How to create a travel photo gallery wall

People often ask me what I do with my travel memorabilia, the truth is I don’t do much. I always take a lot of pictures, then I create an album and post them on Social Media and then I forget about it. Some days I reminisce and go through the pictures on my Facebook page but that’s pretty much all I do.

Modern Map Art, Travel Photo Wall

After seeing the picture above on Pinterest, I decided to create travel photo gallery walls in my new home. My walls will have of a “big” map of the countries where I have lived for more than 6 months and small pictures of the different experiences and people I met in those countries in different rooms.

Modern Map Art, Travel Photo Wall

I believe pictures are a perfect way to personalise your space and showcase the people and moments that matter in your life. There are no hard and fast rules when creating your display but it is wise to follow some guidelines.

Modern Map Art, Travel Photo Wall Consider the wall space and ceiling height, is there angles, stairs, corners. There are countless arrangements possible and it’s up to you how you want to display your collection.

Modern Map Art, Travel Photo Wall

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I bought my frames from IKEA for $9 each.

My maps are from Modern Map Art, they specialize in map prints, Wall maps and art map decor. They also create phone cases, map pillows, flat art and more. I’m obsessed with their website! Everything is affordable and they offer international shipping too.

Modern Map Art, Travel Photo Wall

The USA map will go in my living room and my South African map in my bedroom. I’m planning on buying a Turkey Map for my office. What do you do with your travel pictures? Share your comments below.

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