial insights and handy facts.

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Best Places to Live in Hungary for…

1. Expats: Budapest
2. English Speakers: Debrecen
3. Digital Nomads: Szeged
4. Solo Travelers: Sopron
5. Couples: Keszthely
6. Groups: Pecs

Top 10 Places to Live in Hungary

1. Budapest

Best Place to Live for Expats

Budapest Széchenyi Chain Bridge HungaryCost of Living: $$$

The capital city of Hungary offers a richness in history, culture, and new-age living. Budapest is an affordable city to live in and provides a bustling nightlife with loads of culinary delights. The Danube River splits Budapest, and taking walks along bridges across the city is truly breathtaking.

Tip: Visit Margaret Island, which hosts plenty of recreational facilities and parkland to explore.

Who Would Like to Live There: Expats, English speakers, solo travelers.

● It is one of the cheapest main cities to live in across Europe.
● The city has excellent transportation services.
● Healthcare is excellent at a low cost.
● Winters are bitterly cold.
● Smoking tobacco is popular.
● It can be hard to make friends.

2. Debrecen

Best Place to Live for English Speakers

Debrecen Harmashegyalja Magyarország Nature ReserveCost of Living: $$

Debrecen is Hungary’s second-largest city, providing a vibrant lifestyle filled with good food and beautiful views. English is familiar with several international universities, and the city has a buzzing nightlife.

Tip: Join the Flower Carnival in August for a colorful experience filled with life and laughter.

Who Would Like to Live There: English speakers, students, nature lovers.

● The people are friendly.
● Excellent quality of education.
● The city has fantastic healthcare facilities.
● Winters are cold in Debrecen.
● Utility costs are expensive.
● The average salary is not high.

3. Szeged

Best Place to Live for Digital Nomads

Cathedral of SzegedCost of Living: $

If you are looking for a city with beautiful architecture and an electric atmosphere, Szeged is the place. Known as the City of Sunshine, Szeged has quaint streets and a warmer climate than most other cities in Hungary. Szeged is the most affordable place to live in Hungary, making it perfect for someone looking to travel on a budget.

Tip: Visit the Napfényfürdő Aquapolis and have fun in the indoor waterpark or relax in the thermal saunas.

Who Would Like to Live There: Digital Nomads,

● Excellent education facilities.
● Healthcare is fantastic and affordable.
● The city has efficient transportation services.
● The city is not very family-friendly.
● Making new friends is difficult if you don’t speak Hungarian.
● The cost of utilities in winter is high.

4. Sopron

Best Place to Live for Solo Travelers

City square SopronCost of Living: $$

Sopron is a beautiful city in the Northwest region of Hungary, with the gorgeous Lake Neusiedl in the distance. The city is grounded in ancient Renaissance and Baroque architecture, making the city a truly unique space to live in. It is one of the smaller cities in Hungary with low crime levels, making it a safe city for solo travel.

Tip: Go to the VOLT Festival in June to experience Hungary’s best local music.

Who Would Like to Live There: Solo travelers, history lovers.

● The people are very friendly.
● The city is affordable to live in.
● It is a very safe city.
● English is not common.
● It gets freezing in winter.
● The city is far from other major cities.

5. Keszthely

Best Place to Live for Couples

Tompa Mihaly Palace KeszthelyCost of Living: $$

Keszthely is one of the most romantic cities in Hungary, surrounded by everlasting mountains and picturesque lakes. It is a small city with tons of character from the historic architecture and delicious food.

Tip: Go Balaton Ballooning on a hot air balloon through the beautiful mountains and witness the plentitude of vineyards from the sky.

Who Would Like to Live There: Couples, outdoor lovers, food and wine lovers.

● The city has beautiful scenery.
● It is not overcrowded.
● The cost of living is reasonable.
● English is common in the city.
● It gets icy cold in winter.
● The average salary is not high.

6. Pecs

Best Place to Live in Groups

Pecs cityscapeCost of Living: $$

The city of Pecs has a long and glorious history imbued with architecture that will make your eyes water. This city has the most convenient transportation routes in the country and has the oldest university in Hungary.

Tip: Visit the Early Christian Mausoleum to learn about the ancient history of Hungary.

Who Would Like to Live There: Groups, history lovers.

● It is a city with loads of history.
● There is easy access to most of the country from Pecs.
● The city has a lively nightlife.
● The city is not ideal for families.
● The city can get crowded in the tourist season.
● English is not common in Pecs.

7. Eger

Best Place to Live for Retirees

Eger cityscapeCost of Living: $

Eger is a slow-paced town that offers a diverse range of cultures. This town has calming Turkish baths and beautiful vineyards that make some famous wines and food. With Bukk National Park nearby, anyone would enjoy living in this city. With a cheap cost of living, Eger is one of the most reasonable towns to live in Hungary.

Tip: Visit the Valley of Beautiful Women to see the local vineyards and taste the famous Egri Bikaver wine.

Who Would Like to Live There: Retirees, food lovers.

● It is a beautiful town to live in.
● There are excellent medical services.
● Transportation in the city is great.
● The city gets very cold in winter.
● English is not a common language.
● It may be too slow a lifestyle for some people.

8. Gyor

Best Place to Live for Entrepreneurs

Gyor city squareCost of Living: $$

Gyor is the ideal place for any professional to settle with many multinational companies and a large automobile sector. The city is constantly experiencing development which works perfectly next to the ancient monuments across the city.

Tip: Be sure to visit the Gyor Old Town district to experience Baroque and Neoclassical architecture of the highest order.

Who Would Like to Live There: Entrepreneurs, sight seekers.

● The city is extremely safe.
● Transportation in and out of the city is efficient.
● There are plenty of job opportunities.
● The city is cold in winter.
● English is not common in the city.
● Utility costs are high in winter.

9. Esztergom

Best Place to Live for History Lovers

Esztergom Basilica ChurchCost of Living: $$

Esztergom is the heart of all things Hungary, with a wealth of historical landmarks across the town. One the capital of Hungary, Esztergom is a majestic city that sits along the Danube river, with picturesque views of flowing hills.

Tip: Approach the Esztergom Basilica from the Danube river by canoe for an awe-inspiring experience.

Who Would Like to Live There: History lovers, couples.

● The town is generally quiet and peaceful.
● There is an abundance of historical landmarks to explore,
● The town is family-friendly.
● Not ideal for professionals or entrepreneurs.
● Healthcare is not as good as in-other cities in Hungary.
● English is not common in the city.

10. Heviz

Best Place to Live for Nature Lovers

Heviz thermal lake and spaCost of Living: $$

Heviz is a quiet little town with plenty of natural scenery to admire. From historical markers left by Ancient Romans to beautiful park walks, you never lose interest in this small town with a lot of character.

Tip: Go to the second largest thermal lake at the Heviz Spa to rejuvenate and relax.

Who Would Like to Live There: Nature lovers, retirees.

● The town is close to nature.
● There are plenty of cafes and restaurants to enjoy.
● The people are very friendly.
● It is hard to find English speakers.
● It can be boring if you are not into nature.
● The town is crowded during the tourist season.


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