11 Kick-Ass Male Travel Bloggers On The Rise

If you are looking for the best up-and-coming male travel bloggers on the planet, you have come to the right place. If you’re just looking for some eye candy, you should leave now. Kidding. 

I recently noticed that almost all the blogs I have been following for the past year or so are predominantly female travel bloggers or local Irish travel bloggers so I set out in search of the world’s best male bloggers to see what they had to say about the world. Turns out that while there certainly aren’t as many male travel bloggers as female, they are kicking some ass in the travel blogging world and have being going on some seriously epic adventures. 

Unlike many other posts floating around on the internet right now, this post in not a definitive list of people to follow in 2016. It is also not a definitive list of the world’s best travel bloggers although I would argue a place for many of these guys. This is an introduction to the world’s fastest rising male travel blogging stars, all of whom have only had their site up and running for 3 years or less. This means you won’t be finding the travel blogging Gods such as Nomadic Matt or A Luxury Travel Blog anywhere near here.

Not only have these bloggers created great travel sites that suck you right in and take you an a world-wide adventure through words and visuals, they have also built a strong social media following and inspire tens of thousands of people every day. Here are the world’s top male travel bloggers on the rise…

11. Rob and  Chris, 2 Travel Dads

2traveldads- top male bloggers

Rob and Chris Taylor are very new to the big bad world of travel blogging but are already making waves and building a loyal following. Their site, 2 Travel Dads, follows their travels around the US with their two adorable sons. I literally can’t get enough of their photos, as they explore the country with their kids in tow. Before becoming dads, they traveled together all over Europe, Canada the US and Mexico and are now based just outside of Seattle where Chris works full-time and Rob is a stay-at-home Dad and aspiring blogger! I think what I love most is that they prove that having a family should never stop you from continuing to travel and go on adventures, even if it is just part-time travel. I love this post they wrote on some clever travel hacks on going camping with young kids and this one where they compare how they traveled solo and how travel changes when you bring kids along. If you are looking for inspiration and travel tips for family travel in the US, as told by two of the loveliest guys on the internet, this is your blog.

Facebook: 2TravelDads

Twitter: 2TravelDads

Instagram: 2TravelDads

10. William Patino, William Patino Photography


While primarily a photographer rather than a travel blogger, William Patino definitely deserves a place on this list. With over 143,000 Instagram followers, the numbers tell the story when it comes to his photographs. What I love, however, is his simple but beautifully crafted blog posts which use both his photography and words to help transport you to the location and feel as if you are there with him. Reading his post about travelling Iceland in Winter and waking up in the middle of the night following a snow storm only to be greeted with a star filled sky and a glimpse of the Northern Lights makes me feel as if I am there with him, cheering him along. His blog is an excellent resource for people looking for photography tips or where to find the best photography locations around the world while his Instagram is sure to make your jaw drop. One to watch!

Facebook: William Patino

Twitter: William Patino Photography

Instagram: Will Patino

9. Will Hatton, The Broke Backpacker


Do you ever find yourself landing on a new website and immediately getting lost in the photography, as you start daydreaming about where should be your next exotic travel destination? It happens to me all the time when I click on to Will Hatton’s blog, The Broke Backpacker. Who knew budget travel could cause such extreme levels of wanderlust? He once spent three years travelling on just $12 a day and is currently in the middle of a two year overland adventure from the UK to Papua New Guinea, determined to only spend $20 a day. Will has lived in India for a year, worked in bars in Vietnam, herded goats in the Holy Land and conquered the highest navigable pass in the world armed with just a poorly drawn map and a packet of ritz crackers! Check out his ‘Ditch Your Desk‘ page for inspiration on how to follow in his footsteps and become a blogger and digital nomad. If you are looking for a blog literally exploding with stories of adventure told by a fearless, budget backpacker, this is the blog for you.

Facebook: The Broke Backpacker

Twitter: The Broke Backpacker

Instagram: The Broke Backpacker

8. Erick Prince, Minority Nomad


When someone has traveled to over 87 countries, you know they will have a good story or two to tell! Erick Prince is a former US Air Force Aerospace Engineer now turned photographer, philanthropist and world traveler as he blogs his way around the world. He travels to fascinating destinations that many people might overlook, from wine tasting in Moldova to a (not so positive) cruising experience in Russia. As the name of his blog suggests, he writes quite a few opinion pieces on minority travel and is now setting out to be the first African-American to visit every country in the world! I especially love his posts about food, as he seems to work his way from country to country doing various food and cooking tours and sharing mouth-watering photos with his many readers. If you are looking for beautifully written trip reviews, a travel perspective with a difference, and incredible photography that draws the reader right into the story, this is the blog to follow!

Facebook: The Minority Nomad

Twitter: Minority Nomad

Instagram: Minority Nomad

7. Stefan and Sebastien, Nomadic Boys


Everyone knows the Nomadic Boys. Literally everyone. If you don’t, you do now! Their tagline ‘two greedy boys exploring the world’ does kind of sum them up in a bizarre way as their blog follows their adventures in food as they quite literally eat their way around the world. So what makes this lovable pair deserve a spot on this list? Besides the fact that Stefan and Sebastien pretty much make me laugh every time they upload a photo, these guys have grown a huge social media following of over 65,000 fans (and growing every day), write extremely comprehensive and useful guides to gay travel and have an excellent eye for photography. Their love of food, and life, is infectious and you can’t help but become addicted to their blog, reading each new post they write, while planning your own escape at the back of your head. If you are looking to follow the adventures of two adult mermen as they munch their way around the globe with constant smiles on their faces and new friends by their side, this is the blog to follow.

Facebook: Nomadic Boys

Twitter: Nomadic Boys

Instagram: Nomadic Boys

6. Derek Freal, The HoliDaze Blog


The good, the bad and the ugly, this brilliant blog by Derek Freal tells it like it is…including that time a tweet landed him in an Indonesian jail. Derek if the kind if traveler that puts himself out there and them seems to get himself into the most bizarre situations. From partying with Japanese rappers is Tokyo and starring in a film in Indonesia to doing the unthinkable (and probably totally crazy) and driving over 2,000 miles across India in a Rickshaw, this guys has some ridiculous travel stories to tell. I especially love his travel videos and this one of him eating bulls penis is pretty gross. You know, in case you’re into that. If you are looking for expert travel advice on ‘what not to do’ on your travels as well as tips on traveling to offbeat destinations, this the blog for you.

Twitter: The HoliDaze

Instagram: The HoliDaze

Facebook: The HoliDaze

5. Kyle Jennermann, Becoming Filipino


Set up in 2014 when intrepid traveler Kyle Jennermann decided to pack up his life in Canada and move to the Philippines, this blog has grown from strength to strength over the past few years and now has an eye-popping 270,000+ fans on Facebook. From the minute you land on this site, you immediately become aware of Kyle’s inherent love and passion for all things Filipino. Writing about his adventures and misadventures in trying to ‘become Filipino’, from diving into Filipino food and culture to learning more about the people, the environment and the country as a whole. Divided into regions, Kyle is slowly put surely ticking off a list of traditional Filipino activities, compiled by the locals themselves. From learning to weave, dancing at local festivals, island hopping and learning about local history to experiencing every method of Filipino transport under the sun, Kyle’s blog is filled with hilarious and heart warming adventures and is a great testament to the friendliness of Filipino people as well as being an excellent resource for future travelers to this welcoming nation.

Facebook: Becoming Filipino

Twitter: Kyle Jennermann

Instagram: Becoming Filipino

4. Justin Carmack, True Nomads


If you are a fan of scuba diving and are keen to seek out the best dive sites in the world, then True Nomads is a must read. Set up by Justin Carmack after he quit University and set off to travel the world (79 countries and counting!), exploring the top 100 dive sites, one dive at a time. From diving with ship wrecks in Florida to camel encounters on Diana beach in Kenya, this guy is discovering some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, while seeing underwater life that most people can only ever dream of. He has hiked through ancient temples in Jordan, come face to face with humpback whales in Mozambique, dived with bull sharks in Mexico and has snorkelled in a crater in Hawaii. There is no stopping this true nomad. This blog is an incredible resource for diving fans but also for anyone with a love for the ocean, beaches and tropical islands, or just beautiful photographs of a life underwater.

Facebook: True Nomads

Twitter: True Nomads

Instagram: True Nomads

3. Shane Dallas, The Travel Camel


Shane Dallas, unlike most other travel bloggers, only likes to go where others will not. Shane argues that North Korea is one of the safest travel destinations you will ever visit, that Afghanistan is the most beautiful country he has ever seen and that rarely-talked-about Somaliland is actually a pretty interesting place to visit full of slobbering camels and incredibly kind people. When not on the road in Kurdistan or trekking through Takikistan, this Australian born intrepid traveler can be found speaking at travel conferences and on cruise ships, as he passes on his knowledge and travel tales from the 90+ countries he has traveled to. One of the most fascinating writers I have ever come across, Shane Dallas is one of those unique souls who you would want to have at your celebrity dinner table, even if it meant giving someone like Obama the heave ho. A must read blog and one to watch.

Facebook: The Travel Camel

Instagram: The Travel Camel

Twitter: The Travel Camel

2. Nathan Allen, I Dreamed Of This


Meet Nathan Allen, the man with a plan! Nathan always dreamed of travelling the world but when he set down in the Philippines back in 2013 he quickly decided there was no place he would rather be and decided to stay put for a while. His blog and photos of life in the Philippines is pure dreamy and most definitely helping to promote the country as one of the world’s best tourist destinations, with his posts often reaching a few million people! It’s not all sunshine, sunsets and tropical beaches though as Nathan also gives readers a small insight into what it’s really like to live in the Philippines as well as a look at Filipino culture. Nathan’s blog is crammed full of posts to inspire wanderlust, loved by his ever growing follower base, and the site is an excellent starting point for anyone moving in that direction, both geographically and mentally, as it is sure to inform and inspire.

Facebook: I Dreamed Of This

Twitter: I Dreamed Of This

Instagram: I Dreamed Of This

1. Drew Binsky, The Hungry Partier


Ever wondered what it would be like to pack up your life in a backpack and head off on an epic adventure, eating and drinking your way around the world? Well, that’s exactly what Drew Binsky ‘The Hungry Partier’ is up to right now and it has grown him a huge social media following of over 89,000 followers! Right now he is partying in the USA having just returned from 7 days in Boracay, one of the world’s most beautiful islands and the biggest party place in the Philippines. You HAVE to follow this guy on Snapchat (@drewbinsky) as he will show you a behind the scenes look at his amazing life on the road…plus he’s hilarious! Since January 2012, this Hungry Thirsty Partier has danced his ass off (and no doubt downed millions of shots!) in over 150 cities in 40 countries including partying ‘gangnam style’ in Seoul, South Korea. If you are party mad and are looking for the best cities, towns, beaches and islands to party in around the globe, this is the blog to follow.

Facebook: The Hungry Partier

Instagram: Drew Binsky

Twitter: Drew – Hungry Partier


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11 Kick-Ass Male Travel Bloggers

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  1. You are so right, I think there are far more female bloggers than male it seems. Every travel conference I attend, or press trip I go on, the vast majority are women. So, if this is the case, why am I having such a difficult time finding a travel blogging partner? 😉

  2. Hey John! I love his site and what he is doing – so much so I am interviewing him for a new interview series in a few weeks. Sadly could not include him in this list though as it is only for newbie bloggers….so bloggers who have had their sites for exactly 3 years or less. 🙂

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