Tips For Digital Nomads: Live and Travel Remotely

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Journey To A New Land

Welcome to Life From A Bag! Here you’ll find tips for work, living abroad, traveling and solo travel. I’ll be your best friend when it comes to helping you find the ideal destination for saying goodbye to your 9 – 5 and embracing the wonders of working remotely from dream destinations. 

Is Kyrgyzstan Safe for Tourists? (2024)

Are you in need of a serene and scenic getaway? Looking to unwind and take in breathtaking mountain views, breathe in crisp cool air, and immerse yourself in a vibrant

A gorgeous sunset over a main Madagascar tourist attraction in Baobab Avenue

Is Madagascar Safe for Tourists? (2024)

Are you looking to travel to the land of lemurs and divine island nature? Madagascar is a lovable country with plenty of adventure activities and breathtaking landscapes. The nation is

Is the UAE Safe for Tourists? (2024)

Picture this: the sun on your skin, the sound of waves crashing in, laughter and joy filling the air and an undeniably gorgeous view of an ever-growing city. Imagine visiting

Is Honduras Safe For Tourists? (2024)

When people think of traveling to Honduras, they are immediately plagued with worry at the scary-sounding travel advisories. While the stories are not entirely unfounded, this Central American nation is

Is Jordan Safe For Tourists? (2024)

Jordan is a beautiful Middle Eastern sanctuary nestled in South West Asia. This Arab country is a delightful fusion of history and culture. Whether you’re a travel novice or fundi,

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