Coworking Ubud: 8 Best Spaces for Remote Workers, Nomads & Expats (2024)

Known as the cultural capital of Bali, Ubud is a place everyone should visit in their lifetime. It is overflowing with museums, cultural landmarks, and breathtaking sites, but the truly unique thing about it is the nature that surrounds it.

In a place such as this, it’s effortless to let all your worries disappear and to focus only on the environment, the culture, and the people surrounding you. Finding the best place to live in Indonesia seems to be the least of your worries. For a digital nomad, this is a trap to avoid at all costs—their lifestyle depends on their ability to work first and play hard later.

One of the best ways to stay productive is to find a functional coworking space. Focusing on work is much easier if the environment encourages you to work instead of distracting you. Luckily, there are some fantastic places to work in Ubud, and here are our top picks.

Beluna – House of Creatives Is Our Number One Pick for Coworking in Ubud, Bali

coliving Bali Beluna

Image source: Beluna on Facebook

You’ve come to the right place if you want a coworking space conducive to hard work, a large and highly social community, and absolutely gorgeous. Beluna is all this and more.

It is the ultimate place for creative spirits in Bali. The bamboo construction gives it a tree-house vibe, and the surrounding vegetation makes you believe you’re in a Tarzan movie. It looks like it was gently placed in the middle of Ubud’s Sok Wayah as it’s exactly in the center of green grass, palm trees, and rice paddies — perfect for uninterrupted thinking.

Surrounded by hammocks and floor-to-ceiling windows, it’s no surprise you may get distracted by just gazing out the windows, but this space has some serious working spaces, too. These include dedicated desks and private call booths.

If you get hungry or need a caffeine pick-me-up, grab something at the café. The menu is extensive, from fresh options like smoothies and bowls to indulgent slices of pizza. (Xanax) After work, you can also pick up an ice-cold beer.

Beluna is more than a Bali coworking space. It also offers a podcast studio, which you can rent for a minimum of two hours or for a full day if needed. Alongside it, you’ll get free drinks, speedy Wi-Fi, podcast equipment, and a private bathroom.

All this and more—friendly staff, great food, and a cool chill-out area—make Beluna the best place to work in Ubud. Don’t hesitate to give it a go!

Pricing Short term Full day: IDR 165,000 ($11)

Per 4 hours: IDR 90,000 ($6)

Per 12 hours: IDR 150,000 ($10)

  Long term Dedicated Desk: IDR 1,100,000 ($70)

3 Month Membership: IDR 8,200,000 ($152)

6 Month Membership: IDR 14,000,000 ($889)

High-Speed Internet Yes
Open Hours ● Monday – Sunday: 8 am – 8 pm
Comfortable Chairs Yes
Standing Desk Yes
Dedicated Desks Yes
Conference Rooms Yes
Private Offices Yes
Phone booths Yes
Coliving No

PARQ Is Our Least Favorite Space to Cowork in the Town

Coliving Bali PARQ Ubud

Image source: PARQ UBUD on Instagram

PARQ is a wonderful place for anyone looking for a late-night coworking space or a place to crash after a long day in the office. It has everything you need, from apartments, a dedicated coworking office space, a restaurant, a gym, and even a spa.

The coworking space is beautifully decorated with large windows overlooking the green landscape and modern wood furniture. You can choose between a hot desk, an open-plan office, or a quiet zone carved specifically for workers who need peace and quiet to focus.

That said, while beautiful, PARQ focuses more on apartment and coliving than coworking. We found the space noisy (especially at night), which hindered our focus. We also noted that the Wi-Fi was a bit slow, so video call meetings weren’t as productive we would have liked.

If you plan to stay here for a few nights, you should have a ball of a time. But, as a coworking space, we would dock it a few points.

Pricing ● Upon request.
High-Speed Internet No
Open Hours ● Monday – Sunday: 8 am – 10 pm
Comfortable Chairs No
Standing Desk No
Dedicated Desks No
Conference Rooms No
Private Offices No
Phone booths No
Coliving Yes

Here Are Six Other Coworking Spaces We Loved

Beluna is excellent, but it might be inconvenient if your accommodation is too far away. Maybe it’s just not to your taste. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are six other impressive coworking spaces in Ubud.

  1. Outpost Ubud Coworking
  2. Outpost Ubud Penestanan Coworking & Coliving
  3. Wrkhub by Tutmak
  4. Ubud.Space
  5. Titi Batu
  6. The Onion Collective: Passion Lab


Outpost boasts two locations in Ubud, and both are excellent. Here are the details for each.

Outpost Ubud Coworking

Image source: Outpost

Outpost Ubud Coworking is a fantastic place to co-live and co-work. It is located about 10 minutes on foot from the Blanco Renaissance Museum. It’s adjusted to the nomad lifestyle, and it is incredibly comfortable.

The co-living space is fantastic, with king-size beds and en-suite bathrooms. The only shared areas are the kitchen, the lounge, and the yard.

When it comes to coworking, Outpost doesn’t disappoint. It provides high-speed Wi-Fi, and the space is air-conditioned. Plenty of events are organized for the members, who also have their own Slack channel.

Outpost provides standing desks, beanbags, and, ergo chairs, so the space is quite comfortable, even for long work hours. There is printing equipment, sound recording equipment, and computers if needed.

Coffee and water come free of charge, but if you crave something fancier, there is a café on the premises. When you want to take a break and relax, you can enjoy the great lounge area, the swimming pool, and the pool table.

You can only use the space during reception hours with a daily pass, but a weekly or monthly pass will give you unlimited access to the premises. Any pass you get for this location is also valid for the other Outpost location in Ubud.

Book Your Stay on Booking.com

Open hours 24/7
Price 25-hour pass IDR 881,372 ($56)
Dedicated desk per month IDR 3,069,063 ($195)
Monthly Unlimited IDR 3,745,831 ($238)

Outpost Ubud Penestanan Coworking & Coliving

Image source: Outpost

The other Outpost space is located at Jalan Penestanan, Sayan, Kecamatan. Outpost Penestanan is significantly more chill than the first location. The events they organize tend to be more relaxed, with more parkour and salsa and fewer programming 101s.

The community is social and cheerful, and they have their own Slack channel and Facebook group. Outpost organizes a lot of outings, like community lunches and drinks. There are enough workshops and events to satisfy even the most active.

The Wi-Fi and air-conditioning are excellent, so the space is kept at a pleasant temperature. It’s pretty comfortable and adaptable to individual work styles with beanbags, hammocks, ergo chairs, and standing desks.

There are Skype rooms, a kitchen, a laundry service, and free parking on the premises. Outpost Penestanan also provides printing equipment and projectors.

Coffee and tea are free, but you must pay for fancier drinks. The onsite restaurant is excellent, with many options for different dieting regimens, including vegan and gluten-free menus.

If you need to relax after a long day of work, there is a chill-out area, a swimming pool, and a yoga studio, and you can even get a massage! The place is dog-friendly, so you can take your little buddy with you to relieve stress during challenging moments.

This beautiful coworking space has so many perks, so try it out if you can.

Book Your Stay on Booking.com

Open hours 24/7
Price 25-hour pass IDR 881,372 ($56)
Dedicated desk per month IDR 3,069,063 ($195)
Monthly Unlimited IDR 3,745,831 ($238)

Wrkhub by Tutmak Restaurant

Coliving Bali Wrkhub by Tutmak

Image source: Tutmak on Instagram

Another hidden gem close to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, this spot for coworking in Bali is a dream if you’re a nature lover. Tutmak is actually a restaurant that is more than a coworking spot. Still, it remains a favorite among nomads.

This is due to the amiable atmosphere, affordable food, and free Wi-Fi. The interior looks like a traditional Indonesian restaurant with outdoor seating as well. Their dishes are also traditional but there are a few American dishes sprinkled in.

Because it’s a functioning restaurant, the only downside we found was that it is a bit loud, but that is to be expected. To avoid this, we recommend visiting in the early mornings before the lunch rush. It’s also a great place to finish some last-minute tasks before supper.

Open hours Monday – Saturday: 9 am – 10 pm
Price You pay only for drinks and meals

Ubud.Space: Coworking and Coffee

Coliving Bali Ubud.space coworking coffee

Image source: Ubud.Space: Coworking and Coffee on Instagram

Ubud.Space: Coworking and Coffee is one of the best cafés to work from in Ubud. It’s not as well-known yet, so it is sort of a hidden gem that is perfect for anyone wanting to avoid the crowds.

The area has a beautiful open-plan design with floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing Ubud’s lush landscape. You can choose between a hot desk in the communal space or your desk in a more private corner. Both options were quite affordable.

We found the internet to be quite speedy at 200 Mb/s. So, we had no problem getting our daily online assignments and video meetings ticked off our task lists. They even offer monitors for those who need a second screen for their work.

Ubud.Space is also wonderful for building community as it hosts regular English-speaking club sessions. For a bit of fun, we browsed through their collection of board games and had a fun time playing with everyone.

The breakfast and coffee are a giant plus in terms of feeling welcome! But, if you crave something more hearty, multiple restaurants are a short walk away.

Open hours Monday – Friday: 9 am – 11:30 pm

Sunday – Saturday: 11 am – 7 pm

Price Half-day (1-4 hours) – IDR 50,000 ($3)

Full day – IDR 100,000 ($6.40)

Monthly – IDR 1,000,000 ($63.50)

Titi Batu

Coliving Bali Titi Batu

Image source: Titi Batu on Instagram

Sometimes, the best coworking spaces in Ubud are not coworking spaces. Such is the case with Titi Batu, which is actually a sports club near the villages of Mas and Lodtunduh. It shares the land with the historical Balinese Stone Bridge, which drives its peaceful atmosphere.

Here, guests can enjoy a host of activities aimed at health and wellness. It has a squash, gym, skatepark, basketball, and multiple pools. The air-conditioned studio regularly hosts fitness, yoga, and dance classes too.

If you plan on working in between the fun, you’ll be most productive in the on-site restaurant that overlooks the entire sports club. You’re spoiled for choice here with its extensive dishes, from vegan bites to hearty meat plates. They offer smoothies and fresh-pressed juices, too. Of course, the coffee is amazing, so don’t forget a cuppa.

You’ll have to pay for membership for the different activities. But thankfully, you don’t need a membership to enjoy the restaurant or many classes. So, you can cost-effectively enjoy a day of productiveness — just remember to pay for your coffee.

Open hours Monday – Sunday: 8 am – 7 pm
Price Day Pass: IDR 187,000 ($12)

Weekly membership: IDR 672,000 ($42)

Monthly membership: IDR 1,120,000 ($71)

3-month membership: IDR 2,688,000 ($170)


The Onion Collective: Passion Lab

Coworking U-ubud Onion Lab

Source: The Onion Collective

The Onion Collective is a mere 10-minute walk from the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, just down the street from the Agung Rai Museum of Art. If you work by the window, you might even see monkeys and small animals climbing the telephone wires!

It’s great if you dread bromads, who can be found in all the other coworking spaces in Ubud, and want to avoid them at all costs. It’s quite remote without being isolated and features a beautiful terrace and pool perfect for cooling down in Indonesia’s tropical climate.

The internet is fantastic—it is fast and reliable and holds a constant speed of 80 Mbps for download and 20 Mbps for upload, with a 4ms ping. You can do more internet-demanding work—for example, video conferencing or online teaching—without worrying that the Wi-Fi will break at an inopportune moment.

They offer podcasting and Skype rooms, a 3D printer, and free coffee. Popo’s Restaurant and bar can be found on-site meaning you won’t have to even leave the premises for awesome sundowners. The eatery serves hearty American or Asian dishes to suit every palate.

Finally, this is easily the cheapest option in Ubud, so it’s great if you are on a budget. The welcoming coworking space in Ubud also offers accommodation too so you’re always close to the hot spot.

Book Your Stay on Booking.com

Open hours Monday – Sunday: 8 am – 12 am
Price Per day IDR 50,000
Per week IDR 300,000
Per month IDR 1,000,000

Which Ubud Coworking Space Are You Visiting First?

Bali is a small-town nirvana for anyone seeking tranquility, acres of greenery, and a break from the heaving and busy Indonesian capital of Jakarta. It will take you a few hours to reach Bali from the city, but once you land, the feeling of tranquility is palpable, which is why the green getaway is on many people’s bucket lists.

The coworking spaces in Bali are very similar. While other places have you cramped in a stuffy office space, these oases have an open-plan allowing as much natural light to stream as possible. Now, doesn’t that sound like a dream of an office?

If you’re interested in finding spaces for coliving in Ubud or beyond, rest assured, we’ve got your back. Read our list of the best modern coliving and coworking spots in Indonesia here.

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