The 10 Best Coworking Places in Lombok for Digital Nomads (2024)

Lombok is an Indonesian island located between the islands of Sumbawa and its more famous cousin, Bali. While Bali is so exquisite that it has become a household name, trust us that Lombok isn’t lagging behind. Not only is it of approximately the same size and population density, but it also has the same cultural heritage.

Lombok also abounds in lush, green forests, turquoise lagoons, sandy beaches, and lava rock formations characteristic of this region. It is surrounded by numerous islets, the most well-known of which are the three Gili Islands — Trawangan, Meno, and Air — located off its northwest coast.

There is another similarity between Lombok and Bali — both are staples on digital nomads’ to-visit lists, with the digital nomad visa making it easy to live in Bali! Modern remote workers and freelancers are exploring new places from which they can most successfully live up to their “work hard, play hard” reputation, and tropical paradises, such as this one, are the ideal choices!

If you are interested in jumping on the digital nomad bandwagon, we’re here to help. Hop over to Lombok and check out the best coworking spaces that we could find there. While you’re at it, make sure you also see our selection of coworking-friendly cafes there. The dedicated coworking spaces that are available on Lombok and the surrounding isles are:

  1. South Lombok Cowork
  2. Salon de nomad Gili T.
  3. Acibara Coffee & Co-Working Space

South Lombok Cowork Is Our Top Coworking Space Pick on This Awe-Inspiring Island


Source: southlombokcowork

South Lombok Cowork is the first coworking space that opened on this island. It has a beachfront position with a fantastic view of the ocean. That is one of the perks of working from a tropical island — you can get your tasks done from the comfort of an air-conditioned room while listening to relaxing sounds of waves hitting the shore.

This coworking space has a lot of natural light, super-fast Wi-Fi, a backup generator, and a barista coffee service. In terms of workspaces, it has hot and dedicated desks, a meeting room suitable for brainstorming and conferencing, and a comfy chill-out zone on offer. This one is also the only place in this corner of the world where you will find a 24/7 keycard member access, should your work schedule demand so. There is no need to worry about parking either as the space is located in the Segara Anak hotel with ample on-site parking spots.

  • Per day: IDR 150,000
  • Per week: IDR 650,000
  • Per month: IDR 1,800,000
  • Three months: IDR 5,100,000
  • Aquarium meeting room (six people): IDR 200,000 an hour
High-Speed Internet 100 megabit fiber
Open Hours
  • Monday — Friday: 8.30 am – 5.30 pm
  • Saturday: 8.30 am – 12.30 pm
  • Sunday: Closed (24-hour member access: Yes)
Address Segara Anak Hotel
Jl. Pariwisata Pantai Kuta,
Pujut, Kabupaten Lombok Tengah,
Nusa Tenggara Barat
Comfortable Chairs Yes
Standing Desk Yes
Dedicated Desks Yes
Conference Rooms Yes
Private Offices Yes
Event Rooms Yes
Phone booths / Skype rooms No
Coliving No

Salon De Nomad Gili T. Is the Runner-Up in the Race for the Best Coworking Spaces in Lombok


Source: Salon de nomad Gili T. : Coworking space

Salon de nomad Gili T. is a part of Coco Hub Gili Air, which is a community of digital nomads living and working together within a 1,500 m radius. Although there isn’t a coliving space operated by this community, the Trawangan island offers a good deal of Airbnbs for you to stay in — you could even share a space with another nomad!

The coworking space itself is the only dedicated coworking hub on the Gili islands of Lombok. You can make use of the communal working area, the outdoor terrace, or a private office — whatever best suits your needs. The internet signal is fast and stable, which is a feat in itself on tiny tropical islands such as Trawangan. During your downtime, you can stream Netflix without a glitch.

  • Per day: IDR 130,000
  • Per week: IDR 820,000
  • Per month: IDR 2,500,000
High-Speed Internet 100 megabit fiber
Open Hours
  • Monday — Friday: 8 am – 8 pm
  • Saturday:  8 am – 8 pm
  • Sunday:  8 am – 8 pm (24-hour member access: No)
Address Gili Trawangan
Gili IndahPemenang,
North Lombok Regency
Comfortable Chairs No
Standing Desk No
Dedicated Desks No
Conference Rooms No
Private Offices Yes
Event Rooms No
Phone booths / Skype rooms No
Coliving Nearby Airbnb

Acibara Coffee & Co-working Space Is a Star on the Rise Among Lombok Coworking Spaces


Source: Acibara Coffee & Co-Working Space

Acibara Coffee prides itself on serving delicious, locally-grown Sembalun Arabica coffee. It has a mouth-watering nutty flavor that its visitors simply cannot get enough of.

This coffee shop is also a laptop-friendly coworking cafe that has been on the local freelancers’ radar for quite some time. The foreign visitors are also starting to catch up, and Acibara has seriously upped its game. There are several membership packages available that you can accommodate to your needs. There are also indoor and outdoor spaces for hosting meetings, presentations, workshops, and other business gatherings for up to 50 people.

Pricing Coworking space:

  • Per hour: IDR 15,000
  • Per day: IDR 35,000
  • Per week: IDR 200,000
  • Per month: IDR 650,000

Meeting room & event space per hour:

  • Talkshow indoor A: IDR 250,000
  • Talkshow indoor B: IDR 300,000
  • Talkshow outdoor A: IDR 200,000
  • Talkshow outdoor B: IDR 250,000
  • Block indoor: IDR 500,000
  • Block outdoor: IDR 400,000
High-Speed Internet 100 megabit fiber
Open Hours Monday — Friday: 10 am – Midnight

Saturday: 10 am – Midnight

Sunday: 10 am – Midnight (24-hour member access: No)

Address Parking Area Lesehan Mimi Asri
Jendral Sudirman St, no 76
Comfortable Chairs No
Standing Desk No
Dedicated Desks No
Conference Rooms No
Private Offices Yes
Event Rooms Yes
Phone booths / Skype rooms No
Coliving No

There Are Also Some Pretty Amazing Coworking-Friendly Cafes and Restaurants in Lombok! Check Them Out!

Although this picturesque Indonesian island doesn’t have many dedicated coworking spaces, there are still numerous cafes and restaurants you can work from. If you don’t need a private office, a conference room, or an event space, you may as well make a coffee shop table your own hot desk! Here are some coworking space alternatives that you should explore while in Lombok:

  1. Kenza Cafe
  2. Basecamp Lombok
  3. Rock Gilis Coffee
  4. Loka Surf and Fitness Lodge
  5. Warpindo
  6. TERRA — Food That Loves You Back
  7. La Chill Bar & Restaurant

Kenza Cafe Is Our Coffee Shop Crush


Source: My Lombok Magazine

Kenza is a restaurant, resort, and yoga retreat located in the center of Kuta, Lombok, and also on the Gili Air. Both locations are coworking-friendly and offer scrumptious meals and terrific coffee. There are also power outlets next to every table, and the setting is genuinely beautifully designed. You can settle in for the full day of work and never lack a thing!

The Gili Air location also offers accommodation options, so it is suitable for those looking for a coliving arrangement as well. It is at a beachfront resort with rooms and cottages overlooking the sea, ideal for both families and individuals. While you are there, you can make use of the on-site yoga studio. What better way to stretch after hours of sitting at a desk?

The cafe is suitable for working, but it does have moderate background noise. If you need absolute quiet while you work, it may not be the best option for you. Another disadvantage may be that the place doesn’t have AC. If fans don’t provide enough ventilation for you, you won’t feel comfortable working from here.

High-Speed Internet 100 megabit fiber
Open Hours Every day: 7.30 am – 10 pm (24-hour member access: No)
Address Jl. Raya Kuta No.5, Kuta
Pujut, Kuta Lombok
Nusa Tenggara Barat 83573

Basecamp Lombok Is the Right Spot for Those Looking to Work From and Explore the Island Too


Source: Basecamp Lombok

Basecamp Lombok is a place where you will instantly feel at home. The staff is extremely hospitable, and the service is exceptional. There is a wide array of organic dishes available and some great local coffee. You can also rent outdoor gear if you want to explore the rich natural landscape that Lombok prides itself on.

During the day, Basecamp is a quiet cafe bar you can efficiently work from without disturbance. In the evenings, it becomes a packed spot with live music frequented by people from all four corners of the globe.

Basecamp Lombok also has 16 dormitories on offer, so if you are a digital nomad looking for an affordable place to stay, give this one a go. You can also explore the surroundings with their guide, as they offer several tour packages, such as Climbing Mount Rinjani and Exploring Three Gilis.

  • Beverages: IDR 7,000
  • Appetizers: IDR 10,000
  • Dinner: IDR 15,000
High-Speed Internet 100 megabit fiber
Open Hours Every day: 4 am – 11.30 pm (24-hour member access: No)
Address Jalan Koperasi No.177B
Dayan Peken
Kota Mataram
Nusa Tenggara Barat 83113

Rock Gilis Coffee Has the Widest Array of Coffees in Lombok


Source: Rock Gilis Coffee — Senggigi

What we loved about the Rock Gilis Coffee is the assortment of coffee-based drinks that they have! Coffee is an essential component of a proper coworking spot, so this one definitely ticks that box on our list. With so many different brews, you are sure to get your caffeine kick and start the workday on the right note. You will also find a variety of dishes, including pizza, pasta, snacks, and desserts.

The downside is that, although you could work from here without a problem, you won’t be able to do it for very long. We believe anyone would feel uncomfortable sitting on wooden chairs and benches for extended periods.

High-Speed Internet 100 megabit fiber
Open Hours Every day: 8 am – Midnight (24-hour member access: No)
Address Jalan Langko no. 23 F & 23 G,

Loka Surf and Fitness Lodge Is the Obvious Choice for Those Who Want to Be Both Active and Productive


Source: Loka Lombok

Loka Surf and Fitness Lodge are located on the south coast of Kuta, enveloped in unspoiled nature from one side and crystal-clear water from the other. This place is all about a healthy lifestyle. There is a cafe with healthy snacks and beverages, accommodation with non-smoking rooms, a fitness center, and a gorgeous garden on the premises.

We believe that you will thrive working from their bar. Not only will you get your job done but also have many different activities during your stay here. Work out a sweat at the gym to shake off the sedentary lifestyle, munch delicious healthy salads, and even learn how to surf with Loka’s certified surfing coach!

High-Speed Internet 100 megabit fiber
Open Hours Every day: 7 am – 11 pm (24-hour member access: No)
Address Jl Raya Pariwisata
Kuta, Lombok
Nusa Tenggara Barat

Warpindo Is a Cozy and Affordable Place to Set Up Camp for the Day


Source: Warpindo

Warpindo is a cafe bar with the best and most affordable local food. Not only can you eat your fill but also treat your taste buds to some rather unconventional yet still delish coffee mixes. Our recommendations are:

  • Strawberry Field Coffee
  • Rex Orange Coffee
  • Monster Milo
  • Ice Charcoal Latte

Warpindo is a quiet, air-conditioned place during the day, so you can rest assured that you can focus on your work without an issue. In the evenings, there are frequent live gigs, so you can stick around after your work is done and have some fun, too.

High-Speed Internet 100 megabit fiber
Open Hours
  • Monday — Saturday: 10 am – 11 pm
  • Sunday: 4 am – 11 pm (24-hour member access: No)
Address Jln. Panji Tilar Negara no. 35, Mataram,
Nusa Tenggara Barat

TERRA — Food That Loves You Back Is Ideal for Those Who Appreciate Gastronomic Surprises


Source: TERRA — Food That Loves You Back

TERRA has a front entrance takeaway bar, an air-conditioned lounge, and an outdoor terrace. You can choose whether to set up your workstation for the day on the breezy balcony or in the cozy lounge, and even take some delicious food and beverages with you when you leave for the day.

What makes TERRA unique in the Lombok area is that its menu is 100% plant-based. The food is 51% raw and also gluten- and dairy-free. You can be sure that their nutritious dishes will quench your hunger and soothe your palate. They also have the food lab for the more experimental diners and offer cooking classes as well.

  • Hot drinks: IDR 25,000–45,000
  • Cold-pressed juices: IDR 45,000
  • Smoothies: IDR 45,000
  • Bottled drinks: IDR 80,000
  • Salad combos: IDR 75,000
  • Raw black pizza: IDR 85,000
High-Speed Internet 100 megabit fiber
Open Hours
  • Every day: 8 am – 9 pm
  • Thursday: Closed (24-hour member access: No)
Address Raya, Jl. Kuta Lombok No.83582
Kuta, Pujut
Nusa Tenggara Bar.

La Chill Bar & Restaurant Is Not for the Frail-Hearted


Source: La Chill Bar & Restaurant — Senggigi, Lombok

La Chill Bar & Restaurant attracts a young and crazy crowd. If you are looking to meet seasoned professionals, this is not the place for you. This beach hangout is a favorite of youngsters and freelancers who travel to Lombok and anyone who can work in a crowded place with ease.

It is an idyllic spot to work from, as the tables are set right on the beach. The downside is that it is always packed and that on the most faraway tables, the Wi-Fi signal can get a bit unstable. 

If you are looking for some ideas on what to do on a Saturday night, at La Chill, there are awesome live gigs that often last until the break of day!

  • Fresh teas: from IDR 20,000
  • Juices: IDR 40,000
  • Cocktails: from IDR 75,000
  • Salads: from IDR 50,000
  • Burgers: IDR 70,000
  • Pizzas: from IDR 70,000
  • Local dishes: from IDR 45,000
High-Speed Internet 100 megabit fiber
Open Hours
  • Monday — Friday: 8 am – 1 am
  • Saturday: 8 am – 1 am
  • Sunday: 8 am – 1 am (24-hour member access: No)
Address JL. Raya Senggigi KM8 Batu Bolong Senggigi
Beach Front Transit Hotel
Nusa Tenggara Barat

How do you like our picks of coworking places in Lombok? Hopefully, you can find a spot on our list that will be to your liking. Just in case you feel that it is high time something new was introduced to Lombok’s coworking scene, we have some great news. PuraWorka has partnered up with Dome Lombok to open a brand new coworking space here in 2020. We can’t wait to check it out when it is ready!

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