Best Travel Skirts for Adventures

Most Flattering Travel Skirts To Pack For Your Adventures

Ladies…let’s talk about packing! When traveling it is always a good idea to pack a skirt or two. I seriously do not go anywhere without one or two travel skirts as they are so versatile, easy to pack and you can mix and match each day. Luckily for me (and you), there is always a great range of skirts available in the shops, at local markets when your travel or online, so you’re never too far from your dream Insta-worthy outfit! Here are my favourite wardrobe essentials for packing for my travels…

Best Travel Skirts For Your Adventures

Maxi skirts

Perhaps the most versatile style of travel skirts is the maxi. This cut suits virtually every woman (except maybe if you’re super short!) and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion or where you’re travelling. A lightweight one will not take up a lot of space in your suitcase and it’s easy enough to get the wrinkles out by hanging it up in your room for a few hours. out after a couple of hours. Secret tip: hang it on the outside of the shower and turn the water temperature up high… a steamy bathroom is usually enough to do the trick!

This style of skirt is ideal for wearing to the beaches of Bali and Thailand, or for checking out places like Morocco and India where you need to be covered up. It is always handy to be able to cover up a bit during the hottest part of the day and you will also appreciate having one to wear if it gets a little breezy. When everyone else has to leave you will be able to stay and enjoy the sunset. Ideal for places like Iceland in the summer if you want to look stylish but not freeze you tits off!!

Maxi skirts Style

versatile style skirts


If you have the confidence to wear them, mini-skirts are a fantastic option when it comes to ideal travel skirts, especially when packing for a destination like Bali. They are suitable for wearing in many different situations and take up very little space in the case. A mini-skirt is an especially good alternative to a pair of shorts. They are far more glamorous. If you pack the right kind, you can easily wear one to a club or to enjoy a meal out.

For women who want to spend more of their time sightseeing rather than sitting on the beach every day, mini-skirts are an especially good option. Wearing one means that you can still get a lovely tan. However, if you want to include visits to religious buildings on your itinerary you need to check the dress codes before you pack. In some places, shorts and mini-skirts are not considered acceptable attire. But, you can usually get around this issue by taking a lightweight sarong with you that can be worn over the top or your skirt. Just make sure that it is not see-through!!

girl wearing mini skirts

Pencil skirts

If you know that you are going to be eating out in a posh restaurant packing a pencil skirt can be a great option. They look great with practically any style of top and come in a wide range of fabrics. For travel, a jersey pencil skirt can be very comfortable for traveling in and for sight-seeing….and so you don’t look like you’re on your way to a business meeting when in reality you’re on holiday in South Africa!!

Pencil skirts

Choosing the right cut for you

As you can see, skirts really are a great option for travellers. So, next time you go shopping for holiday clothes why not take the time to try a few on. You will be glad that you did. This fun skirt buying guide should help you to quickly narrow down your options so you do not waste any time trying on cuts that are not likely to look good on you. Happy shopping! Have any other ideal travel skirts? Let me know!

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