The Mentality of Germans: Truth and Stereotypes When Travelling

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Germans? Most likely it’s either their orderliness and punctuality or their next level observance of rules. But it’s truth, there seem to be a lot of stereotypes that take a lasting root in people’s consciousness about the mentality of the nation and I want to look at which come with a pinch or truth!

To avoid a giant misunderstanding when travelling in Germany it’s worth knowing and considering some peculiarities of their mentality. Let’s take a look…


First of all, they are distinguished by their inner desire of telling the truth and that’s why they are so straightforward….sometimes a little too straightforward! Sоme consider it to be a disadvantage because their honest and sincere answers sometimes come across as rude and tactless. We all have that one friend who is never afraid to let us know how we really look or how she really feels!

They are also known, however, for their tolerant attitude to strangers: they are for accepting of other’s habits, and probably won’t comment unless they know you well. Probably, I said!



Their second well-known feature is their punctuality. They are super punctual, and being on time is an important quality for Germans in both school and work life. Trains are always on time to the nearest minute and a German friend will never keep you waiting!

Observance of rules

They are also law-abiding citizens (aren’t we all?!) and their lives are connected with bureaucracy. If you’re going to move to Germany, you will need to fill out a bucket load of documents, and you’ll have to visit more institutions and organizations then I care to list. There are more than 100 various kinds of taxes that they pay unquestioningly…which is about 98 taxes too many!



On a daily basis, they have a predilection for order. Everything should be structured and well thought-out. Even their language is very structured! ( German people have strict rules; everything is logical and can be explained by a definite rule. So order begins from the language and continues into every day life.

An example of order in daily life would be that of pruning bushes!! The height of bushes, even in your own garden, is determined by a strict law and every citizen has to observe this law. All bushes are of a definite height in Germany and everyone seems to stick to this strange restriction!



Some people say they are greedy but that is far from the truth. In reality they are super careful with their money, are great savers and how know how to live and travel on a budget. All my friends are either super generous or are always willing to go halves so that payment is equal.


Some more truths

So, what else is significant to know about this famous nation? Health and family play a huge role for German individuals. Having even a slight sickness, a German will immediately go to a doctor, get the appropriate medication and work on their recovery. Not quite the same as what we do in Ireland!! They also try to keep to a healthy way of life and participate in lots of group sports.

They work a lot and work hard so work takes away a big part of their lives. They have a painstaking approach to everything; they always try to get at the heart of the matter. They can’t stand approximateness: only precise facts and arguments.

They also value their free time. So it’s desired not to make a noise or distract them, even if a matter is urgent. Otherwise neighbours may call a police, the same relates to any other infringements.

Have you been to Germany? What stands out about Germans or life in Germany to you?

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