Best Places to Stay in Lake District | 3 Amazing Areas You’ll Love

From its ever-green valleys to its quaint inns bespeckled with countryside charm, the Lake District in England is an enchanting escape encapsulated by natural splendors.

With the whimsical Windmere and the romantic edge of Grasmere in its repertoire, the Lake District areas have an ample supply of lovely little towns to visit on a London day trip.

Unsure where to stay in the Lake District to experience an unforgettable trip? We’ll guide you through this gorgeous space and unearth the hidden gems that will ensure a magnificent escape to England’s unfiltered beauty.

Why Visit the Lake District Areas?

Whether you’re after adrenaline-fuelled outdoor activities or looking to bask in the sublime scenery, this serene slice of paradise is the perfect place for all types of travelers.

The best parts of the Lake District have a unique feel and characteristics that will entice all who walk on their picturesque plains. From charming cottages to luxurious glamping, you’ll have a fair choice of accommodation to choose from.

So, be sure to implement money-saving practices, such as a monthly budget, to ensure you can travel to this stunning space in style.

Best Places to Stay in the Lake District – When to Visit

Lake in the Lake District UK

While visiting the Lake District is a surefire way to experience an excellent time away, early spring is the best time to avoid the restless sea of tourists.

With an abundance of exciting events taking place throughout the year, you’ll most likely find a yearly happening that will tickle your fancy. These include:

  • Keswick Beer Festival – This event takes place in early June and is a must for travelers wanting to taste the brewed beauties of the Lake District at its best.
  • Holker Chilli Fest – From chili cooking shows to the spicy presentation of a good ol’ chili-eating contest, this hot event will have you fired up with its flame-filled flair.
  • Kendal Mountain Festival – This festival filled with film screenings and sports activities is the perfect mix of cultural and outdoor adventures.

Places to Stay – Lake District’s Best Areas

This region doubles as one of the most visited national parks in the United Kingdom, which is why its blissful backdrops are unparalleled. Take a look at the highlights of the Lake District’s best places to stay:


Grashmere view England

Grasmere is a top contender for the best place to stay in the Lake District. This cottage-dotted space looks like it jumped straight out of a fairytale.

Between 1799 to 1808, the famous William Wordsworth roamed these rolling hills and served as inspiration for one of his beautiful poems.

You can encounter this iconic residence on the edge of Grasmere, where Dove Cottage resides in its vine-covered glory. Next to this understated yet endearing space, you’ll encounter the Wordsworth Museum & Art Gallery to fully submerge yourself in the poetic ponderings of one of the greatest poets in history.

Another idyllic adventure in this heavenly space is strolling along the Grasmere Lake, where you can also hire a rowing boat to spend a leisurely day. Make sure you head to the Grasmere Gingerbread Shop, with its recipe that dates back to the 1800s, to experience the delightful sweet yet spicy nibble this little town is known for.

Stay Suggestion: The Waterhead Inn is the perfect place to stay if you’re searching for accommodation situated near the leisurely splendors of a lake.


Windermere lake view from jetty

Split into two sections, Windermere town and Bowness-on-Windermere, this place is a lakeside treasure seemingly constructed from your dazzling day trip dreams.

Also known as the largest lake in England, this bountiful body of water is the perfect setting for any lake holiday. From the fished-filled exhibits of the Lakes Aquarium to the tranquil trips of a Windermere lake cruise, this town has a cornucopia of adventures to embark on.

Windermere is also one of the easier places to reach in the Lake District because regular coaches travel from Manchester to Windermere. Manchester is a major hub for travelling by bus in the United Kingdom and connects the Lakes District with other destinations like London, Liverpool, Cardiff, and more.

Once you’ve arrived in Windermere, you won’t really need a car. Simply join a minibus tour, boat cruise, or guided bike route to see the best landscapes in the area.

Consider yourself a boating fanatic? Go to the Windermere Jetty Museum to explore the 200-year history of this town’s aquatic transportation history.

Whether you’re looking to take a gander at past boating bodies or ready to experience a conservation workshop, this wonderful wharf is the place to be.

Stay Suggestion: If you’re looking for places to stay in Windermere, The Rum Doodle is a B&B that will be sure to add a sense of wonderfully peculiar pep to your trip. With themed rooms, such as the jungle and wish room, you’ll experience a stay with a quirky character embedded within its walls.


Trail sign Hawkshead

Hawkshead is filled with cream-colored cottages and lovely cobblestone lanes and is simply blooming with a unique down-to-earth character. By banning vehicles in the city center, this old-timey area is the place to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Located alongside Lake Windermere, you’ll find the hidden gem of Wray Castle located in Ambleside that will be sure to have you living out your medieval fantasies. With a Victorian neo-gothic structure and lavish lakeside scenery, you’ll be enthralled by the unhindered historic beauty of these gorgeous grounds.

Stroll down to the Drunken Duck Inn to have a traditional English pub experience mixed with a refined edge. From forty pints to exceptional main courses, the Drunken Duck fits the bill when it comes to exploring the nooks and crannies of what makes the Lake District so special.

Stay Suggestion: The Lake District Love Shack is a great place to stay if you’re looking for a self-catering option with an eco-friendly edge.

Final Thoughts on Best Areas to Stay in Lake District

View of Lake District tree

From watching the sunrise on an early morning hike to seeing the sunset disappearing into the gleaming waters of a lake, this restful region is a treat from start to finish.

By enjoying the little wonders of life, you’ll experience a much-needed reset to get back to your everyday life recharged and reinvigorated. The Lake District is not only a restful escape but will also provide a mesmerizing array of memories to take home with you.

Are you looking for pristine places to stay closer to home? Check out these super cute cottages that you can rent for holiday all across the UK!

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