Tips For Digital Nomads: Live and Travel Remotely

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Journey To A New Land

Welcome to Life From A Bag! Here you’ll find tips for work, living abroad, traveling and solo travel. I’ll be your best friend when it comes to helping you find the ideal destination for saying goodbye to your 9 – 5 and embracing the wonders of working remotely from dream destinations. 

Is Colombia Safe for Tourists? (2024)

Colombia is an untamed beauty full of wonder. Two coastlines in different oceans, the glorious Amazon rainforest, the Guajira Desert, and more, come together to form the second most biodiverse

Is Malaysia Safe for Tourists? (2024)

Malaysia embodies diversity in every aspect. See skyscrapers standing shoulder to shoulder with minarets and ancient temples. Mingle with the wonderful people who come from all walks of life. Taste

Is Taiwan Safe for Tourists? (2024)

This island nation, officially known as the Republic of China, is a rich collage of history, culture, beauty, and progress. Taiwan is a riot of color and personality, which is

An action photo of a tourist in Argentina

Is Argentina Safe for Tourists?

You might know Argentina for its beloved soccer team or delightful Spanish culture and cuisine. Yet, there’s so much more that tempts a visit. One of the more pressing matters

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