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Best Places to Live in Montenegro | The Most Beautiful Coast in the Balkans

Montenegro may be a small country, but it is one of the most beautiful countries in the Balkans. It is rich with historical monuments and museums that capture a fascinating past.

The country has a lively and social atmosphere and tranquil spaces of peaceful enjoyment.

It’s home to vibrant coastal towns and laidback inland cities that are among the best places to live in the Balkans. The beauty and affordability of Montenegro make it an attractive destination for expats and digital nomads. Now let’s see which cities are most attractive to you!

Best Places to Live in Montenegro for…

  1. Expats: Tivat
  2. English Speakers: Herceg Novi
  3. Digital Nomads: Bar
  4. Solo Travelers: Kotor
  5. Couples: Dobrota
  6. Groups: Budva

Top 10 Places to Live in Montenegro

1. Tivat

Best Place to Live for Expats

Tivat harbor boats

Cost of Living: $$

Tivat is a coastal city in the Bay of Kotor in the southwest part of the country. It is known for Porto Montenegro, a waterfront area that harbors superyachts and has high-end restaurants and boutiques.

Tip: Take the hike from Donja Lastva to Sveti Ilija (7 miles) to get a beautiful panoramic view of the Bay of Kotor.

Who Would Like to Live There: Expats and English speakers


  • There are already expats living in the area who connect with one another
  • It has an international airport
  • There is pleasant weather throughout the year


  • It is not easily accessible from other regions of the country
  • It is an expensive area
  • You won’t have access to a lot of things in the off-season

2. Herceg Novi

Best Place to Live for English Speakers

Herceg Novi mountain coastline

Cost of Living: $

Herceg Novi is a coastal city in the Bay of Kotor. It is located close to Croatia and has a 3,7 mile-long promenade called “Pet Danica Walkway”. The city is known as the “Town of 100,001 Steps” due to the many steps found in it.

Tip: Take a kayaking tour to Plava Spilja, the Blue Cave, and other places along the coast. 

Who Would Like to Live There: English speakers and expats


  • Many of the local residents speak English
  • There is a low cost of living
  • It is a social space but not overwhelming


  • It is far from any international airports
  • Very humid in the summer
  • Very cold in the winter

3. Bar

Best Place to Live for Digital Nomads

Bar Montenegro rocky beach

Cost of Living: $

Bar is a coastal city in the south of Montenegro with a rich history. The city hosts one of the oldest olive trees in the world, named Stara Maslina, and it is estimated to be over 2,000 years old.

 Tip: Visit King Nikola’s Palace, the local museum, for an entrance fee of 5.

 Who Would Like to Live There: Digital nomads and expats


  • It is a year-round city
  • It has a low cost of living
  • It is easy to take a train to the capital city


  • Few expats speak English
  • It is not very social or lively
  • Doesn’t have an international airport

4. Kotor

Best Place to Live for Solo Travelers

Kotor Montenegro mountain beside sea

Cost of Living: $$

 Kotor is a coastal city with a popular old town. Cats are a symbol of the city, and it even has a cat museum. Kotor has a great mix of medieval monuments, roads, and buildings, along with modern bars and clubs, making it a great place to have fun and enjoy a cultural experience.

 Tip: Climb to San Giovanni Fortress for an amazing view of the city and the Bay of Kotor.

 Who Would Like to Live There: Solo travelers and expats


  • You can communicate in English
  • It is a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • It is easy to socialize with expats and locals


  • Bad winter weather
  • Expensive compared to the rest of Montenegro
  • Gets very full when tourists arrive

5. Dobrota

Best Place to Live for Couples

Dobrota Montenegro sea boat mountain

Cost of Living: $

 Dobrota is a coastal city located near the old town of Kotor on the Bay of Kotor. It has great restaurants along the seafront and beautiful views of the mountains and ocean.

 Tip: Take a guided boat tour of Kotor Bay.

 Who Would Like to Live There: Couples


  • It is not far from tourist attractions but gets fewer tourists
  • Has quality restaurants
  • More affordable than neighboring coastal cities


  • Need to rent a car to go visit more places
  • Not close to an international airport
  • Not as lively as other coastal cities

6. Budva

Best Place to Live for Groups

Budva Montenegro docked boats

Cost of Living: $$

 Budva is a lively coastal city known for its nightlife and social atmosphere. It is popular with tourists who enjoy partying and chilling on the beach. Budva also has an old town that preserves its history.

 Tip: Go to Aquapark Budva for a fun time on water slides for both adults and children, however, it is closed for the winter season.

 Who Would Like to Live There: Groups, solo travelers, and digital nomads


  • Lively place with many clubs and bars
  • There are water sports such as scuba diving
  • It has luxury shops and hotels


  • Not many English speakers
  • Has very bad traffic in the summertime
  • Can get very crowded

7. Kolašin

The Best Place to Live for Adventurers

Kolasin Montenegro mountains

Cost of Living: $$

Kolašin is an inland city in the northern part of Montenegro. It is well known for its ski slopes, but with its beautiful mountain ranges, the city also offers opportunities for summer activities such as horse riding.

Tip: Take a walk in the Biogradska Gora National Park to spend some quality time in nature.

 Who Would Like to Live There: Solo adventurers


  • In the summer you can go biking, camping, climbing and hiking
  • It is tranquil and has clean air
  • In the winter, you can snowboard, paraglide, or go rafting


  • Winter is very harsh
  • It lacks private medical facilities
  • Can be expensive

8. Ulcinj

The Best Place to Live for Beach Goers

Ulcinj Montenegro ocean shoreline

Cost of Living: $

Ulcinj is a coastal city in the southern part of Montenegro, close to the border of Albania. The city is known for its olive oil production.

 Tip: Visit Ada Bojana to go kitesurfing.

 Who Would Like to Live There: Beachgoers


  • It is a low-cost area
  • It has a lot of different beaches
  • It is very safe


  • It can be challenging to travel on foot
  • It is far from an international airport
  • It has bad winter weather

9. Perast

The Best Place to Live for the Affluent

Perast Montenegro ocean view taken from land

Cost of Living: $$

Perast is a coastal city located in the Bay of Kotor that’s a popular destination for expats who enjoy a more luxurious lifestyle. Perast is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Kotor Region.

 Tip: Take a boat ride to Our Lady on the Rocks to see the church and museum.

 Who Would Like to Live There: the affluent


  • Has many local restaurants
  • Good area to invest money
  • Access to luxury goods


  • Expensive city to live in
  • Not as lively as other coastal cities
  • Far from an international airport

10. Podgorica

The Best Place to Live for Business Owners

Podgorica Montenegro wooden bridge over river

Cost of Living: $

Podgorica is the inland capital city of Montenegro. Some consider it to be an ugly city compared to all the other coastal cities. Still, it does boast the easiest access to travel both nationally and internationally, good malls, and better access to businesses and embassies.

 Tip: Visit the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ to admire the interior.

 Who Would Like to Live There: Business owners


  • Has an international airport
  • Low cost of living
  • Has the widest range of malls and international brands in the country


  • Doesn’t have the fun activities and attractions as other cities
  • Very hot summer temperatures
  • Doesn’t have the natural beauty of coastal cities






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