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Best Places to Live in Qatar | 10 Luxury Areas & Cities for Expats

Qatar is a breathtaking desert country lined with gorgeous beaches and located within the Persian Gulf. Qatar can be daunting with its extreme weather, high cost of living, and conservative culture, but it does offer the perfect lifestyle.

Qatar is well known for its futuristic architecture and fast-growing economy, making it an ideal country for a fresh start. It can be challenging to relocate, but do not fear; with our key insights, you’ll find the perfect place.

With this comprehensive list of the best cities in Qatar, you’ll be sunbathing on Al Wakrah beach in no time.

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Best Places to Live in Qatar for…

  1. Expats: Doha
  2. English Speakers: Al Rayyan
  3. Digital Nomads: Al Waab
  4. Solo Travelers: Al Sadd
  5. Couples: The Pearl
  6. Groups: Abu Hamour

Top 10 Places to Live in Qatar

1. Doha

Best Place to Live for Expats

Doha cityscapeCost of Living: $$$

Doha is the capital of Qatar for a reason, with its magical skyscrapers and palm-lined beaches. The city hosts the best museums and fine dining across the country, providing a lavish lifestyle to all residents.

Tip: Be sure to visit the Qatar Open Tennis Tournament hosted in Doha.

Who Would Like to Live There: Expats, professionals, lifestyle gurus.


  • Infrastructure is well maintained.
  • Good air quality.
  • Everything you need is close by.


  • The cost of living is high.
  • The weather is unpleasant in summer.
  • Not safe for solo female travelers; check out our traveling safety tips.

2. Al Rayyan

Best Place to Live for English Speakers

Museum of Islamic Art Al RayyanCost of Living: $$

Only 6 miles outside Doha, Al Rayyan is ideal for someone looking to settle down outside the country’s capital city. With several excellent international universities within the city, there is a large population of English speakers and affordable accommodation.

Tip: Be sure to visit the Al Wajbah Fort for a breathtaking historical experience.

Who Would Like to Live There: English speakers, students.


  • It has excellent education facilities.
  • There are great sports and leisure facilities.
  • It is a very safe area.


  • The area can get noisy.
  • The summers are scorching.
  • It is not a family-friendly city.

3. Al Waab

Best Place to Live for Digital Nomads

Villagio Mall Al WaabCost of Living: $$$

Al Waab is a beautiful city known for its stand-alone villas and continuous development. The area is situated just outside Doha with excellent transportation services and an array of boutique shops, restaurants, and parks.

Tip: Visit the Villagio Mall for anything from entertainment to fine dining.

Who Would Like to Live There: Digital nomads, families.


  • All the estates are well maintained.
  • It is close to transportation services.
  • It is a family-friendly city.


  • It has sweltering summers.
  • There is always new construction in the area.
  • Sandstorms occur regularly.

4. Al Sadd

Best Place to Live for Solo Travelers

Al Sadd West Bay QatarCost of Living: $$

In the oldest region of Doha, the area of Al Sadd offers a secure and lively space for solo travelers. Located near malls with everything you need, the city is considered the heart of greater Doha and offers affordable living.

Tip: Al Mirqad Street is a no-go due to heavy traffic at all times of the day.

Who Would Like to Live There: Solo travelers, Professionals.


  • It is close to the center of Doha.
  • There is easy access to shops and restaurants.
  • It has affordable living in a great area.


  • There is limited parking.
  • The region has sandstorms regularly.
  • The summers are unbearable.

5. The Pearl

Best Place to Live for Couples

The Pearl QatarCost of Living: $$$

The Pearl is one of the more expensive regions on this list, but it’s worth it when you look at the custom villas and breathtaking city views. With fine dining paired with beautiful beaches, The Pearl is perfect for couples looking to live their best lives.

Tip: The Pearl is the first area of Qatar to be available for freehold ownership by foreign nationals.

Who Would Like to Live There: Couples, singles, professionals.


  • The area is quiet.
  • It is an extremely safe area.
  • The region is well maintained.


  • It has very hot summers.
  • The cost of living is high.
  • It isn’t easy to get in and out of the city.

6. Abu Hamour

Best Place to Live in Groups

Qanat Quarter Doha QatarCost of Living: $$

Abu Hamour is one of the most affordable areas in Qatar, with the same high quality of life as across the country. Technically a part of Doha, this region is home to several international universities and is ideal for groups looking to travel and live in Qatar.

Tip: Be sure to visit the Safari Mall for great food markets at reasonable prices.

Who Would Like to Live There: Groups, families, people on a budget.


  • Abu Hamour has a reasonable cost of living.
  • It is close to schools and universities.
  • There are excellent medical facilities.


  • It has very hot summers.
  • It is close to Doha’s industrial area.
  • It is a high-traffic area.

7. Al Wakrah

Best Place to Live for Retirees

Al Wakrah Souq beachCost of Living: $

If you are looking for a city to settle down in and admire the scenery, Al Wakrah is the place. You will never lose interest in this golden city with its rich history and culture. With a small-town feel but only a 30-minute drive from Doha, Al Wakrah provides all you need for a slower lifestyle.

Tip: Visit the Al Wakrah Heritage Village to learn more about Qatar’s history.

Who Would Like to Live There: Retirees, history loving travelers.


  • There are excellent medical facilities.
  • The city’s cost of living is reasonable.
  • The town has breathtaking ocean views.


  • Summers are unbearable.
  • Most of the population is male, making it intimidating for solo female travelers.
  • Sandstorms occur regularly in the area.

8. Al Thumama

Best Place to Live on a Budget

Al Zubara Fort Al thumamaCost of Living: $

Al Thumama is ideal for people looking to save during long-term travel while experiencing all that Qatar has to offer. This newly established city is conveniently placed near transportation services and has beautiful architecture. If you are looking for comfort and convenience, Al Thumama is the city for you.

Tip: Visit Kahramaa Park; its state-of-the-art infrastructure promotes green living and is a must-see.

Who Would Like to Live There: Travelers, expats on a budget.


  • The area is affordable to live in.
  • It has newly built tech-savvy housing.
  • Close to the main roads into Doha.


  • Noise pollution is an issue.
  • Summers are scorching.
  • The area is very close to the airport.

9. Umm Said

Best Place to Live for Professionals

Camelback Safari QatarCost of Living: $$

Umm Said is the heart of Qatar’s industrial facilities. Located 45km outside Doha, the city has several breathtaking beaches to relax on after a long day at work. Umm Said offers professionals ideal proximity to work and luxurious views of Qatar’s east coast peninsula.

Tip: Be sure to go on a camel-back desert safari in the area at night to experience amazing views of the Milky Way.

Who Would Like to Live There: Professionals, entrepreneurs, expats.


  • There are convenient transportation services.
  • The roads are well maintained.
  • There are lovely ocean views.


  • It is not a family-friendly city.
  • It has extremely hot summers.
  • The area frequently experiences sandstorms.

10. West Bay

Best Place to Live for a Splurger

Katara Cultural VillageCost of Living: $$$

West Bay is the most expensive region in Qatar on this list, but the quality it offers is well worth it. With gorgeous beachside walkways and supermalls like the Lagoona Mall, you will always stay captivated by Qatar. (Xanax)

Tip: Visit the Katara Cultural Village to learn more about Qatar’s history.

Who Would Like to Live There: Spendaholics, travelers, expats.


  • It is a culturally rich area.
  • There is good air quality.
  • It is close to the city center.


  • The area is very busy with lots of traffic.
  • It is an expensive area to live in.
  • The weather is unpleasant in summer.

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