Tips For Digital Nomads: Live and Travel Remotely

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Journey To A New Land

Welcome to Life From A Bag! Here you’ll find tips for work, living abroad, traveling and solo travel. I’ll be your best friend when it comes to helping you find the ideal destination for saying goodbye to your 9 – 5 and embracing the wonders of working remotely from dream destinations. 

Is Croatia Safe for Tourists?

Eastern Europe gets a really bad reputation when it is portrayed in the media, be it on the news or in movies. Eastern Europe is often unfairly seen as a

Is Jamaica Safe for Tourists?

When you think of the best tropical vacation spots, Jamaica is undoubtedly at the top of that list. The white sandy beaches, stunning weather, easygoing vibes that permeate from the

Is Seattle Safe for Tourists?

Seattle is a city built on the foundation of not settling for the norm. Especially if you want to experience locally crafted beers, homebrewed coffee houses, and loads of exciting

Is Mexico City Safe for Tourists?

Mexico and Mexico City, by extension, have a reputation for a rich culture, amazing food, and weather that is to die for. Then on the other side of the coin,


Is Brazil Safe for Tourists?

Brazil is one of the most remarkable countries to visit in South America. It has a vibrant and rich culture with eclectic energy. The people in Brazil are incredibly loving


Is Thailand Safe for Tourists?

Thailand is a wonderful tropical destination for tourists to visit and is a beautiful country filled with fantastically unique and vibrant culture. By the looks of it, Thailand would make

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