High Tech Toilets In Asia

High Tech Toilets In Asia: Why I LOVE The Bum Gun

Ahh toilet humour. We hate to love it and love to hate it. Many years ago, when I first moved to Asia, I was totally obsessed with the toilets here! I had just moved to South Korea and I could never quite figure out what all the buttons on the wall or the side of of the toilet meant, but would always try press a new one each day. It was like play time! The first time I pressed the built-in bidet button I happened to be facing the toilet instead of sitting on it and got absolutely soaked! Not exactly the ideal start to a fun night out in Seoul!

Why I LOVE The Bum Gun

Having lived and travelled in Asia for many years now, I have grown to love many traditions and habits here, and the toilets in Asia are one thing I love wholeheartedly! Squatting is like a second nature to me, if this is the only option available, but the high tech Asian toilets in Korea and Japan have to be my favourite!

The Bum Gun Toilets

Using the Bum Gun is also one thing I have fully embraced! Wiping is still fine and all (we won’t go into detail on that!), but you will feel a million times cleaner if you use the bum gun first! These can be found in almost all toilets in Asia so you might as well embrace it while you’re here – personal hygeine enthusuiants will thank you!

The Bum Gun Toilets Wiping

Okay, so I’m sure you’re wondering why I am even writing this article? Why have I dedicated an entire post on my blog to writing about toilet hygiene? Well I recently came across this hilarious video from Wash Tower about the world’s first stand alone bidet! They make the point that if you were to accidentally step in dog poo, you would most definitely wash your foot or shoe rather than just wiping it off! WASH over WIPE people!

It’s something I never thought about when living in Europe, but the toilets in Asia and so high tech that is always gets me thinking about how people in Korea (and Japan) are just so far ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to technology – even technology in their toilets! Some of the cubicles in train stations even play music to block out any unwelcome sounds!

I seriously think you will never go back to using toilet paper as your number one bathroom tool once you’ve used something like the bum gun! I feel like I get reverse culture shock when I go back to Europe to finf toilets that aren’t heated, don’t play music and there’s no where to wash my behind unless i’m in some fancy hotel with an old fashioned bidet!

Turns out the company behind the video is actually launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund this bold bathroom tool, and I swear if had my own place and wasn’t the nomadic soul that I am, I would totally invest in this!

What bout you? Do you prefer Asian toilets? Are you a fan of the bum gun?

Disclosure Note: While this post was brought to you in partnership with Cooperatize and Wash Tower, I really hope it was still a great read! P.s. I REALLY do love that bum gun! 😉

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