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Where to Stay in the Adirondacks | Top 6 Hotels, Lodges & More

Planning a getaway to the Adirondacks and wondering where to stay? Located in the northeastern part of New York State, the Adirondacks have long been a favourite holiday destination. This region spans over 2.4 million hectares and is only a five-hour drive away from the iconic New York City.

Whichever one of the over 3,000 lakes and ponds you choose to visit, you’re bound to have plenty to do. If you’re an adventurer at heart, you’ll love canoeing, fishing, jet-skiing, kayaking, and swimming in the Adirondacks. Winter sports include skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and snow sledding.

The many Adirondack hotels, lodges, and resorts will make your visit to this region all the more memorable, as each spot has its own history and character. There are plenty of fantastic spots to stay in this region, but here are some of the best places to stay in the Adirondacks.

The Adirondacks: Best Places to Stay

Whether you’re looking for a simple cabin tucked into the forest or an all-inclusive resort following the “Great Camp” architectural tradition, the Adirondacks have it. This region is perfect for everything from an adventurous family holiday to a luxury romantic getaway.

1) The Point, Saranac Lake

the point resort

If you’re looking for luxury, simplicity, and world-class meals, The Point is the ultimate destination in the Adirondacks — quite literally. This Great Camp, built by William Avery Rockefeller II in the 1930s, is upstate New York’s only Forbes Five Star property.

A true gem of the Gilded age, this resort is a beautiful representation of the Great Camp architecture popular during the late 19th century.

This resort’s stellar charm and beauty are unmatched and offer the perfect retreat after a day of exploring the natural surroundings. You’ll have access to croquet, tennis, plenty of hiking trails, lake tours, and boats on your stay at The Point.

What makes this resort especially striking is the fact that dogs are welcomed and extensively catered for. With cosy dog beds and dog bowls placed in the room, treats, “Bowser Beer”, and toys available, your furry companion will get to experience a luxury Adirondack getaway with you. The resort even has pet life jackets, so your pet won’t have to miss out on the fun boat trips.

As a strictly adults-only resort, it is ideal for an intimate, romantic getaway in one of America’s largest and most beautiful parks.

2) Lake Placid Lodge, Lake Placid

Lake Placid Lodge

As one of the most popular lodges in the Adirondacks, Lake Placid Lodge has spacious and charming rooms offering serene views of the lake. This rustic lodge is within walking distance of Lake Placid Main Street, where you can explore the different restaurants and shops. There are also weekly concerts hosted in the town to further brighten your summer.

The lodge is as fantastic during the winter as during the warmer months. The town turns into a picturesque winter wonderland as snow covers the rooftops and trees. You’ll love the view of the frosted world as you warm up next to a fireplace (or two) in your homely room.

A two-time host of the Olympic Winter Games, you can trust that Lake Placid will deliver on endless snow-sport fun. Be sure to pop by the Lake Placid Olympic Museum to learn all about this village’s winter-sports history.

Lake Placid Lodge is the perfect retreat to comfort and luxury at the end of a day of exploration and fun in nature.

3) The Sagamore, Lake George

The Sagamore Resort

If you’re looking for a pristine summer resort, the Sagamore is the perfect fit. Whether planning a honeymoon or a weekend away with friends, this resort offers a fantastic summer getaway. Complete with a spa and golf course, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pools, and a jacuzzi, The Sagamore is the ideal spot for relaxing in style.

This resort is a popular choice for a summer getaway, and the bustling energy makes this an excellent spot for families. Children get to swim and play in the recreation centre, while the resort also offers boat trips, kayaks, and canoes for fun on the lake.

Many surrounding restaurants close during the off-season, especially during the snowy winter. But, if you’re willing to weather a snowstorm or a few rainy days, you’ll feel like you have the resort facilities all to yourself during the colder months.

If you do visit during winter, you won’t want to miss the yearly Glacier Ice Bar Lounge that is opened around the end of January. During this much-anticipated event, you’ll get to see some of the most mesmerising ice sculptures, rent an igloo, and witness ice carving demonstrations.

4) Timberlock, Indian Lake

Timberlock Camp

With no cell reception or electricity, Timberlock is the ideal spot for a back-to-basics getaway. This family-run resort has been managed by the Catlin family since 1963. They’ll likely make you feel part of the family with all the care and dedication put into the service, food, and property.

Unlike the larger resorts in the Adirondacks, Timberlock is comparatively quaint and thus less crowded. The resort is surrounded by stunning green hills as far as the eye can see. While it’s far from shops and other resorts, the endless amounts of activities on offer will ensure that there’s never a reason to be bored.

The resort offers hiking, waterskiing, kayaking, paddle boarding, boat rides, woodworking, horseback riding, and archery. With all these activities on offer, you’re bound to work up an appetite. The generous three meals a day, best eaten on the deck overlooking the lake, will have you filled and fuelled to continue the fun.

If you’re seeking a holiday with the family, you can trust that the children will stay busy and entertained all day. This means you can get in some serious relaxation, or participate in the fun and make some beautiful memories.

5) Hotel Saranac, Saranac Lake

Hotel Saranac

If you’re looking for an exceptional, comfortable stay in the Adirondacks, Hotel Saranac should be at the top of your list. This hotel has a vibrant history reaching back to the roaring 1920s.

Its recent renovation led to a considerable upgrade for the hotel, which had previously been neglected. Although Hotel Saranac received a modernizing makeover, the original body and soul of the hotel remain.

Due to the period it was built in, the rooms are slightly smaller than average, yet still luxurious and comfortable. With an array of things to explore in the surroundings, you’ll likely spend a lot of your time outside the hotel. The hotel has a complimentary shuttle to help you get around in this bustling village.

While staying at the hotel, you’ll get to unwind at the bar, work out in the gym, or get in a massage at the spa. Hotel Saranac also has Wi-Fi, smart TVs, and air conditioning for the days when you just want to lounge around.

A walk through the historic Saranac Lake Village will lead you to elegant restaurants, art galleries, museums, and live music. You won’t want to miss the yearly themed Winter Carnival if you’re stopping by during winter.

6) The Whiteface Lodge, Lake Placid

The Whiteface Lodge

Situated in the popular Lake Placid Village, The Whiteface Lodge is incredibly homey and cosy. This spot feels like an opulent cabin with its log construction and wooden interior details.

The Whiteface Lodge is arguably one of the best Adirondack lodges in terms of all-inclusive stays. Along with all the excellent spots to explore in Lake Placid, you’ll get the full luxury experience at this lodge.

The lodge has a spa, movie theatre, heated indoor/ outdoor pool, gym, games room, and hot tubs. The staff go above and beyond to offer impeccable service and food to ensure that you have a memorable stay.

If you’re visiting in winter, you can enjoy some ice skating or get snuggled up with a glass of wine near the fireplace. This place offers elegance and luxury in a cosy setting that blends beautifully with the natural surroundings.

Final Thoughts On Places to Stay in The Adirondacks

If you’re considering staying in the Adirondacks, you’re likely already aware of its breathtaking views and the wealth of activities on offer. The Adirondacks embody luxury and adventure, but the true highlight of this region undoubtedly remains the forests and endless bodies of water.

The Adirondack experience is a breath of fresh air to the stressed and overworked, an escape from the bustling day-to-day routines, and a space for families and friends to bond through adventure.

Regardless of where you plan to stay, you’re bound to have a memorable time in this magnificent stretch of nature. While it’s most popular as a summer vacation spot, the resorts and lodges offer a relaxing experience equally as enjoyable in winter.

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