The Top Irish Travel Blogs Of 2016

Due to the popularity of my post on Ireland’s Top Travel Bloggers last year (which got picked up by The Huffington Post AND Matador Network) I have decided to update the list  and write a new top Irish travel blogs post as there are a lot of newcomers on the Irish travel blogging scene and there are also many people who I was not aware of last year. Also, I feel many of the Irish travel blogs in last years list did not have pure travel blogs so this year I will not be including anyone who is not 100% travel. There are enough lists, articles and award ceremonies for all those Irish fashion and lifestyle bloggers without needing another one!

This list mainly concentrates of Irish travel bloggers who have made the move to blog full time. I feel this is a good metric as your blog needs to have a high level of traffic, consistent and quality content and a very engaged readership to enable you to live off it. There are a few exceptions, however, as I realise not everyone has the opportunity to blog full time and still put so much time and effort into their sites.

If you are an Irish blogger and you are not on this list, feel free to leave a comment linking to your site below so you can be considered for the next update and so readers can check out your site. I you’re someone who WANTS to become a travel blogger, I’ve written all about starting a blog here.

Top 12 Irish Travel Blogs of 2016

1. Where is Tara?


Tara is a travel blogger who really tells it like it is. Don’t expect any fluff articles here as if this pharmacist-turned-travel-blogger doesn’t like something, such us her awful experience with this airline, she’ll tell you a bout it. I also love the very honest piece she wrote about how she made the move to become a full time travel blogger, as well as hints on how you can do it too. She has spent the last while jet-setting around the world to beautiful destinations including New Zealand, Hawaii and the Maldives and her future travel plans include a month in Canada as well as spending some time back home in Ireland so be sure to follow along her adventures.

Best social media channel – Snapchat

Username: whereistara

2. Next Stop Who Knows


Carlo and Florence are two of the most inspiring people I know, and are also some of the most successful content creators on this list. They have been blogging for a few years now as they travel and work their way around the world visiting over 40 countries and living in places like Chiang Mai, Budapest and Athens. They have spent the last few months travelling around the Balkans and will be heading stateside for the rest of the summer to live it up in Las Vegas. This is a couple who not only turned their passion into a career, but have actually built and extremely successful business that earned them a 6 figure income in 2015.

Best social media channel – Snapchat

Username: nxtstopwhoknows

3. The Daily Self


Nadia from The Daily Self is becoming pretty well known in Ireland as she writes wanderlust inducing articles for a handful of Irish newspapers and magazines, and can often be seen appearing on National Television. Her blog stands out among the rest as she is all about stylish travel. Think luxury resorts in the Caribbean, lounging on yachts in Croatia or sipping mimosas at beach resorts in Ibiza, this would be Ireland’s go to blog if you’re looking for advice on where to take your next holiday. She also gives excellent packing tips, weekly beauty blogs (I know I said this was purely a list of travel bloggers but this is one exception I am allowing!!) and advice on how to get in shape for your travels.

Best social media channel – Instagram

Username- nadia_dailyself

4. Wandering On


Winners of Ireland’s Best Travel blog at the 2015 Irish Blog Awards, Wandering On is an adventure travel blog run by Irish couple Brian and Noelle who have been travelling the world together since 2009. Their adventure started with time spent teaching English in South Korea and since then they opted to become full time digital nomads, travelling the world and working form their laptops. They have climbed Everest Base Camp together, cycled from the Pyrenees to Costa Brava and have traversed Europe by train and blogged about all their exciting adventures as they went.

Best social media channel – Facebook

Username – WanderingOn

5. The Whole World Is A Playground


This blog is is all about travelling the world in style. Forget budget backpacking and cheap hostels, Elaine and Dave are more likely to take you to the best cocktail bars in New York or on a luxury game drive in South Africa. This adventurous couple, who seek to find not only the best luxury destinations but also many of the world’s UNESCO world heritage sites, aim to visit at least 15 new countries every year all while chasing their careers back home in Ireland. You would be forgiven for thinking they were full time bloggers by how much they travel but these two are amazing at finding the time to climb the career ladder while simultaneously giving you travel tips on the best places to eat, drink and be merry around the world.

Best social media channel – Instagram

Username – thewholeworldisaplayground

6. Don’t Stop Living


Jonny is one of my favourite bloggers as not only does he ‘tell it like it is’ but he goes to some of the world’s most off-the-beaten track locations and really gets to know the locals. A big fan of budget backpacking and staying in hostels, Don’t Stop Living takes you on a journey to over 100 countries around the world from Antarctica to Bangladesh to. Expect reviews of the worlds best hostels, best bars and a lot of African and Central Asian adventures

Best social media channel: Facebook

Username: dontstopliving

7. Stone Travel

Stone Travel Header

Here’s a blogger with a difference: ever wondered if it’s possible to keep on travelling once you get married and start a family? What if that family kept on growing and heading away for a weekend abroad now involves ensuring you have all 7 passports, one for each family member? Corrina Stone is the driving force behind Stone Travel, a blog she writes ar part of her sister’s blog Cherry Sue Doin’ The Do. Watch out of her amazing budget travel tips, such as how to book a holiday to Disney Land for a family of 7, as well as great posts on short breaks around Ireland. Corrina also recently won Best Travel Blogger at IBA Blogger Choice Awards in Dublin.

Best Social Media Channel – Snapchat

Username – stone travel

8. Rachel In Ireland


A silver winner at last years Irish Blog Awards, Rachel In Ireland is a written by Rachel and Tiernan, a newly engaged couple living in Ireland. Rachel is a half-aussie/half-kiwi who has previously lived in Brunei, Australia and the Philippines before settling in Ireland. While Rachel is responsible for the general blog posts, Tiernan is the man behind the excellent Vlogs! Many Irish bloggers spend so much time outside of their own country that they are guilty of not showing Ireland’s hidden gems. This is not the case here, and if you are looking for inspiration for your next staycation, be sure to check out Rachel’s posts about Ratlin Island in Northern Ireland and other Irish travel posts.

Best social media channel – YouTube

Username – thereforareason

9. No Hanging Around


No Hanging Around is an adventure travel blog written by Irish travel blogger and adventurer Derek Cullen. You want find package holidays to Spain or weekend city breaks on this site – you will more likely be inspired to quit your job, pack your bags and buy a one way ticket to Africa. Think camping, hiking, week-long treks and cross country cycles! If you are thinking of planning an epic adventure, such as cycling solo across the African continent, this should be your go to site.

Best social media channel – Facebook

Username – nohangingaround

10. The Travel Expert


Sarah Slattery is the brains behind The Travel Expert blog, and a travel expert she certainly is. With years of experience in the travel industry in Ireland, this lady has the ability to find the most incredible holiday deals every day of the week. A mix of personal travel experiences from her family holidays and daily travel tips and flight deals, The Travel Expert is by far one of Ireland’s best travel resources. You can also catch her giving travel tips on National TV in Ireland so this is a face you won’t be forgetting.

Best social media channel – Facebook

Username – The Travel Expert

11. One Step 4Ward


By far the most well known of all Irish Travel Bloggers, Johnny Ward shot to (blogger) fame over the past year when it was revealed he had managed to build a million dollar blogging and content business while travelling the world. This blog documents Johnny’s world travels as he aims to visit every country in the world, a mission he is set to complete later this year. From attempting to get some of the world’s most difficult visas to near-death experiences and how he ended up buying a condo in Thailand, this is a site that is sure to inspire any wannabe travel bloggers. Ireland’s most influential travel blogger by a long shot!

Best social media channel – Facebook

Username – OneStep4Ward

12. Sarah The Gringa


A freelance journalist and digital marketer, Sarah is blogging her way through the world one country at a time. Currently located in Natal, Brazil (thus explaining her choice of blog name!) this Irish blogger shares fascinating tales about life in South America as well as great travel guides, tips and an insight into the ore non-touristy locations to visit. An advocated of slow travel, I especially love her interview series with locals she meets in her city or on the road. A fantastic resource for anyone planning to visit South America and definitely ‘one-to-watch’.

Best social media channel – Facebook

Username – Sarah The Gringa

Are you looking to become a top Irish travel blogger? If you are feeling a bit lost and don’t know where to start, I recommend signing up to a professional travel blogging course, such as Travel Blog Success.


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Top Irish Travel Blogs

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  1. Stay away from SARAH HOLDEN she is fake, don’t waste your money on her
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  2. Great list!!! I love finding more blogs in the UK and Ireland to follow, especially from bloggers based there since everyone seems to leave!

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