What to pack for a trip to Ireland

Travelers will go to some pretty incredible lengths to save room in their suitcases. Whether they want to bulk up on souvenirs or just do not want to carry around loads of items while travelling, Ireland is the perfect place to visit for those wanting to pack light. For those who do not know where to start, here’s the ultimate guide on what to pack when you’re planning a trip to Ireland:

What to pack for Ireland

Seasons in Ireland

  • Summer (June – August): Average temperatures 16-20 °C. This is Ireland’s driest season.
  • Autumn (September – November): The temperature ranges between 14-18 °C.
  • Winter (December – February): The average temperature during the winter ranges between 4-6 °C.
  • Spring (March – May): it’s gradually warmer with average temperatures between 8 – 12 °C.

Planning a trip to Ireland? Here’s what to pack

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Waterproof Jacket: It rains A LOT in Ireland. If I had to pack one thing, this would be it.

Walking Shoes: There are many hiking trails in Ireland and I’d recommend you get a pair of waterproof shoes. These will help you stay warm and dry.

Irish Adaptor: You need a ”Type G” prongs for Ireland. This is not the same one as the US or European adaptor, so be prepared.

Medicine: Although the country is equipped with pharmacies and hospitals, it is best to arrange any prescriptions at home and stock up before your epic adventure. This will help you avoid the cost and daunting procedure of dealing with Irish doctors. Almost all medication including birth control requires a prescription. Most doctors don’t see patients during weekends and hospitals are understaffed. The quickest way to get a prescription is to video call a doctor through the Video Doctor App, you will pay a small consultation fee (€30 in July 2019) and the doctor will send the prescription to a pharmacy of your choice and you will need to go to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription.

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Clothing – Pack clothing that dries quickly, like leggings, linen pants or silk, etc.

Things you don’t need to pack:

Swim wear: Only a few hotels have swimming pools. If you really want to swim in the indoor pools, you can easily purchase swim wear from Dunnes or Penneys.

Camouflage clothing: This resembles the Irish military’s clothing.

Where to shop in Ireland

Depending on where you are in Ireland, you will have different options for places to shop. In metropolis cities like Dublin, Cork and Kilkenny, you will find big malls with shops like H&M, Zara, Topshop and other famous international brands. In smaller towns you will most likely find Irish brands like:

Penneys – $

Penneys is a fast fashion Irish retailer. The company could not use the name “Penneys” in Europe outside Ireland because J. C. Penney had the name registered. The name “Primark” was then invented to use outside Ireland. You can find anything from undergarments to sheets and luggage at affordable rates.

Dunnes – $$

Dunnes Stores is an Irish multinational retail chain that primarily sells food, clothes and household wares. The quality of food is great and clothes aren’t as fashionable as Penneys but the quality is better.

Brown Thomas – $$$

Brown Thomas & Co is a chain of four Irish department stores, located in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick. Think of any designer brand, you’ll probably find it at Brown Thomas.


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